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Spotlight on the Visionary ModCat Project L3

2019-01-08    by:

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  This week we take a closer look at the in-your-face attitude of the powerful Project L3, a ModCat concept formed from an incredible collaboration between BMT Nigel Gee and yacht designer, Rob McPherson.

  Designed from an original hull design which was commissioned for the US Navy, the catamaran has been designed with a ModCat hull: a design which matches precision performance with high speed and low power. Spacious, luxurious and fast, Project L3 is characterised by her sleek, sharp lines and her ruby-red hull.

  The concept comes equipped with two propulsion options – the first is a conventional system of quad diesel engines and controllable pitch propellers which provides a speed of upwards of 20 knots. The second is a CODAG (Combined Diesel and Gas) engine with water jets, which will provide a top speed upwards of 40 knots. Both of these speeds are impressive for a vessel of this size, aided by this particular style of hull.

  At approximately 4200 gross tonnes, the concept is exceptionally weighty yet spread across three large decks thanks to a wide beam which offers better stability and performance in rough waters. The beam also allows for storage of an offshore racing catamaran and a two-man seaplane inside the vessel: a very unique feature.

  Inside, the concept has a volume comparable to that of a 100-120 metre monohull, therefore meaning she could potentially have the same layout as a land-based penthouse suite. The interior of the concept is completely adaptable depending on the future owner and has not been assigned a particular designer.

  The sundeck sports an open-air fire pit with surrounding loungers, perfectly located for the giant drop-down cinema screen. Multiple drop-down and extendable beach decks. The main deck features a full-length pool and an alfresco bar.

  James Roy, Design Director at BMT, comments, “This was both a very exciting and challenging proposal to work on as the styling needed to reflect the speed of the vessel while maintaining a high volume for the interior. Gentle flowing lines which have a sense

  of urgency about them have been combined with a bold colour choice to ensure that this 85m, high-performance catamaran makes a statement in the harbour!”

  He continues, “It is always refreshing to work on a design which challenges convention and to integrate technology developed in other markets, it will take a visionary client to realise the project.”



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