Microwave induction bulb lamp solution
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  • Microwave induction bulb lamp solution
  • Microwave induction bulb lamp solution
SHENZHEN ASCHIP TECH CO.,LTD. Microwave induction bulb lamp solution LED Chip Tag:Microwave induction solution
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Function:LED Chip Brand:Aschip
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Plan description
1. Using the Doppler effect principle, using the most advanced planar antenna, it can suppress clutter interference.
2. Determine the brightness threshold of day and night is adjustable.
3. The delay time of the output is adjustable.
4, the sensitivity is adjustable.
5, control, MOSFET switch LED lights.
Program advantage
1. The peripheral circuit is simple.
2. The sensing angle is 360 degrees.
3. Wide operating temperature range (-40 °C~+85°C).
4, not affected by environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, sound and so on.
5, no need for exposed sensors and lenses, the product is more beautiful.
6. The PWM can be output to adjust the brightness of the lamp.
7, long service life, energy saving and environmental protection.
8, industrial grade standards, good stability, strong anti-interference.

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