Colony’s Conceptual Exhibition – Lightness: the full spectrum

2018-08-19 Tag: Light Lightness

During this year’s NYCxDESIGN, the New York City design co-op, Colony, presented an exhibition of work, entitled Lightness: the full spectrum. The work presented, which was curated by Jean Lin, Colony’s founder, explored experimentations of lightness and what “light” actually is in any form.


Colony’s Conceptual Exhibition – Lightness: the full spectrum


The week-long show concluded on May 24th with a reception that allowed guests to help take the exhibition down by carrying a piece of work home with them for a contribution to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union. By taking the work home with them, they were aiding in making the exhibit more “light” by emptying the space and showing just how important the ACLU’s work continues to be.


The exhibition included the work of Allied Maker, Codor Design, Earnest Studio, Erickson Aesthetics, Farrah Sit, Flat Vernacular, Fort Standard, Gentner Design, KWH, Hiroko Takeda, M. Callahan, Moving Mountains, Poritz & Studio, Richard Haining, and Vonnegut/Kraft.

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