Attentions for Purchasing the Living Room Chandelier

01-16 13:30

Chandelier is the common decorative lighting tool used in home decoration. A light installed in the living room can improve the overall atmosphere of the home. Different styles of chandeliers can present different visual effects in the living room. Consumers should choose based on their own needs. H...【MORE+】

Maintenance Skills for Nordic-style Floor Lamp

01-11 13:18

The exquisite and luxurious Nordic-style floor lamp is a choice of many people. Have you ever thought about the maintenance of Nordic-style floor lamp during use? If you just use it without any maintenance, the service life of the lamp will be shortened, and the lamp will no longer look as shining a...【MORE+】

Why Famous Brands are Recommended for T8 Split Fluorescent Tube

01-10 13:18

T8 split fluorescent tube has been recognized by the market. Consumers tend to choose it when decorating their houses. It is not only a lighting tool, but also a decorative element in the room. Among many different brands, do you know how to make a choice? Today, the author will tell you why the fam...【MORE+】

Convenience Brought by LED Wireless Remote Control Night Light

01-10 09:38

As a necessary lighting tool in bedrooms, night light can play an auxiliary role in lighting. There are many different styles and brands of night lights on the market, of which the LED wireless remote control night light has been specially favored by consumers. With extremely soft light, it can illu...【MORE+】

Available Specifications of LED Swing Candle Lamp

01-09 13:18

Do you know what the swing candle lamp is? In fact, such lamp just looks like a candle, but actually, it is a new model of light. Many users will choose to install a LED swing candle lamp in the public places such as living room or dining room, as such a delicate lamp can create a better atmosphere ...【MORE+】

How to Select the LED Bedroom Ceiling Lamp

01-09 09:38

Faced with numerous brands of LED bedroom ceiling lamps, are consumers in a dilemma of selection? Among them, there are many lamp brands with poor quality mixing with the good ones. If you make choices without any knowledge about lamps, you will probably get counterfeit and inferior products. Next, ...【MORE+】

Maintenance Skills for LED Fire Emergency Light

01-08 13:18

LED fire emergency light is used to evacuate people in case of a sudden power failure or a dangerous accident. In order to ensure that the LED fire emergency light can work normally in case of an emergency, it is necessary to conduct maintenance properly in daily life. Only in this way can it play a...【MORE+】

Advantages of LED SMD Track Light

01-08 09:38

When the evening shadows, people cannot live without lights. Only lights can illuminate the room. As a new type of light and same like the ordinary lights, LED SMD track light is also used for lighting. However, what’s different about this new-type LED SMD track light is its outstanding decorative e...【MORE+】

Details to be Noticed for Installation of Surface-mounted LED Grille Light

01-06 13:20

Many people who have little knowledge about lights will encounter various small problems when installing the surface-mounted LED grille light. If it is not installed properly, the use of the light will be affected to some extent, and sometimes its service life will be directly shortened. Today, let’s...【MORE+】

Advantages and Features of the Wooden Fan Lamp

01-05 13:20

The popular wooden fan lamp in the market, also called decorative fan lamp, can be used both as a fan and as a lamp. With good lighting effect, such wooden fan lamp can make your home decoration more aesthetic and harmonious. Is the wooden fan lamp a good product? What are the advantages and charact...【MORE+】

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