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Partner Associations
  • China Tourist Hotels Association


  • Founded in February 25, 1986, and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs , CTHA is an independent legal entity, and a competent unit of China National Tourism Administration. Its principles are:China Tourist Hotels Association is a territory of China Hotel Association and local hotels, hotel management companies, hotel supplies manufacturers and other relevant units, in accordance with the principle of equality of voluntary form of national industry associations. At present, China Tourist

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  • Shanghai Tourism Trade Association


  • Shanghai Tourism Industry Association (Abbreviated as STTA) was founded in March 1990, formerly known as the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Association, and reorganization in January 2000. Former Shanghai Hotels Association, Shanghai International Travel Service Association, Shanghai China Travel Service Association, the Shanghai Tourism Education Association are vested in Shanghai Tourism Association.. In March 2004, according to documents SMPG [2002] the 1st spirit, it was renamed Shanghai Touris

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  • Zhejiang Hotels Association


  • Zhejiang Hotels Association was found on October 9, 2002, establishing by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Civil Affairs registration, registration, hotel industry, professional associations affiliated with the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau. Its purpose is: to comply with the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policy, abide by social morality, safeguard legitimate rights and interests of member services for the industry. Working principle of the Association are "rights, se

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  • Shanghai Brewing Association was founded in February 1989, which is abbreviated as SDA. It is made in Shanghai specializing in the production and operation of the inter-departmental alcoholic liquor business and related research, education, and other units related to voluntary organizations, industry organizations across systems, approved by the Shanghai Commerce Commission, approved by Shanghai Municipal Administration of social groups register, with legal personality socioeconomic society orga

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  • Shanghai Chain Enterprise Association


  • Shanghai Chain Store & Franchise Association was found in April 1994, which is a regional chain of intermediary organizations. Association import chain operations, logistics chain marketing management, and promote the healthy and orderly development of Shanghai chain industry has played a huge role in promoting. After 10 years of trials, the supermarket cooperative associations from a single organization have evolved into 90 formats by industry (covering all sectors, domestic and foreign), 200 m

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  • Abbreviated as SFTA, SHANGHAI FISHERIES TRADE ASSOCIATION was found in May 2001. For the city offshore fishing, ocean fishing, aquaculture, fish processing, marine medicine, aquatic circulation, wholesale, import and export business, leisure fishing, aquarium fish, research institutes, universities, enterprises and institutions, such as fisheries management interdepartmental voluntarily, cross-ownership, non-profit industry-based corporate social groups.

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  • SCAA - Specialty Coffee Association of America

  • Established in 1982 by a small group of coffee professionals seeking a common forum to discuss issues and set quality standards for the specialty coffee trade, the SCAA is now the world's largest coffee trade association with nearly 2,500 company members. SCAA members can rightfully be credited for much of the growth and success the specialty coffee industry has experienced over the past twenty-five years.

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  • The Asia Pacific Division of FCSI is the newest of the society's worldwide membership organizations. From its birth as a chapter in 1995, then formally became a division in January 2006, the Asia Pacific Division has grown to represent the members of the society in the most dynamic and developing region in the world. Even though members represent a very diverse range of cultures from India to China, Japan and the Pacific, during regular meetings together we have discovered that professionally we

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  • AHK Greater China, which is part of the German Chambers of Commerce Worldwide Network (AHK), represents Sino-German bilateral business interests and offers comprehensive services through its business and membership platforms. It has five main offices and eight additional offices in Greater China and Germany.

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  • Our international standard exhibition and conference spaces are optimally adapted for any size and style of gathering, including exhibitions, conferences, seminars, banquets, events and performances, Coming with state-of the-art equipment including simultaneous interpretation systems, AV systems and cold storage, we are fully geared to assist you for your successful event.

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  • The Association of Purchasing Managers of Hotels and Restaurants of the Philippines

  • The Association of Purchasing Managers of Hotels and Restaurants of the Philippines is an organization composed of Purchasing Managers of hotels , restaurants , resorts ,, clubs and caterers . It was established in 1979 with initially 13 members from prestigious hotels . Today , the group has expanded to more than 45 members excluding honorary members who were past presidents of the association . APMHRP is a non-stock , non-profit organization which aims to professionalize the ho

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