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How to Maintain The LED Remote Control Emergency Lamp?

02-19 09:30

You should all know that emergency lights are usually used in public places like supermarkets and hotels. Especially in the case of sudden power failure, LED remote control emergency lights can play their role, play a good lighting role, help people evacuate and evacuate. After using for a period of...【MORE+】

Attentions for the Selection of LED Module Streetlight

02-18 13:00

Such high-power LED module streetlight can be seen everywhere, especially on the roadsides. When the night falls, the lights will be turned on to illuminate the way to home. The quality of different brands varies, so how can we choose the brand LED module streetlight?【MORE+】

How to Install the Internally Controlled Guardrail Tube

02-18 09:30

Generally speaking, the internally controlled guardrail tube is used to brighten the outline of a building. It is common to see that such light is used alone for a billboard. Without any pollution to humans and the environment, the internally controlled guardrail tube is environmentally friendly and...【MORE+】

GE and SYLVANIA Release LED Light Bulbs Connecting Google Assistant to Accelerate IoT Lighting

02-18 09:00

In the beginning of 2019, GE Lighting announced that it is deepening its C by GE portfolio which features hub-free IoT smart lighting with Google Assistant control.【MORE+】

Advantages and Features of LED IR Human Body Sense Light

02-17 13:00

More and more users prefer the intelligent sense lights when choosing the lighting tools, in which LED IR human body sense light has been recognized and favored by users. It makes people’s lives more convenient. Would like to learn about the advantages and features of the light? Today the author wil...【MORE+】

Main Functions of Highly Bright LED Lamp Bead

02-17 09:30

Do you know what’s highly bright LED lamp bead? It is an electronic device that adopts luminous diode as the major part inside the tube and directly converts electric energy to light energy. With this electronic device, the lamp can emit even and soft light to illuminate a larger space and change th...【MORE+】

Zumtobel Devlopes Advanced LED Lighting Solution for Freiburg Town Hall in Germany

02-17 09:20

Austrian lighting group Zumtobel announced its lighting project for the new Town Hall in Freiburg, Germany. Cooperated with ingenhoven architects, Tropp Lighting Design and the City of Freiburg authorities, Zumtobel helped the building to generate more energy than it actually uses.【MORE+】

Amazing: These Black Technologies Common In The 2018 WeChat Moments Were All Related To LED

02-17 09:00

While the pace of channels and terminals is somewhat stagnant, LED technology innovation is changing with each passing day. From surfing the Internet with LED lights to various OLED materials printing, smart car headlights, AI plant lighting, skin implant health monitoring, etc. In 2018, those hot t...【MORE+】

Instructions to the Purchase of LED Plastic-wrapped Aluminum Bulb

02-16 14:00

The LED plastic-wrapped aluminum bulb has become a hot seller at present, which can be used as a lighting tool and decoration element. Compared with the ordinary lights, it can be used more extensively, as it can change the light colors and tones according to the environment. Next, the author will g...【MORE+】

Fashionable Light Source Options of LED Double-head Square Down Light

02-16 13:00

With various brands of LED double-head square down light emerging on the market, it seems like users have more options. However, actually, people feel difficult to make a choice, because they don’t know what brand supplies beautiful lights and what light source is the most suitable. Next, the author...【MORE+】

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