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China's New Furniture Retail Brand NǑME Opened A New Store in Guangzhou

12-10 10:11

Features "Swedish designers" and "Nordic style furniture".【MORE+】

Prices of Raw Materials, Artificial Rents Affected by Prices of Kitchen Appliances, Household Appliances & Building Materials

12-06 09:44

In recent months, in addition to the continuous increase in the prices of raw materials such as waste paper, nickel and copper, the cost of factory rents and labor has also increased, and the operating costs of enterprises have further increased. 【MORE+】

Brief view on Chinese recent timber market

12-05 09:56

Despite the fact that in the last three quarters of this year, log imports grew by 14.5%, while lumber imports grew by 0.3%, Chinese timber market was not very optimistic. Due to the fall of the yuan by 10% against the dollar, the price of imported wood is rising, while within the country the prices...【MORE+】

Gome Smart Home Platform: 150 new cabinet stores opened in 2019

12-05 09:40

After signing multiple cabinet brands to fully enter the cabinet market and hand in hand with Easyhome, Gome once again announced the acceleration of the layout of the home intelligent industry chain.【MORE+】

Collector’s Eye : Chinese Furniture Elevates

12-04 14:30

The ancient people of China, around 1,000 BCE, created the first piece of furniture for people to sit on—the woven mat. 【MORE+】

Overview of China's furniture industry

12-04 13:31

The furniture industry in China is a traditional industry and it has developed rapidly over the past 30 years. Large scale furniture enterprises are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Sichuan and Shandong Provinces and 5 major furniture manufacturing zones have been established in t...【MORE+】

Easyhome and Gome work together to create a new scene store

11-27 09:50

Each of them draws on each other's resources and mutually induces and empowers each other. 【MORE+】

China High Red Oak Storage With Its Price Difficult to Pull Up

11-23 13:26

Red oak has too much inventory, and its market price is difficult to increase effectively. 【MORE+】

Total Market Capitalization of RMB 90.6 Billion, 11 China’s Household Enterprises Listed in Hong Kong Stocks

11-23 11:59

Such 11 enterprises listed in Hong Kong Stocks respectively are: Red Star Macalline, Man Wah Holdings, China Lesso, Nature, NVC Lighting, Morris Holdings, Sinomax Holdings, Bolina Holdings, Power Dekor Home, China Creative Home and Jiyi Home. 【MORE+】

Market Scale of China’s Household Textiles Industry Increased to RMB 216.8 Billion from 2011 to 2017

11-21 14:56

With the growth of per capita disposable income in China and the continuous rise of the proportion of the middle class in the population structure, the new characteristics of paying more attention to the brands and quality and paying important attention to personalization and customization have appe...【MORE+】

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