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Word from the Architect: A Sky’s Sanctuary on Ouranos

2018-09-03    by:

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  “She is the primal Greek god personifying the sky” shared the Group Art Director Gian Marco Campanino. Although inspired, in a veiled manner, by the mythological meaning of ‘Ouranos’, the architect shares how he utilized this 50-metre canvas, to explore this abstract notion through design.

  “No naturalistic figures of the sky were represented anywhere” confirms the designer. Instead, the ethereal concept of the sky tells a story of darkness and light, space and texture, and the artistic harmony of contrast.

  “Darkness and luminosity were re-interpreted by dark Macassar ebony wood” shares Gian Marco Campanino. “In opposition to huge floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, full of light.”

  Designed to invite the rumbling cliffs of the Eastern Med to meet you at breakfast, a charter escape on Ouranos ensures the rustic elegance of your destination is every bit a part of your interior space.

  Texture and shape however, play an entirely abstract role on board Ouranos. “Delicate bright suede covered wall and ceilings; stillness of clear skies were translated into clean lines, to emphasize the sense of purity” shares Gian Marco Campanino, translating the artistic emblem of nature into each and every silhouette.

  Paying homage to this idea further is her ‘less-is-more’ aesthetic. As a 2016 build her contemporary space is masterfully executed through a minimalist white-black contrast, as well as punchy artworks “wisely placed all around the main ambients of the yacht, as accents to the pure interiors.” To recreate, in the very accordance to her name, a “gleam of the stars.”

  And yet, even with her stripped back interior persona, she retains her exterior character almost anywhere in the world. Whether melting into the rustic allure of Montenegro or the white washed walls of Mykonos, the pencils parts of Uniellé Yacht Design come alive in a cutting-edge body that breaks ocean waves in style.

  To match her modern allure, is her Admiral build. As one of the most silent yachts, in noise and vibration levels on the market, she whisks up to 12 guests across 6 rooms into a motionless cotton cloud escape, at sea level.

  M/Y Ouranos is available to charter with IYC in the East and West Mediterranean throughout both summer and winter seasons.



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