HOTELEX SHANGHAI 2019 Apr  01-04,2019 Shanghai New International Expo Center

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The beverage industry is a historical industry that stems from people's pursuit of quality of life. Just like food, drinks are an indispensable part of people's lives. In ancient China, tea was not only a kind of drink, but also a culture. Teahouses can represent the beverage industry at that time. With the increasing pursuit of healthy life, natural and low-sugar beverages are becoming more popular. In total, the trend of the beverage development will be more optimistic, and it will remain a period of rapid development in the next few years, and it is also a crucial period for promoting the brands in this industry.


In HOTELEX, we organize the Fashion Drinks Competition to seek professionals for the industry, and to provide a display platform for beverage suppliers as well. This exciting event aims to lead the fashion trend of the beverage industry, and to create the most popular drinks.



Products Covered Visitor Profile
  • Fresh and Raw Ingredients

  •  Semi-Finished & Finished Food Products

  •  Seafood /Frozen Food

  •  Fruit / Vegetables

  •  Canned Food / Condiments

  •  Soft Drinks

  •  High-End Bottled Water

  •  Fruit Juice, Material & Production Equipment

  •  Food Packaging / Food Processing Technology

  •  Logistics / Distribution

  • Food & Beverage Importers / Exporters / Distributors / Retailers

  •  Food & Beverage Manufacturers

  •  Food & Beverage Equipment Importers / Exporters / Distributors / Retailers

  •  Food & Beverage Equipment Manufacturers

  •  Restaurants / Fast Food Chains / Cafés / Snack Bars / Takeaways

  •  Clubhouses / Sports Centers / Theme Parks / Leisure Centers / Spa & Wellness Centers / Theaters

  •  Bars / Pubs / Night Clubs / Karaoke Bars

  •  Foodservice – Airlines / Cruise Lines / Factories / Hospitals / Governments / Other Institutions

  •  Department Stores / Supermarkets / Hypermarkets / Grocery Stores / Convenience Stores

  •  F&B Logistics & Transportation

  •  Hospitality & Foodservice Consultancies

  •  Chains / Franchisers / Franchisees

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Food & Beverage Exhibitors Food & Beverage Products


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New Zealand lamb chilled food

Guangzhou Zhenghuizhu Foodstuff Co., Ltd

Citrus Juicers






Sakura Green Tea

Shanghai CROWNSUGAR Foods Co.,Ltd.

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