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How to Maintain The LED Remote Control Emergency Lamp?

02-19 09:30

You should all know that emergency lights are usually used in public places like supermarkets and hotels. Especially in the case of sudden power failure, LED remote control emergency lights can play their role, play a good lighting role, help people evacuate and evacuate. After using for a period of...【MORE+】

Size of the Wall Lamp Base

02-19 09:20

Wall lamp is a common decorative lamp at home. Wall lamps installed at different places can give different lighting effects. Therefore, when choosing the wall lamps, we should not treat them as the same, but to determine the size of the wall lamp base according to the installation position. Below is...【MORE+】

Nordic Modern Simple Table Lamp Becomes People’s Favorite

02-19 09:00

A new style of lamp, the Nordic modern simple table lamp, has emerged in the market. Though it is a newcomer in the market, it has been well received and recognized by young consumers. The Nordic modern simple table lamp highlights the refinement and elegance of Nordic style, which can create a diff...【MORE+】

What Do You Need To Know About 3d Creative Wall Lamps

02-18 14:00

3d creative wall lamps can not only bring you better lighting effect, but also play the role of decoration elements in the overall decoration. With the installation of 3d creative wall lamps, your overall home decoration can look more delicate and elegant. Among many different brands, do you know ho...【MORE+】

Delicacy and Fashion Reflected by the Nordic Iron Table Lamp

02-18 09:20

As we all know, the traditional European-style design is very cumbersome and complicated, so it is especially unsuitable for many small apartments. However, through the continuous technological reform and update, the Nordic iron table lamp brings people a fresh feeling and meets people’s aesthetics ...【MORE+】

Advantages and Features of LED IR Human Body Sense Light

02-17 13:00

More and more users prefer the intelligent sense lights when choosing the lighting tools, in which LED IR human body sense light has been recognized and favored by users. It makes people’s lives more convenient. Would like to learn about the advantages and features of the light? Today the author wil...【MORE+】

Main Functions of Highly Bright LED Lamp Bead

02-17 09:30

Do you know what’s highly bright LED lamp bead? It is an electronic device that adopts luminous diode as the major part inside the tube and directly converts electric energy to light energy. With this electronic device, the lamp can emit even and soft light to illuminate a larger space and change th...【MORE+】

How to Select the High-power LED Lamp Bead

02-16 10:00

It is natural to select the high-power LED lamp bead for large spaces. With little knowledge of lamp bead, users will not know what brands provide lights with long service life but low cost. The author will give a detailed introduction to the selection of high-power lamp bead.【MORE+】

Options of LED Lawn Lamp

02-14 13:00

Commonly used in community squares and parks, the LED lawm lamp has many different brands and styles on the market. With the constant development of technology, the manufacturing process and technique of lights have been continuously improving. Faced with so many different types and styles, do you k...【MORE+】

Details to be Noticed for Installation of LED SMD Lamp Bead

02-14 10:00

With even and soft light, the LED SMD lamp bead has been favored and recognized by many users. However, due to the tiny parts, a lot of attentions should be paid to installation, otherwise, the normal installation and use cannot be ensured. Next, let’s follow the author to learn about the details to...【MORE+】

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