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Neri&Hu's Yanzi Lights Resemble Birds Perched on Wires

09-20 13:20

Chinese studio Neri&Hu has designed a lighting collection for Artemide that recalls the shapes of birds poised on wires and branches. 【MORE+】

Amisol: A Large Pendant Lamp That Actually Takes up a Minimal Amount of Volume

09-20 09:20

Designed by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan, the Amisol is a large pendant lamp that actually takes up a minimal amount of physical volume. The lighting is made up of a large sheet of translucent white film or metallized mirror membrane that’s been stretched inside its circular frame and a light source...【MORE+】

Why Does Everyone Pay Great Attention to the Brand of Kitchen and Bathroom LED Lights?

09-20 09:10

In daily life everyone heard of four words, that is the brand effect, so to speak, to some extent, the public will be influenced by brands when shopping, whether it's something everyone in the process of buying always concern about the brand, even hutch defends leds purchases, brand is very importan...【MORE+】

OMA's XY 180 Lighting can Be Used to Create Geometric Patterns

09-19 13:20

Architect OMA has combined fluorescent rods with spotlights to create a linear lighting collection, presented by Belgian brand Delta Light during Milan design week.【MORE+】

Floor Lamp Production and Some Related Performance Characteristics

09-19 09:20

Floor lamp production has become a problem that many people will pay attention to, especially for some manufacturers, because floor lamps are used in many families, floor lamps are usually divided into up-light floor lamps, and direct-lit floor lamps, which will be placed in The living room, or some...【MORE+】

What Are the Maintenance Tips for Resin Ceiling Lamps?

09-19 09:20

After purchasing the resin ceiling lamp, don't worry about installing it as much as possible. First of all, you can carefully read the mark of this product, read some related installation instructions, and then install and use according to relevant standards. It is safer, and it can also prevent som...【MORE+】

How Should High-end Floor Lamps Be Maintained to Prolong Life?

09-19 09:10

The use of floor lamps in the family has become more and more frequent, especially for creating a home atmosphere, which will have a very significant effect and significance. Especially for some people, when setting up some petty-family environment, high-end floor lamps become impossible. The lack o...【MORE+】

Useful Tips for Fast Cleaning of Crystal Lamp

09-18 13:30

After a period of use, the lighting effect and the illumination of the crystal lamp will be affected if it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, so the lamp needs to be cleaned regularly with special cleaning agent. Next, it will introduce the tips for fast cleaning of crystal lamp. First, you need t...【MORE+】

Dean Skira's Polesano Street Lamp for Delta Light can Create "all necessary forms of light"

09-18 13:20

Lighting designer Dean Skira explains how his Polesano street lamp for Delta Light can be used to light a multitude of different urban settings, in this movie Dezeen filmed for the Belgian lighting brand.【MORE+】

The Main Points of the Purchase of Wooden Floor Lamp and the Guide to Purchase

09-18 09:20

In the home decoration, many people will choose some lamps, the choice of lamps, wood floor lamp is very good, because such a lamp is very, can create a warm feeling, and the overall shape The words are also very good. As a decorative luminaire, the floor lamp can be used as a lighting for some area...【MORE+】

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