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The Price of Carpoly's Furniture Paint Increased by 8%

10-17 14:58

The base price of 20111019 will be implemented from 0:00 on October 19. 【MORE+】

With Ten New Products + BiuOS System, Suning Comprehensively Enter Smart Home Area

10-17 09:30

After the Chinese Internet giants, mobile phone manufacturers and science and technology companies entered the smart home furnishing one after another, the trend of the 3C manufacturers transforming to the smart home has become increasingly obvious. 【MORE+】

JOMOO Released Smart Health Mirror Cabinet and i5 Smart Toilet, Two Black Technology New Products

10-16 11:31

Define future lifestyles with smart items 【MORE+】

Latest Interpretation of the Characteristics of Chinese Home Furnishings Consumers

10-16 10:26

The people born in the 1980s and the 1990s are the main groups in the decoration and home furnishing consumption market in China.【MORE+】

Suning Smart Products 2018 Autumn Conference Held in Beijing

10-16 09:55

Announced a full-scale entry into the field of smart living hardware 【MORE+】

China: KUKA spends 1.38 billion in cash to buy a 23% stake in CIMEN

10-15 11:54

On the morning of October 15th, KUKA Home announced that it intends to acquire CIMEN's total shareholding of not less than 23% by cash. If the transaction can be successfully completed, KUKA Home will become the largest shareholder of CIMEN, which may result in changes to CIMEN's controlling shareho...【MORE+】

New retail: Red Star Macalline Created the First Business Mode of Shopping Park + Outlets in the Industry

10-15 09:38

On September 30, Red Star Macalline successfully held the investment attraction implementation ceremony for the first Aegean Shopping Park Outlets and published the strategic planning of the product line of “Aegean Shopping Park Outlets”. 【MORE+】

China: 10 Billion Companies Will Be Born In the Home Furnishings Industry Within Ten Years

10-14 14:46

A major gap in China's urbanization rate is a big opportunity for the home industry in China... 【MORE+】

China's New Retail Home Brand NOME Uses 10 Public Goods to Pass Love

10-13 09:39

Entering NǑME (Nomi Home), 15 designated stores in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, you can take the lead in purchasing knotted guns to customize the joint products. After October 12th, NǑME (Nomi Home) can be purchased at designated stores nationwide. 【MORE+】

The Export Rebate Rate of the Sanitary Products in China Expected to be Increased by 1–3%

10-12 10:16

If the sanitary products are included in this catalogue of the export rebate rate increase, the sanitary enterprises will certainly make profits from the export business.【MORE+】

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