Aries Minimalist Lighting System by Bec Brittain

2018-08-17 Tag: Light Lighting

Aries is a minimalist lighting system created by New York-based designer Bec Brittain. Bec Brittain began her career designing and producing bespoke door hardware. Handcrafting hardware allowed her to unify her diverse interests and discover a love of metalworking. She continued to hone her craft while acting as Design Director for the renowned Lindsey Adelman Studio.


Aries Minimalist Lighting System by Bec Brittain


The inspiration behind Aries was found through various sources, namely Olafur Elliasson’s dancing star suits in Tree of Codes, and the beauty of light refraction through glass to emulate the constellations themselves.


In its physical manifestation, Aries’ elegant and minimal structure is the foundation for bright sparkling lights – either pressed glass lenses or prisms. Aries, as a structural system, allows for endless possibilities, zig zags of lines and light, polyhedrons highlighted by lights at each vertex, or branching forms reaching out into space.

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