What Are the Main Cleaning Methods for Luxury Ceiling Lamps?

2018-09-18 Tag: Ceiling Lamp

For ceiling lamps, because some light bulbs like luxury ceiling lamps are more likely to be broken, if you don't know how to clean them during the cleaning process, it is best to ask some professional lighting companies to help you clean them. Before disassembling, you need to turn off the power first. You can't use a wet rag to scrub the lamp holder. Otherwise, there may be some leakage problems, which will affect your final use. Also, for the dirt of this luxury ceiling lamp mask, it is best to use a rag to clean, but if it is dirt on the metal lamp holder, first remove the dust, and then squeeze some toothpaste properly.


What Are the Main Cleaning Methods for Luxury Ceiling Lamps?


The use of luxury ceiling lamps can be said to be very extensive, and in the home, this style will be easier to clean. Because the ceiling lamp itself generates electromagnetic reaction when it is actually used, it is particularly prone to generate dust. If the light is included, it will also attract some small insects to the part of the lampshade, so it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning if the ceiling lamp The lamp, including the ballast, will directly affect the heat dissipation, and even lead to shortened life of the parts, so it is necessary to carry out regular inspections. If it is dirty, it needs to be cleaned in time.

Another point to be aware of is that during the cleaning process, the material of the ceiling lamp needs to be noticed. For example, if some lights are arranged, you can use some vacuum cleaners to absorb some dust and then use some cleaning. The agent is used for cleaning, but if it is some frosted glass, you can use a soft cloth to take a certain toothpaste.

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