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China Startups Struggle to Escape the Shadows of Alibaba and Tencent

08-17 10:05

In their IPO filings, rising companies are warning investors that the tech giants’ deals can feel like a trap. 【MORE+】

China's Aviation Industry Involved in Smart Home, Becoming Home Security Guards

08-16 10:30

Avionics completed 100% of the crowdfunding goal, and the crowdfunding amount exceeded 100% in just two days.【MORE+】

FreshHema Fully Settles in Beijing Easyhome Experience Mall

08-15 13:36

At present, Freshhema has opened 64 stores nationwide, and Easyhome has 247 stores nationwide. This cooperation has created a new cross-border business model of “home store + fresh supermarket”. 【MORE+】

Five Latest Development Trends of New Retail of Home in China in the Digital Age

08-15 09:16

With the large scale, new retail of home in China has grown rapidly. In 2016, brand owners and service providers of new retail of home in China had the market scale close to RMB 5 trillion, with the annual growth up to 8%, which was far ahead of that in the European and American market. 【MORE+】

MUJI Wants to Set Up a Commodity Development Base in Shanghai

08-14 09:55

In addition to improving logistics and continuing to sink to third-tier cities, Muji's “world flagship store” and hotel plans in first- and second-tier cities are continuing.【MORE+】

Review: Where Did the Chinese Buy Furniture in the Past 20 Years?

08-14 08:35

With the upgrade of consumption, Chinese people are increasingly demanding the quality of furniture, and experience stores have become the new mainstream of buying furniture.【MORE+】

China (Shanghai) Int'l Trade Single Window covers 1/3 of total domestic import and export trade volume

08-13 15:27

Connecting 22 government departments, China (Shanghai) International Trade Single Window provides services covering one third of the total volume of China's import and export trade. 【MORE+】

2nd Anniversary Celebration, Jingdong Home Founded Jingdong Decoration Alliance with 11 Chinese Home Decoration Enterprises

08-13 08:42

At the 2nd anniversary press conference of Jingdong Home Decoration on July 29, Jingdong announced that it had founded Jingdong Decoration Alliance with 11 well-known home decoration enterprises including B&Q, I-life, Boloni and Gold Mantis Home.【MORE+】

China’s Exports Are Homeward Bound

08-11 10:30

Mainland businesses hit by Trump’s tariffs hope domestic consumers will pick up the slack. 【MORE+】

Qumei Home Launched New Sofa Series

08-10 16:37

On August 3rd, With the theme of “New Qumei, New Fashion”, Qumei Home's Sofa Culture Festival kicked off.【MORE+】

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