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China Clean Expo 2016 (Shanghai) booth sales started!!!

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 Tuesday, 5th May, 2015


      May 2015, the 17th CHINA CLEAN EXPO (CCE2016, Shanghai) booth sales has officially launched comprehensively. In the recently concluded the 16th CHINA CLEAN EXPO (CCE2015), total number of professional visitors and exhibiting space have both achieved new highs excitedly. The exhibition presented once again a professional and highly integrated industry event. 


      CHINA CLEAN EXPO 2016 will remain three major theme-shows: Clean, Environmental Protection (EPIE), Indoor Environment and Air Purification (IEQs). 


      Particularly, the upcoming exhibition will unite authorized industrial associations and launch another new section, named ‘Industrial Dust Treatment’, which will further correspondence with the buyer needs in manufacturing field. CHINA CLEAN EXPO remain focus on exhibiting commercial cleaning, house-hold cleaning, industry cleaning, municipal sanitation, solid waste treatment, water treatment, soot treatment, indoor air treatment and purification, purification technology and application of functional materials, environmental health related technology and products. 




       CHINA CLEAN EXPO has abundant resources in each sub-show. Regardless the continuously growing exhibition space and content, CCE is putting more effort to improve the soft strength to satisfy different needs between buyers and suppliers from multiple perspectives, dimensions, and media. CHINA CLEAN EXPO is fully executing its role of industrial envoy and has committed to impulse high quality win-win cooperation for every segment in the cleaning industry.

     Within the CHINA CLEAN EXPO - Clean section, many long-term cooperated organizations like HAKO, TENANT, NILFISK, YAFENG SUNSHINE, BEIJING Electrostar Schoettle, KINGSUN and others have all witnessed the growth and development of CCE and they will join again for the CCE2016.




      Within the Indoor Environment and Air Quality Show (IEQs), renowned brands like SINOCLEAN, CIMIC, SIX STAR, TU DUN, NEO.TEC, Trusty Filters and others have all seen IEQs as the show they could not miss every year.


     Environmental Protection Show (EPIE) is a new section started from year 2014. However, it has already received common recognition from many authorized industrial organizations, like, KAINENG, POLYMER TECH, WONDERFUL INFRASTRUCTURE MANUFACTURE, SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN and many others.


     CHINA CLEAN EXPO 2015 had total exhibition space over 380,000 square meters, which has increased above 15% compared with CCE2014. CCE2015 gathered together 365 leading brands all over the world from China, America, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and many others areas.




     There were 13.026 professional visitors attended the exhibition in 3 days, which has increased 10.6% compared with last year. Visitors came from 53 different countries and territories, and their industries are vary from hotel food and beverage industry, property management industry, manufacturing industry, chemical industry, supermarket and retail industry, commercial real estate industry, to environmental protection industry. Their purchasing range includes commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, water and solid waste treatment, indoor air purification and treatment, and all other related products in the cleaning industry.

      Meanwhile, all competitions and forums on-site were crowded with audiences. Workshops and salons obtained huge success and had great interaction with participants during the time. Visitors remained and lingered for those consecutive events, which formed a great atmosphere for the entire exhibition.





      CHINA CLEAN EXPO 2016 will be held from 29th March to 31st March in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Booth booking before 30th August can receive 10% off for early bird discount.

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