HOTELEX SHANGHAI 2020 June 15-18,2020 NECC(Shanghai)

Catering Accessories


Dining has gradually developed social functions. Thus, in addition to the foods on the table, the environment and atmosphere of a restaurant and other details are also very important. With the rapid development of catering industry, the development of catering accessories has also been improved.


Nowadays, with the improvement of the Internet and delivery, the Chinese catering industry has developed many new operating modes, such as online food delivery services. The current trend of the catering industry is to join online food delivery business as there are huge demand of this service. To stand out in the fierce competition in this industry, catering accessories such as packaging, take-away containers also worth to pay attention. In HOTELEX, we combine and integrate resources to launch catering accessory sections, bringing together numerous related brands to provide high-quality services for more enterprise.