Ultravision Expands Capacities in Dallas for Its Made in America Commitment

Ultravision International, a U.S. based manufacturer and distributor of LED displays and LED lighting, has announced its capacity expansion in Dallas which will boost its production and increase the workforce of the company.




By investing US$ 4 million, Ultravision will open new manufacturing lines in response to the soaring demands of LED digital displays from outdoor and out-of-home advertising companies. The new production lines will be used to manufacture billboard lighting assemblies and modular LED display panels. They can also be also flexible to be quickly retooled for different production in the event that a customer places a large order which needs full production capacity.

The company has also tripled its labor force for manufacturing to speed up the production and delivery process. With sufficient manpower and significantly expanded production capacities, Ultravision has been a compatible player to quickly deliver products to its clients through its in-house production. The company expects it can produce and deliver products to customers in less time than it takes cargo ships to carry foreign-made products to the U.S.

"Ultravision fundamentally changed the LED industry by inventing light-weight, modular display panels that eliminate the need for cabinet displays, which are difficult to install and costly to maintain," said William Hall, CEO and co-founder of Ultravision International. "We are proud to manufacture all of our products in the United States. The incredible demand we're experiencing across industries tells us buyers recognize the value of buying LED technology from the actual inventor and U.S. manufacturer."


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