How Can Antique Floor Lamps Extend Their Service Life?

Many people in the family will adopt some classical home decoration styles. If this is the case, the antique floor lamp will become the choice of more people, because the antique floor lamp can achieve a good decoration and create atmosphere in the actual use process. Effect. However, it is worth noting that for such a product, in the process of actual use, if some improper operation methods are likely to shorten the service life of the product, so in the next article Just talk about how to extend the life of antique floor lamps.


How Can Antique Floor Lamps Extend Their Service Life?


First of all, when using antique floor lamps, do not frequently turn on or off the switch. Because in fact, when choosing some lighting, be sure to pay attention to this kind of lighting. At the moment of frequent starting, the current of the filament is generally greater than the current of normal operation. If the temperature of the filament rises sharply and accelerates sublimation, it is very It is possible to shorten the life of this product. So this is also the way to maintain a luminaire that many people don't quite understand.

In addition, if you need to clean and maintain this antique floor lamp, you must first disconnect some connected power, and be careful not to change the structure of the lighting, and do not arbitrarily replace the lighting components, especially in cleaning and maintenance. After the end, the lighting should be installed as it is, without the problem of missing or misplaced parts. The other is to pay attention to avoid danger, and clean the lamps with water as much as possible. If you accidentally touch the water, you need to wipe it as much as possible to avoid affecting the use of the floor lamp.

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