Uv Stage Light Creates The Stage Light Era

05-25 14:00

So a lot of lamps and lanterns apply to the stage above created the stage lights such a new lamp brand. Such a new lamp brand is our uv stage lamp, which is a trend of our stage lamp and an era of creating stage lamp.【MORE+】

Surface Mounted Track Spotlights Ensure Track Safety

05-25 13:00

With the orbit to shoot the light in order to be able to meet the requirements of rail transit, it must first have the following characteristics one is with the track shoot the lamp to have a very good night lighting, because if he ability of lighting at night is not good, will lead to a series of s...【MORE+】

How Do E27 Stage Lights Render The Stage Atmosphere

05-24 14:00

If the ballroom we are looking for is not classy enough and the rendering effect of its lights is not good, it will not achieve a good effect for us to relax the pressure. For now, many people choose e27 stage lights when they choose lamps.【MORE+】

How About Led Spotlights How Far Is The Range Of Led Spotlights

05-24 13:00

One of the most important preparations is that we should buy a relatively good lamp, whose range must be enough. The reason is that our ballroom is very large and can be used for others to dance, so the range of our lamp must be far, so we need to buy an led spotlight.【MORE+】

Round Glass Ceiling Lamp Is Suitable For Hotel Use

05-23 14:00

Generally speaking, we can choose round glass ceiling lamp from the side to see the taste of this person, but also from the side to see this hotel decoration taste. Generally speaking, only if both of them can conform to our personal views, then we can choose such a place as our dining place.【MORE+】

Dimming Circular Panel Lamp Improves Decorative Effect

05-23 13:00

Dimming round panel lights not only had a lighting effect, to some extent, it is also a kind of adornment effect, we all know that many people now for home decoration is very care about, because of a home decorating can reflect your taste and characteristics of this person, when others come over to ...【MORE+】

American Creative Ceiling Lamp Shows American Style

05-22 14:00

First American creative dome light the lamps and lanterns is it has a strong local color, and we know that American is a very beautiful thing, now many people they have an understanding of American culture, so they are enthusing about the lamps and lanterns is, so is decorated in the home, they woul...【MORE+】

Simple Circular Ceiling Lamp Creative Enough To Buy

05-22 13:00

Everyone has a different concept of life, of course, when it's a family to decorate can also be reflected, for example a lot of people when choosing lamps and lanterns of a family to decorate, would be to choose from different aspects, of course, more choice is contracted dome dome light so choose, ...【MORE+】

What Are The Standards For Choosing Led Chinese Knot Landscape Lamp Manufacturers

05-21 14:00

Every time I go out for the Spring Festival, I can see a variety of Chinese knot landscape lights in many places. The size is ok, but the atmosphere it creates is very lively. Of course, now Chinese knot landscape lamp also has a very big change, for example, there are led Chinese knot landscape lam...【MORE+】

What To Consider When Choosing Led Solar Landscape Lights

05-21 13:00

We go to a lot of places can see a variety of landscape lights, like led solar landscape lights is one of them, its use can save a lot of electricity, no artificial power, as long as the weather is fine when they can absorb electricity. At the same time, it can also play a very good storage function...【MORE+】

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