2017-2020 LED Intelligent Lighting Market Development

07-18 09:00

After years of low-cost competition and industry consolidation, the LED lighting industry has entered a mature stage. The product cost performance has been greatly improved, the application market penetration rate has increased, and the traditional application market has gradually saturated. The com...【MORE+】

US City and Canada Airport Install Smart LED Lighting System

07-17 13:00

The City of Wilmington in Delaware, US and Ontario Airport in Canada, have switched to smart LED lighting system.【MORE+】

Israel Smart Lghting Company Juganu Annunces US$23 Million Fund

07-16 09:00

Juganu, an Israeli company developing and manufacturing innovative LED lighting systems, announced the completion of a financing round, led by Viola Growth, totaling about US$23 million. Other investors include OurCrowd and a Mexican investment fund.【MORE+】

Protect Students' Eye Health Should Pay Attention to Classroom Lighting

07-16 09:00

Protect students' eye health should pay attention to classroom lighting.The reporter also learned that in recent high school entrance examinations, the lack of vision is very common and has become a major health problem for adolescents.【MORE+】

Single-layer OLED Could Slash Manufacturing Costs

07-16 09:00

Germany’s Max Planck Institute shows a prototype and is now working to improve it.【MORE+】

Backlighting LEDs with Full-surface Lens, Only 0.2 mm High

07-13 09:00

Würth Elektronik has expanded its LED portfolio with a particularly compact model series. The WL-SMCC series of SMT chip LEDs, available in 0402 and 0603 packages, is characterized by a full-surface lens design and a significantly higher light intensity than competitor products.【MORE+】

Compact lens LEDs Reduces Light Leakage for Instrument Clusters

07-13 09:00

Rohm has released a new lineup of 18 compact high output surface mount LEDs equipped with lens. The devices include the CSL0901 series featuring standard brightness and the high brightness CSL0902 series.【MORE+】

China's First Batch of Explosion-proof Flexible LED Lighting Devices

07-13 09:00

China's first batch of explosion-proof flexible LED lighting devices.【MORE+】

Dimmable LED Driver for Smart Buildings’ Lighting

07-12 09:00

UK distributor, Ideal Power, has added the latest LED driver from Xelite to its portfolio. the XT-GR dimmable LED drivers support motion sensing for LED lighting in smart buildings, where they can offer cost and energy savings.【MORE+】

German Research Team Develops Tunable Nanowires to Improve Efficiency of Optpeletronic Components including LEDs

07-12 09:00

Researchers at the German Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) have produced nanowires with operating wavelengths that can be freely selected over a wide range by altering the shell structure.【MORE+】

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