Hotels to boost revenue with outdoor spaces

2019-01-17 Tag: Hotels

Hotels,Hotels to boost revenue with outdoor spaces

As soon as the worst of winter passes, hoteliers will be looking for new ways to keep their guests entertained in outdoor spaces.

“People are really seeing the benefit of adding outdoor [spaces], for a whole multitude of reasons,” said David Shove-Brown, partner at Washington, D.C.-based design studio //3877. “It used to be that the outdoor spaces were connected to the pool or something like that, and you had to go out the back entrance. It just felt like an afterthought. And now, it's more prominent and more connected to the [indoor] public space.”

Hotels are embracing outdoor areas that cultivate the same activities guests expect indoors, said Lea Wilson, director of interior design at Las Vegas-based design firm Bunnyfish Studio. “No longer is the pool the only outdoor amenity. We are finding that guests want outdoor social activity, from bocce ball courts to beer pong.”

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