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China International Lighting Fair Helps Establish Brands and Boost Trading and Production

04-18 09:30

The 23rd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair has reached a successful completion. Gathering professional buyers and elites of the lighting industry from around the globe, the Fair platform allows different insights to be presented. It is an international event that enables enterprises to dis...【MORE+】

LED Flat Panel Gessen Lamp Is A Recommended Brand

04-15 14:00

As the development of industrial science and technology ceaseless, lamp ACTS the role of industry to also had apparent progress, before everybody just regards illume effect as the main reason that chooses lamps and lanterns. And now? Everybody besides the lamps and lanterns that chooses to have illu...【MORE+】

Which Brand Of 60led Emergency Light Is Better

04-15 13:00

In some special occasions will use emergency lights, I believe you can see the installation of emergency lights in shopping malls, hotels or supermarkets. In the case of sudden power failure, 60led emergency lights will play a lighting role to help evacuate the crowd. There are a lot of different br...【MORE+】

What Are The Famous Brands Of Garden Lights

04-12 14:00

National focus on construction of city, and in many garden of all kinds of special shape of plant, still can install some special shapes landscape lamp, especially when night falls, a special and delicate landscape light irradiation to the plant, let plants present a variety of different shapes, giv...【MORE+】

What Famous Brands Do Square Landscape Lights Have

04-12 13:00

In some villa courtyard or the road on both sides of the square, square landscape lamp use, you can see the landscape lamp compared with common lamps and lanterns, have better decorative effect, but also can have the effect of environmental protection and energy saving, there are more and more diffe...【MORE+】

Which Brand Of Solar Landscape Lamp Is Better

04-11 14:00

In some parks and squares or the courtyards of villas, solar landscape lamps are generally used, which can not only play a good lighting role, but also have a good decorative effect for the courtyard. With the installation of solar landscape lights, the courtyard becomes more colorful, but there are...【MORE+】

What Are On The List Of Voice-controlled Stage Lighting Brands

04-05 13:00

In a few concerts, song hall ballroom, nature little not the use of sound-controlled stage lamp, market of this kind of stage lamp has all sorts of different brands and design on the market, do consumer people know how to go choosing? Today follow small make up together to understand the stage light...【MORE+】

The Brand That Contemporary Crystal Wall Lamp USES Has What

04-04 13:00

When night falls, lamps and lanterns play the role of lighting can help people illuminate the road home, but also home after you can illuminate the warm living environment. Contemporary crystal wall lamp design is delicate and fashionable, other not only the effect of illume, also having very good a...【MORE+】

Ultrathin Cast Light What Brand Is Better

04-03 14:00

Ultrathin cast light the lamp is a kind of new-style and fashionable lamps and lanterns design, since enter the market after, already obtained the favour of more user and approbate, everybody can choose the installation of a ultrathin cast light when decorating a house. Have a very good effect of en...【MORE+】

What Brand Should I Choose For The RGB Projector

04-03 13:00

The development speed of RGB projector is relatively fast. In recent years, it has almost won the favor and recognition of more users. Everyone will choose the use of RGB projector in outdoor or indoor decoration. Because people's demand is much, so the market also appeared a variety of different br...【MORE+】

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