Apacer Innovative Removable Lens Hood Spectroradiometer Solves Challenges for Fine Pitch LED Display Tests

The rapid development of display technology has seen a gradually maturing narrow pitch display technology. This is particularly true when pixel pitches between module and driver IC are shrinking, the demand for new forms of optical tests has arisen. The R&D team at Apacer (8271) was the first to propose a design with a removable micro diameter light shield tube to effectively resolve measurement challenges due to the limited measurement range of a single driver IC and a single LED module. It has opened up a new world for fine pitch LED optical tests.


In comparison with traditional LEDs, the narrow pitch LED uniformity requirements are relatively high. Each step of the production process must be strictly controlled to reduce subsequent bin separation and integration cost extensions. Additionally, the fine pitch LED display has a wide range of application fields such as security surveillance and other commercial displays. Contrast and wide gamut are also key measurements. In consideration of these demands, Apacer has released a fine pitch LED spectroradiometer solution targeted for uniformity, contrast, and wide gamut measurements.


The Apacer fine pitch LED spectroradiometer solution is a breakthrough for the uniformity measurement technology. It is the first ever removable lens hood and a large lens hood that can measure different display pitches, rapidly measure various narrow pitches, and further adjust the output for uniformity. Apacer has released two spectroradiometers, the large lens hood AL100W, with P2 or greater compatibility that satisfies measurement requirement of 16 pixels, and the latest spectroradiometer AL200M which offers 3 lens hoods that has P0.5 - P2 compatibility that satisfies measurement requirements for 16 pixels and can also adjust output for a single drive IC (16 channels). Furthermore, AL200M high sensitivity specifications can measure a minimum luminance of 0.02 nit. It allows for the optimal optical performance of mainstream indoor fine pitch LED displays (e.g. grayscale adjustment, contrast measurement).


Apacer Innovative Removable Lens Hood Spectroradiometer Solves Challenges for Fine Pitch LED Display Tests


The Apacer spectroradiometer AL200M with a replaceable and removable lens hood, designed exclusively for fine pitch LED displays


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