The Colour Of Light: Spectrally Optimised Light From BÄRO

01-21 09:00

Light creates an atmosphere – and it supports the attractive presentation of all kinds of objects and products. From fresh foodstuffs or dishes in a restaurant, non-food products, fashion and leisure articles – lighting with a coordinated spectral composition can render the colour, material and surf...【MORE+】

Moonstone's Dramatic Hull Lights Blend Into The Horizon

01-20 13:30

During the dubai international boat show ‘Moonstone’, from van geest design alongside temeloy advanced lighting design and oceanco, illuminated the event. we covered the technical specifications in detail in our previous article at the time.【MORE+】

Studio Roosegaarde Connects Man + Landscape By Illuminating 32km Dutch Dike Engineering Marvel

01-20 13:20

The afsluitdijk, the monumental 32 km sea dike which links den oever in noord-holland to the province of friesland, is to undergo a major technological renovation in the coming years. the vision is to safeguard its future while continuing to protect the netherlands against the force of water. 【MORE+】


01-20 13:20

History suggests that over twenty inventors worked toward the creation and design of the light bulb. Of these, Thomas Edison’s version was the most efficient. We are not here to dispute any claims but to appreciate the various forms and representations it has taken. Coming to the present times (and ...【MORE+】

Nighttime Supplemental LED Inter-lighting Improves Growth and Yield of Single

01-20 13:00

Nighttime Supplemental LED Inter-lighting Improves Growth and Yield of Single-Truss Tomatoes by Enhancing Photosynthesis in Both Winter and Summer【MORE+】

TSLC Introduces UVC LED Product Lines Targeting Sterilizing Applications

01-20 10:00

TSLC Corporation, a subsidiary of SemiLEDs, announced the launch of its UVC LED product lines which include high power and high density LED chips and chip packages for the growing market of sterilization.【MORE+】

Tridonic Introduces Control Software and EnOcean to Showcases Bluetooth Sensors for Lighting Control

01-20 09:30

Monitoring LED drivers and controlling lighting function have become critical with increasing applications of LED products. Lighting companies and system producers develop new solutions for meeting the needs of various operations. 【MORE+】

Lighting Beyond Illumination

01-20 09:20

Digitisation is transforming the way businesses, governments and consumers interact with the physical world. Lighting industry is poised to be the next digital disruptors thanks to increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT, being referred as the next industrial revolution, allows conn...【MORE+】

How LED’s Are Different From Other Lighting Source

01-20 09:00

According to the Department of Energy LED lighting is very different from other lighting sources as incandescent bulbs and CFL’s.【MORE+】

Sovrappensiero Creates Geometric Agata Lamps For Milan-based Incipit

01-19 13:30

Milan-based studio sovrappensiero utilizes bent iron pipe with accents of mirrored glass and beech in ‘agata’ pendant lamps developed for incipit. available in ellipse or circle, and in a range of colors, bold geometric forms blend decoration and function. beneath a wooden cuff, a mirrored shade cre...【MORE+】

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