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HomePage > News > TURN TO BLUE: A group of cloth removable furniture in the 3rd Salone Satellite Shanghai
TURN TO BLUE: A group of cloth removable furniture in the 3rd Salone Satellite Shanghai
Source:     Dec. 11, 2018 09:44


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It is a screen, sofa and floor lamp



It begin with grass and wood and ends with a piece of cloth. Variable blue series is a group of cloth removable furniture, divided into a removable screen, a storage sofa and a dimming floor lamp. With folding fan as the formal language, the inspiration comes from the natural selection of Chinese traditional plant dyeing process. When cloth fiber with scouring time, day assault on dye, layers of penetration gradually change, the indigo, scatters light plant fragrance, like the day to day life, slowly precipitation, overlapping in the quiet, such as washing.


JJGLE: Can you briefly introduce your design inspiration or your design style?


TURN TO BLUE series is a group of cloth removable furniture with the vegetation dying technology as the background and based on the folding paper form language, respectively including a combined screen, storage sofa and dimming floor lamp. It has the style of modern geometry and the simple and light form.


Vegetation dying technology advocating environmental protection


JJGLE: What is the market orientation of the products designed by you? Who are the main user groups? What is the most important requirement of the users you want to meet?



TURN TO BLUE series uses the environmental and natural vegetation dying technology to improve the people’s healthy living environment. It is targeted at the young to middle-aged users liking the hand-made culture, the natural environmental protection technology and leisure home furnishing. It is suitable for the leisure space such as the hotel clubs or home-stay families.


JJGLE: What do you think of the current domestic home furnishing market?



In domestic home furnishing in recent years, the original strength has risen, but it has still faced the homogenization problem. The future design should pay more attention to the cultural stories behind the products and the utilization of local resources. Creativity does not refer to standing in the forefront of fashion all the time, and maybe our day-to-day life is the same but the source of creation is hidden.


(Source: JJgle.com)

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