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Useful Tips for Fast Cleaning of Crystal Lamp

09-18 13:30

After a period of use, the lighting effect and the illumination of the crystal lamp will be affected if it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, so the lamp needs to be cleaned regularly with special cleaning agent. Next, it will introduce the tips for fast cleaning of crystal lamp. First, you need t...【MORE+】

Dean Skira's Polesano Street Lamp for Delta Light can Create "all necessary forms of light"

09-18 13:20

Lighting designer Dean Skira explains how his Polesano street lamp for Delta Light can be used to light a multitude of different urban settings, in this movie Dezeen filmed for the Belgian lighting brand.【MORE+】

The Main Points of the Purchase of Wooden Floor Lamp and the Guide to Purchase

09-18 09:20

In the home decoration, many people will choose some lamps, the choice of lamps, wood floor lamp is very good, because such a lamp is very, can create a warm feeling, and the overall shape The words are also very good. As a decorative luminaire, the floor lamp can be used as a lighting for some area...【MORE+】

What Are the Main Cleaning Methods for Luxury Ceiling Lamps?

09-18 09:10

For ceiling lamps, because some light bulbs like luxury ceiling lamps are more likely to be broken, if you don't know how to clean them during the cleaning process, it is best to ask some professional lighting companies to help you clean them. Before disassembling, you need to turn off the power fir...【MORE+】

How to Choose Highly Cost effective Spot Searchlight

09-17 13:30

Since the spot searchlight has received wide attention, and many manufacturers are directly producing and selling such product in the current market, consumers need to choose highly cost effective spot searchlight among considerable spot searchlight brands or manufacturers. This article will talk ab...【MORE+】

Tears of Twitter Lamp Visualizes the Use of Crying Emojis in Real Time, by Parse/error

09-17 13:20

Designed by french artist parse/error and connected to the data stream from twitter, ‘tears of twitter’ lighting feature is able to detect the presence of crying face emojis in users’ posts. the installation proposes to observe in real time the use of these faces symbolizing tears and sadness, trans...【MORE+】

Smart Floor Lamp Purchase Options And Related Considerations

09-17 09:20

Nowadays, many people will use the floor lamp in the family. If the floor lamp is used, it is usually placed at the corner of the sofa. The lighting of the floor lamp is very soft. The effect is very good when watching TV on the Internet. The material and type of the floor lamp are very good. Rich, ...【MORE+】

What Are the Shopping Tips for Circular Ceiling Lamps That You Need to Know?

09-17 09:10

At present, there are many types of ceiling lamps in the market. If some circular ceiling lamps are included, they are a typical type. The effects of different lamps in the decoration process are completely different. Therefore, if consumers need to buy a round ceiling lamp, it must be considered, t...【MORE+】

Types of Yellow Floodlight

09-16 13:30

Many consumers will consider the common types of yellow floodlight, because many types of floodlight are now used more and more widely. The yellow floodlight can meet the basic lighting need and emit soft warm light, which is often used for stage lighting.【MORE+】

What Are the Main Strategies for Purchasing Luxury Floor Lamps?

09-16 09:10

Lamps are an indispensable item in modern home lighting. They are also an indispensable part of creating a home atmosphere. However, there are many types of lamps in the current market. Many people do not know how to choose. In fact, when choosing some lamps, it is not particularly simple, but you m...【MORE+】

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