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HomePage > News > Three Focus of China's Whole House Customization in 2019: Channels, Entrances, Flows
Three Focus of China's Whole House Customization in 2019: Channels, Entrances, Flows
Source:     Jan. 03, 2019 10:39

2019, the Matthew effect will intensify


China's whole house custom home nine listed companies are divided into three major echelons: the first echelon Oppein, Sogal and Shangpin Home Collection, the second echelon ZBOM, Holike, GOLD, the third echelon OLO, Piano, Ding Gu.


The total revenue of the three major brands of the first echelon in 2018 has already accounted for 10% of the total industry market share. In the new year, this industry concentration will be further enhanced, and the balance of market competition will further tilt toward the head enterprises.


2019, the price war will go from invisible to dominant


The price war that ignited at the beginning of 2018 has actually spread to the end of the year, with the price of 19,800 yuan in Oppein wardrobe, 799 yuan in Sophia, 518 yuan in Shangpin and 518 yuan in Weiyi. In the new year, this price war will be more dominant for more market share.


2019, channel and entrance will be more intense


Channel diversification, entry and traffic fragmentation are the most fierce competition reality for 2018 whole-house custom home furnishing businesses. Traditional store traffic has fallen in a cliff-like manner, and emerging Internet tools such as Tik Tok have become the tools to steal traffic. A boss of a customized furniture brand said a very vivid word: "Now, when consumers dream of buying a custom home, some people are trying to find ways to grab this traffic."


Nowadays, custom enterprise operations are not only limited in traditional home stores such as Red Star and Easyhome, More like Oppein, Shangpin Home and Gold cooperate with those traditional home appliance stores such as Gome and Suning.


In addition, custom companies will go beyond the traditional narrow engineering channels to enter the general field of hardcover houses.


More importantly, the Whole House Decoration trend is whizzing.



(Source: JJgle.com)


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