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HomePage > News > The Young Chinese Designers' Forces in the 3rd Salone Satellite Shanghai
The Young Chinese Designers' Forces in the 3rd Salone Satellite Shanghai
Source:     2018-12-10 14:40

The wonderful Salone Satellite Shanghai came to an end, but these award-winning works began to be exposed internationally. In April next year, they will participate in the Salone Satellite co-hosted by Salone Del Milan as an emerging force representing Chinese designers.


This time, 39 young Chinese designers from Beijing Forestry University, Central Academy of Fine Arts and Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design came to the satellite show as the first exhibition centered on cutting-edge designers. You can witness the birth of a design star.


The young designers who won the Salone Satellite: Song Ruixue, the third prize winner; Hu Weiyun, the second prize winner; Huang Wei, the first prize winner; Duan Yidong, the winner of the special nomination.


The work "STRINGS" is such a unique and open creation. On this Salone Satellite, it was also highly recognized by the judges and won the second prize.



A Bedside table and sofa side table that can also be used as a stool. The wood top board can be taken away as a tray. The rubber ropes are flexible and rotatable, so it is easy to store things inside. The side is made of elastic strings, users can take out various sizes of items from any angle. When the user is lying on the bed and could not get farther things, it can be taken by rotating. 




This is the second time that Yunzi has participated in the Salone Satellite of Salone Del Milano, the first time in Milan, this time in Shanghai, she said frankly, "This is a great experience!"


In the future creation, Yunzi hopes that he can use the design method to convey some excellent craftsmanship and wisdom in the traditional way. Combining sustainable materials and processing methods is the best, and will also consider the application of new materials.


Yunzi has just graduated from the DeTao Experimental Class of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. She studied with the Belgian furniture designer Dirk Wynants. In fact, she came to the DeTao Experimental Class and was actually planning outside.



Salone Satellite is over, but for young designers like Yunzi, their dreams have just set sail.


(Source: JJGLE.COM)


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