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Dean Skira's Polesano Street Lamp for Delta Light can Create "all necessary forms of light"

09-18 13:20

Lighting designer Dean Skira explains how his Polesano street lamp for Delta Light can be used to light a multitude of different urban settings, in this movie Dezeen filmed for the Belgian lighting brand.【MORE+】

Nubia Showcases Wearable Smart Phone with Curved OLED Display at IFA

09-18 09:32

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Nubia has unveiled a wearable smartphone at IFA 2018. The wearable smartphone, named Nubia Alpha, has adopted a flexible display so the screen can wrap around the wrist.【MORE+】

Vertical Farm Built in a Tunnel with LED Lighting in South Korea

09-17 13:15

An old tunnel in South Korea has been transformed into a vertical farm lit with LED growing lights to grow vegetables and fruits as an approach to solve issues caused by the extreme weather and shortages of agriculture land and labor, reported Associated Press.【MORE+】

Nationstar Reveals Its Mini LED Progress and Plans to Sell Its Subsidiary

09-17 09:31

Chinese LED packaging company Nationstar has demonstrated its Mini LED applications at Display International, Touch Taiwan and announced its plan to sell its subsidiary at the latest conference call on September 5th.【MORE+】

1024 Architecture Wraps Building's Footbridge with Generative Light Sculpture

09-16 13:20

Built into the unique environment of the darwin ecosystem project’s green building in bordeaux, france, paris-based 1024 architecture has built ‘vortex’, a generative light sculpture made from construction scaffolding. a raw wood skin is emphasized by 12 lines of LED light, merging organic materials...【MORE+】

Sanan Optoelectronics to Set up Micro LED Capacity in 2019

09-16 13:15

Mini LED has entered the market with manufacturers continuously reporting the launch of new products with Mini LED applications in the past few months. Meanwhile, the industry does not intend to stop the progress of Micro LED development. Chinese LED chip maker Sanan Optoelectronics will build its M...【MORE+】

Seoul Semiconductor Files Patent Lawsuit against U.S. TV Retailer

09-15 13:18

Seoul Semiconductor has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Texas, USA, against Fry’s Electronics, a U.S. based retail company of consumer electronics. Seoul Semiconductor has accused Fry’s Electronics of selling LED TV products which infringed Seoul Semiconductor’s LED patents.【MORE+】

Signify Expands Smart Lighting System Network with New Worldwide Partners

09-15 09:32

Signify has transformed from a luminaires supplier into an intelligent lighting system provider, offering solutions for lighting systems and services. Its “Friends of Hue” program has demonstrated an ecosystem to intensify the connections of the company and other international and interdisciplinary ...【MORE+】

Mitagg's Nudock Power Station Charges Multiple Smart Devices

09-14 13:20

The ‘nudock’ by mitagg, is a power station that is capable of charging an apple watch, iPhone and a USB device such as an iPad or kindle, all at the same time. with an anodized aluminum body and polycarbonate housing, the dock has a solid design that provides further stability thanks to its non-slip...【MORE+】

Magna and Rohinni Form Joint Venture to Develop Micro LED Lighting Solutions for Automotive Applications

09-14 09:38

Canadian automotive components supplier Magna and Micro LED startup Rohinni have announced to form a joint venture for producing thin and flexible Micro LED lighting solutions for vehicles.【MORE+】

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