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Capt. Carl Sputh of the 178-foot Benetti Starfire was born into yachting. 【MORE+】

Destination Guide: Ionian Islands of Greece

If you’ve always wanted to cruise in New Zealand, you’ll be welcomed with open arms more than ever. Tourism New Zealand, the country’s marine industry, and more are jointly producing a promotional campaign to attract megayachts.【MORE+】

Destination New Zealand Superyacht Attraction Initiative

Norway has one of the largest coastlines in the world, stretching 15,534 miles (25,000 kilometers). 【MORE+】

Destination Guide: Norwegian Fjords

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There are many good berthing facilities in Spain. 【MORE+】

Destination Guide: Spain

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Montenegro lies east of Italy’s southeast coast and is bordered by Serbia, Albania, Croatia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. 【MORE+】

Destination Guide: Montenegro and Boka Bay

Greenland is a true wilderness destination, far from the familiar Mediterranean and Caribbean waters to which owners, guests, and crew are accustomed.【MORE+】

Destination Guide: Greenland

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Not your average charter destination, Alaska’s breathtaking 6,600-mile coastline is teaming with wildlife, glaciers, and dramatic landscapes.【MORE+】

Destination Guide: Southeast Alaska  AUGUST 4, 2014  VICTORIA HOCKLEY

British Columbia is more relaxed than the Mediterranean and Caribbean, even during August’s peak. 【MORE+】

Destination Guide: British Columbia

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Costa Rica, translating to “rich coast,” has long been considered one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world.【MORE+】

Destination Guide: Costa Rica

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Within 50 miles of Florida’s coastline, The Bahamas covers 5,382 square miles (13,878 square kilometers), plus has more than 2,000 islands and cays. 【MORE+】

Destination Guide: Hidden Bahamas

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