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milling solid wood

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The Biesse Rover C series machining centres are specifically designed to be used in highly demanding environments, as millwork, where extra large tools and aggregates are required. The Biesse operating unit with 5 interpolating axes allows to perform complex machinings ensuring quality and precision. Rover C WMS is the highly flexible working cell (Windows Manufacturing System) dedicated to the machining of standard and bespoke window frames based on the technology of a numerical control centre. This is a working centre with a fully integrated system for the loading and unloading operation in total real time. Technical Data Rover C WMS X / Y / Z axis speed 100/100/30 mm - 328/328/98 inch Z axis stroke 350 mm /13.7 inch Panel Feed 230 mm / 9 inch Rover C WMS 6.50 Length 10600 mm / 417.3 inch Rover C WMS 6.65 Length 12200 mm / 480.3 inch