Common Sense of Led high-power Street Lamps

Many people do not know led high-power street light is reflected. In fact, as long as the power is above 30 watts, it can be called high power. And it is no longer the use of the old light source of the past, but a street light that uses a led light source.


 Common Sense of Led high-power Street Lamps


For led high-power street lamps, there are still certain professional standards, such as the conversion rate of light is required, generally more than 17%; uniformity of illumination on the road surface is also required, generally required to reach 0.48, and the national standard Only 0.42, there are requirements for materials, the required transmittance of more than 93%, as well as temperature resistance, etc. are required, so we do not think that led high-power street lights seem to be strong.


Because led high-power street lamps have some very good characteristics, such as high energy-saving, environmentally friendly, etc., can save a lot of power, while the lighting effect is good, and is deeply loved by those who need it. It can be said that its application prospects are very broad, and the performance is stable, and the color will not change due to environmental changes.


However, there are still some tricks when purchasing LED high-power street lamps. Some buyers only look at the price and buy some inferior products. I didn’t expect the follow-up problems to emerge in an endless stream. Not only does it require a lot of manual replacement. It is even more necessary to re-purchase, so that it is more expensive than buying good quality products at the beginning. Therefore, when buying led high-power street lamps, we must look for manufacturers and brands. Because of good manufacturers' good brands, after-sales service is very in place, and the damage rate of products is extremely low. Therefore, do not only look at the price, the price is low to buy, it is often not worth the candle.



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