Palka Turns Corded Light Sockets into Chandeliers

2018-08-24 Tag: Light Lamp

You see those corded light sockets all the time – you may even have a few yourself – but do you ever wonder what to do with them? Well, St. Petersburg-based Yaroslav Misonzhnikov has designed a clever way to turn those simple sockets into minimalist chandeliers. Palka, which is ‘stick’ in Russian, is a wooden system that becomes a support bracket to hold two, three, or five of those corded sockets in place to form a pendant chandelier.


Palka Turns Corded Light Sockets into Chandeliers


Available in oak and mahogany, the design consists of a central module that connects to two, three, or five arm-like pieces that are outfitted with holes at the end where the cord slips through. What once was a boring socket or two (or five) hanging straight down is now a pretty cool fixture.


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