Hotel dishwasher to win $21m in lawsuit over working Sundays

2019-01-24 Tag: Hotel dishwasher

Hotel dishwasher ,Hotel dishwasher to win m in lawsuit over working Sundays

A hotel dishwasher was awarded $21.5 million in damages after a jury decided her employer infringed on her religious rights by requiring her to work on Sundays, USA Today reports. Along with the $21.5 million in punitive damages, the jury awarded her $35,000 in back wages and $500,000 for “emotional pain and anguish.” The dishwasher won’t receive the full amount awarded to her, however, as the jury was unaware there is a cap on punitive awards of $300,000.

The dishwasher at the Conrad Miami filed her suit in 2017 against Hilton, which previously managed the property, alleging her kitchen manager forced her to work on Sundays, the article states. In 2009, she had tried to resign for religious reasons after being scheduled to work on Sundays, but instead she remained after her employer changed her schedule so she wouldn’t quit. However, she was required again in 2016 to work Sundays and was later fired due to “unexcused absences, negligence and alleged misconduct.”

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