CPM2000B distribution photometer
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  • CPM2000B distribution photometer
Zhongshan Huipu Instrument Co., Ltd. CPM2000B distribution photometer Instrument Tag:Light distribution curve
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Function:Instrument Brand:Zhongshan Huipu Instrument Co., Ltd.
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CPM2000B according to the requirements of CIE, IESA, national standards and other requirements, by rotating lamps, achieve A variety of measurement methods, such as b-dates, a-dates, and c-radios. Used to measure the spatial light intensity distribution and various photometric parameters of various LED indoor care lighting fixtures, lighting lamps, road lighting lamps. Measuring parameters include spatial intensity distribution, the light intensity distribution curve on the arbitrary cross-sectional area, efficiency, utilization coefficient of lamps and lanterns, luminance limit curve, band luminous flux, the total luminous flux, luminous flux effectively, LED lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of whole space chromaticity, inhomogeneous degree (option), glare rating and approximate curve, maximum allowable distance ratio, limited light Angle, shoot the light flux ratio, shot on luminous flux ratio, such as illumination curve, space, and other optical parameters, such as light intensity curve.

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