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Unusual hotel designs are no new thing, but some catch the eye more than others – and a new development being built on the Swedish Lapland certainly falls into that category.【MORE+】

Floating Hotel a Masterclass in Scandinavian Design

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Porto Montenegro has cemented their place as the Adriatic’s most progressive superyacht marina after recently announcing the addition of a new 250 metre berth.【MORE+】

Porto Montenegro Adds New 250m Superyacht Berth

For a single membership fee, the Maha Yachts’ fleet of superyachts will offer its members what it brands to be “the finest concierge services”, with access a private fleet of luxury yachts for four weeks of the year. These will be offered at selected resorts around the world including Ibiza, Monaco, Phuket, Bali and the Bahamas. The website explained, “The fee is inclusive of all of the yacht’s maintenance expenses (including the consumables on board) for the entirety of the 10-year membership. The Maha membership is transparent, straightforward and simple, taking the heading out of administration, allowing members to focus on the enjoyment of their unique and exclusive experience. “The Maha Yacht Club’s private fleet of yachts will be berthed in some of the world’s idyllic locations. Fly in: Sail off. Experience a pleasure and relaxation that begins with the certainty that the service and vessel that await you will be of a consistent, superior standard to that of whichever of our six fleets you have visited before.” Zecha, the founder of Amanresorts amongst others, developed the luxury hospitability initiative in partnership with Stephen White, the company’s founder and CEO, and Jonathon Breen of Setai Hotels and Resorts. They are to be built exclusively for Maha by Feadship and Mulder Shipyard. Not many details of the fleet are known as yet, but the Feadship Maha Yacht is thought to measure 36m in length, and will form the flagship vessel of the fleet. The Mulder Maha Yacht will be smaller, measuring in at 16m long, built on the platform of its custom Bellagio day boat. A statement posted on the Maha Yacht Club website reads, “Maha Yachts is born from the pursuit of excellence. In an ideal world, the perfect yacht would be custom designed by the leading experts and the on-board service would be provided by industry specialists not only hospitality professionals, but perfectionists in an industry that have been internationally noted for their excellence.” 【MORE+】

Maha Yacht Club to commission fleet of Feadship superyachts to extend luxury hotel offerings

Now, the hotel analogy takes on new meaning, as there’s actually a hotel operating a megayacht for charter. The yacht, and the hotel, are each known as The Wellesley.【MORE+】

The Wellesley, a Megayacht Managed by a Hotel