Voice of Exhibitors | Automation Enterprises: How to Become an Industry Benchmark?

As the 22nd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn) is drawing closer, our journalists visited Zhongshan Xinhe Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (ZXEEM) and exchanged ideas on the preparations for the exhibition. ZXEEM was established in 2004, with an area of 14,000 m2 and more than 150 employees. The company mainly produces automation equipment for LED lamps and household appliances.


Voice of Exhibitors | Automation Enterprises: How to Become an Industry Benchmark?


Innovation— the Eternal Competitive Advantage

If an enterprise wants to make great progress, it is far from enough to produce high-quality products and offer good services. Good product is needed, but the creative spirit is more important. Therefore, keeping pace with the times, ZXEEM leads its development with innovation. It consolidates its leading position by continuously developing new automated machines.


Voice of Exhibitors | Automation Enterprises: How to Become an Industry Benchmark?


Li Xinyu, foreign trade manager of ZXEEM, told reporters that the transformation from “made in China” to “made by China” has changed the world’s understanding of Chinese manufacturing. Chinese products are no longer linked to “imitation”. Instead, “innovation and creation” are the core competitiveness of Chinese products. The same applies to enterprises, and only those with innovative capabilities have core competitiveness.


Under the guidance of innovative thinking, the intelligent production line of LED bulbs developed by ZXEEM has broken the traditional manual operation and made up for the defects of the traditional production mode. It realizes automatic feeding, automatic welding, automatic assembly and real-time detection of the whole process, which can minimize the material loss, greatly reduce the labor input and improve the production efficiency. It also ensures the stability of the quality, reduces the production cost, and thus creates superior conditions for the rapid transformation and development of the industry.


Compared with similar products on the market, the advantages of ZXEEM’s products are more obvious. The production capacity of LED bulbs automatic production line is twice higher than the same type of machine, which saves one-third of labor and is compatible with all bulb lamps with a maximum diameter of 140mm. And LED glass tubes automatic production line saves two-thirds of the personnel and its production capacity increases by one-third. Its automation degree is the most advanced in China. It can be compatible with any type of products from 0.6 meters to 1.2 meters.


The Era of Automation

Mechanical automation production has become widely popular. With the implementation of the “Made in China 2025” strategy, intelligence and automation have become an irresistible trend of modern manufacturing industry. The wages of manufacturing workers in China have doubled in the past decade. The increase of labor costs, the development of smart equipment and the reduction of maintenance costs will bring long-term economic benefits to enterprises. Zhongshan manufacturers can enjoy government subsidies in accordance with relevant regulations when purchasing automation products in ZXEEM, which is a high-tech enterprise and Zhongshan’s machine tools storage company.


Voice of Exhibitors | Automation Enterprises: How to Become an Industry Benchmark?


Automation is only part of intelligence. Intelligent production needs to be integrated with other emerging technologies, because new technologies bring not only bring convenience and cost savings, but also new profit models. In the future, ZXEEM will adhere to the concept of “advancing with the times and innovating constantly”, produce more automated products, further strengthen market share and enhance brand recognition.


New Products


Voice of Exhibitors | Automation Enterprises: How to Become an Industry Benchmark?


More than 2,000 enterprises will participate in the 22nd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn). The fair will adopt the linkage mode between exhibition and megastores, building up 8 venues with an exhibition area of over 1,500,000 m2 in total. Guzhen Manufacturing Exhibition will be held concurrently with the fair in Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. There will be more than 800 companies participating in the exhibition. The fair will set up 9 major exhibition areas to cover the products of the entire industry chain. And this year, it especially sets up a comprehensive brands hall to gather leading enterprises, bringing the most shocking brand and visual feast.


Li Xinyu said that ZXEEM have participated in the GILF for many times. With this platform, it gains a lot of potential clients and enhances its brand influence. This year, the company will introduce all kinds of automatic screw machine products on the basis of LED automatic production line, which can be used by almost all manufacturing companies. And the products are super cost-effective and highly competitive.




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