HOTELEX CHENGDU 2020 Aug 13-15,2020 Chengdu Century City International Convention & Exhibition Center Hall 1-9

Hot Pot Equipment & Ingredients



With the rapid development of China's economy, the continuous improvement of residents' income, the accelerating urbanization process, people's consumption concepts and lifestyles have also changed. With the continuous development of the social economy, the hot pot industry has become an important part of the popular catering industry. In order to meet the demand for hot pot catering equipment and fine ingredients in hot pot catering enterprises in Chengdu and the central and western regions, to promote the further development of hot pot catering enterprises, to build a trade bridge between hot pot catering equipment and ingredients and hot pot enterprises, the HOTELEX Chengdu created this sector for Hotpot industry, to enhance the connecting of local exhibitors and buyers.


Products Covered Visitor Profile
  • Hot pot equipment
  • Hot pot ingredients
  • Hot pot seasoning
  • Hot pot material production equipment
  • Hot Pot Indsutry Supplies & Equipment Importers / Exporters / Distributors
  • Hot Pot Industry Supplies & Equipment Manufacturers / OEMs / ODMs
  • Hotels / Resorts / Motels / Serviced Apartments / Country Clubs
  • Restaurants / Fast Food Chains /
  • Department Stores / Supermarkets / Hypermarkets / Grocery Stores / Convenience Stores
  • Hospitality & Foodservice Consultancies