Points to Pay Attention to When Searching for Aerial Searchlights

The aerial searchlight is actually a very common kind of lighting tool, which can meet the requirements of some lighting in the construction process of many different units. In fact, if you want to buy this aerial searchlight, you need to consider the problem. There are also many, the first thing you need to ensure is the brightness problem, the brightness must be higher, the better, because most outdoor headlights will not be very bright, otherwise it will affect the life of the light source, also There will be some fever problems. There may even be some situations where the power supply is too large or the battery life is insufficient, and at this time it is necessary to ensure the dimming effect.


When buying aerial searchlights, you also need to consider the color temperature of such lamps. Most people may think that lamps with high color temperature will be brighter. In fact, it must be guaranteed that this color temperature is in line with the human eye, because sometimes In a particularly strong case, it is very likely that this lighting will lose detail, and even some details will not be visible.


Points to Pay Attention to When Searching for Aerial Searchlights


The size of the light source of the aerial searchlight is directly related to the hardness of the light. For example, on a cloudy day, if the whole sky is over, it seems to be covered with a soft mask by the clouds, including glasses.


When the aerial searchlights are purchased, they also need to learn to distinguish between dark and dark, or some spotted problems. If they are like a searchlight, they can be used as a defense requirement or adapted to the requirements of combat. At this time, the light distribution in the optical drive must be relatively uniform, and there will be no part of the sale, which is a major reason.

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