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HomePage > News > Unstable Gyro Chair by Holmes Yi in the 3rd Salone Satellite Shanghai
Unstable Gyro Chair by Holmes Yi in the 3rd Salone Satellite Shanghai
Source:     2018-12-10 08:43

Designer; Holmes Yi Hong



Embrace every uncertainty in front


In the 3rd Salone Satellite Shanghai, Chinese Designer Holmes Yi has brought its design work--ABSEAT. It's a seat futon looking like the head of Ball-point pen.

Stability and instability always exist simultaneously. The instability of life is presented in a playful way. Inspiration comes from the head of Ball-point pen. We can experience the joy of stability and instability of ABSEAT in the process of standing and sitting down. It can go up and down according to its elasticity.


JJGLE: Can you briefly introduce your design inspiration or your design style?


My unfixed design styles come from the experience of life in various aspects.


I hope to let people jump out of the inherent thinking concepts previously, embrace every uncertainty in front and feel the different experience by using this chair. I restore the instability of life in a playful manner, and the stability and instability exist with each other. My inspiration comes from the Chinese gyro.

Make the users feel the surprise brought by the products


JJGLE: What is the market orientation of the products designed by you? Who are the main user groups? What is the most important requirement of the users you want to meet?


This product is more likely to be placed in the indoor public places, such as the art galleries and hotel halls. There will be a strong visual impact when many abseats stand together, which will let the users feel what the design wants to express and feel the surprise from the product during the process from questioning about the product utill trying , experiencing then loving it.



JJGLE: What do you think of the current domestic home furnishing market?


Domestic market environment is getting better and better, more and more exhibitions and designers appear these years. It is an affirmation of the design, and I hope that more designers can be brave to display their own works just as at this SaloneSatellite, we need to make efforts to make the domestic home furnishing market flourishing together. We need to make efforts continuously in the future!


(Source: JJgle.com)

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