HOTELEX SHANGHAI 2020 June 15-18,2020 NECC(Shanghai)

Bakery & Ice-cream 





With the improvement of China's economic level, people's requirements for quality of life have also increased. Under the love of baking food, the bakery industry consisting of baking appliances, baking accessories and baking ingredients has also attracted people's attention. With the continuous understanding of bakery, the development of the bakery industry has grown rapidly, and we believe it will have broad prospects for development in the coming decades.


In 2017, HOTELEX started to hold the “World Bread Contest”--- the world's highest level bakery competition in China. It aims to promote the development of baking technology, tap the market potential and talents of the bakery industry, and provide a stage for competition and performance for professional bakers.



Products Covered Visitor Profile
  • Bakery Ingredients, Materials and Equipment

  •  Ice Cream Ingredients and Equipment

  •  Chocolate Products and Equipment

  •  Dairy Products

  •  Leisure Food / Candies

  •  Packaging & Other Materials

  • Food & Beverage Importers / Exporters / Distributors / Retailers

  •  Baking & Ice Cream Equipment Importers / Exporters / Distributors / Retailers

  •  Bakeries / Patisseries / Pizza Shops

  •  Ice Cream Parlors / Sweet Shops / Confectioners / Chocolatiers

  •  Restaurants / Fast Food Chains / Snack Bars / Cafés / Takeaways

  •  Hotels / Resorts / Motels

  •  Foodservice – Airlines / Cruise Lines / Factories / Hospitals / Governments / Other Institutions

  •  Department Stores / Supermarkets / Hypermarkets / Grocery Stores / Convenience Stores

  •  Hospitality / Culinary Institutions

  •  Hospitality & Foodservice Consultancies

  •  Chains / Franchisers / Franchisees

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MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH

239 litre 50:50 Fridge-Freezer freezer

Fagor(Shanghai) Catering Equipment International Distribution Co., Ltd

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