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HomePage > News > Top 5 Chinese Original Furniture Design Brands
Top 5 Chinese Original Furniture Design Brands
Source: JJgle.com     May 29, 2019 14:12

Nowadays, with the development of Chinese people consumption capacity, they has increases their aesthetic ability and enlarged the creativity of lifestyle area, likes furniture, clothes, and construction space.


Many young Chinese determined to go aboard for the art and design courses, when they come back, most of them has established their own design brand, like Zhang Zhoujie,who is graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in the United Kingdom and is a visiting researcher at the British Institute of Architects. Since he founded the Zhang Zhoujie Digital Laboratory in 2010, he has been a pioneer in digital creation.


Zhang Zhoujie with his artwork


His works are widely exhibited around the world and have been collected and reported by many museums, galleries and private collections, as well as mainstream media such as Wallpaper*, The New York Times and Vogue.




Besides Zhang Zhoujie, which furniture brands can be the representative of China original furniture design?


JJgle has selected 5 brands which was well-known in China for many years, due to its extraordinary creativity and the ability to integrate Eastern and Western cultures.


They both started to get famous from China International Furniture Expo (SNIEC) where many young designers want to display their artworks to the buyers from worldwide.


No.1 Shanghai Expocasa Furniture Co.,Ltd

It was founded in 2010 by Mr. Wang Mingliang, Expocasa focus on the introduction of European high-end furniture brands. And also it has its own brands: FABIO FAN, a cross-cultural collaboration between Italian designer Fabrizio Carloncelli and Chinese designer Tim Wang. This Italian-Chinese partnership adopts a perspective that transcends borders, producing designs that represent a true harmony of Western and Eastern elements.



No.2 Mexarts

A brand company that provides international home lifestyles and solutions, and is committed to becoming a leader in the new lifestyle of American communicators.

Mexarts is a famous furniture brand in China, maybe because it has appeared in many Chinese TV dramas, like All is well which was starred by Yao Chen, a famous public star.

In All is well, Yao played a role of commercial elite with annual salary exceeding to 1 million. To cooperate with her professional attribute, simple, elite and understated luxury, her home furniture has all used Mexarts modern chinese style.





No. 3 Deep Green Design Limited

DeepGreen design and deliver beautiful furniture for trusted global retail brands, combined with the comfort factors of compliance, quality, and value as part of the package.

Nordic style has helped Deep Green Design to obtain many likes of Chinese peoples, especially designers.


No. 4 Shi Er Shi Man Furniture

Shi Er Shi Man (12 Hours) is an independent Chinese Furniture/Housewares design and retail brand. The brand name 十二时慢 (pronunciation: shi er shi man, direct translation: 12-hours slow life) indicates a traditional Chinese measurement of time that a day is divided into 12 Chinese hours, that every hour and every day should be spent attentively and decently.



No. 5 Sureeco

Hangzhou Sureeco Home Furnishing Co., Ltd, the wholly owned subsidiary of Sicco, takes great efforts to build high end brand – Sureeco. Sureeco Home operated as the collections shop aims to build a whole new way of life. The design team of Sureeco Home led by Mr. Wu Zuoguang, the German Red Dot Industrial Design Prize 2009 winner, has convened a great many world famous designers and one of them is Mr. Sooshin Choi from the United States. Many of the Sureeco products are purchased throughout the world which are work of top designers. The design of Sureeco home furnishing products represents the power of fashion. Every Sureeco product is a piece of fine art which could be perfectly built into indoor space. The casual-match of Chinese style and Western fashion has evolved the distinctive Sureeco style.








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