Main Features of Anti-glare Floodlight

Many people may have no idea about anti-glare floodlight. This product can evenly illuminate all directions, and the range irradiated can be adjusted freely. Especially in some scenes, it may appear as a regular octahedron icon. This anti-glare floodlight is also the most widely used light source, which can illuminate the entire scene.


 Main Features of Anti-glare Floodlight


The anti-glare floodlight is favored by so many people because of its long service life in actual use. Compared with some other lamps, it has better lighting effect, higher reliability and more cost-saving in materials and labor. Also its service life is longer, as the floodlight is made by the principle of electromagnetic induction, without motor. Another point worth noting is that it is more energy-saving and environmental-friendly than some traditional lamps.


The anti-glare floodlight also shows excellent color rendering. Because the power and parameters during the actual use are relatively high, it can better adapt to people's requirements after the installation. The performance of some electrical appliances will be better, and the power will be higher, so more constant luminous flux needs to be output in order to bring better using effect.


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