LG to Showcase 175 Inch Micro LED TV at IFA, Says Korean Media

2018-09-03 Tag: LG Micro LED TV

Industry sources have leaked in February that LG planned to release its first Micro LED TV in September. LG Electronics will reportedly launch its Micro LED TV at the IFA electronics trade show in Germany, according to a report from The Investor.


LG Electronics


The size of LG’s Micro LED TV is said to be around 175 inches, bigger than Samsung’s “The Wall” TV revealed at the CES show in January, which was 146 inches. The report also said that LG’s Micro LED TV will be thinner than 80-millimeters, beating its rival Samsung. LG’s Micro LED TV will target commercial applications before it can cut down the cost with productivity improvement.

However, the report of the Micro LED TV has not been confirmed by LG. The company only said that the R&D projects for Micro LED TV have been progressing but did not unveil further details regarding the launch of its Micro LED TV.












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