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A Look Inside Riva's 50m Race with Videoworks

2020-03-13    by:

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  Details of Race’s interiors have until now been very scarce on the ground. This week though, Videoworks released an in-depth insight into the systems and technology that make up this sophisticated vessel.

  The task of Videoworks in fitting out a superyacht’s interior systems spans everything from music systems to air conditioning, always incorporating the many and at times demanding desires of the owner as sacrosanct. Onboard Race, Videoworks designed the AV, IT, TV/Satellite, CCTV, IP telephony and home automation system to the very highest standard.

  Every inch of Race is completely bespoke; every hallway, cabin and interior fitting has had the highest level of thought and detail paid to it. Domotics being one of the major client demands in the field of on-board technology, Videoworks paid great care to touches such as intelligent lights and blinds in the guest area – with thanks to a long-term partnership with Lutron, world leaders in producing light control systems.

  Meanwhile, a philosophy of distribution is at the core of Race’s AV-IT systems, resulting in each hallways and cabin being fitted with a discrete local rack containing the AV electronics. The audio system inside and out meanwhile is fitted with James Loudspeaker marine speakers – specially designed to excel in the areas of long life, performance and aesthetics.

  This harmonisation of performance and visual excellence is indeed apparent throughout the entirety of Race’s interiors, as is a characteristic standard of Videoworks. The sophisticated CCTV system, composed of 5 high-resolution IP cameras and a network recorder, is provided by Panasonic and achieves the difficult task of seamlessly blending with the yacht’s interiors.

  The switchboard of the IP telephony, another Panasonic product, is also decked out with fixed and cordless terminals for optimum communication throughout the vessel.

  Videoworks have emphatically taken into account every minute detail on this exceptional superyacht, and we look forward to hearing more news from this dynamic company as it comes in.



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