Preciosa Chromo Lamp Lifts Spirits with Chromotherapy

2018-09-06 Tag: Lamp Light

Prague-based Preciosa Lighting sheds light onto the ancient belief in the healing powers of color through a small collection of Art Deco-inspired sculptural table lamps designed in partnership with Spanish studio, MUT.


Preciosa Chromo Lamp Lifts Spirits with Chromotherapy


Recently revealed as part of Wallpaper* Handmade, the Chromo table lamp was displayed amongst other furniture and accessories for a curated exhibition titled, “Wellness & Wonder.” Each lamp is comprised by a large colored glass piece and a set of curved glass pipes wrapped around a central metal U. A neon tube hidden at the center in coordination with LED lights at the base of the glass pipes project a mood-enhancing glow.


Preciosa Chromo Lamp Lifts Spirits with Chromotherapy


The lamps are constructed in the oldest known region of the Czech Republic in Bohemia, renowned for their unmatched glassmaking abilities. Preciosa craftsmen were guided by the modernist directions of Spanish studio MUT to apply their traditional chandelier and crystal jewelry manufacturing skills to produce these graphic expressions of light.


Chromotherapy’s claims to influence the body both psychologically and physiologically according to different colors is best greeted with skepticism. It’s notably different from the scientifically tested and proven application of light known as phototherapy (aka light therapy), which is used medically to help those afflicted by seasonal affective disorders and circadian-related issues like jet lag, light therapy’s benefits are well documented.



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