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HomePage > News > To Move 'Sample House' Online, JD Is Going to Conduct Home Decoration with 'JD Household'
To Move 'Sample House' Online, JD Is Going to Conduct Home Decoration with 'JD Household'
Source:     Jan. 09, 2020 09:38

Recently, a channel named 'JD Household' has been newly increased to the column of Quality Life of More Channels on the homepage of JD website. JD depicts it as 'the what-you-see-what-you-get household solution'.


To Move 'Sample House' Online, JD Is Going to Conduct Home Decoration with 'JD Household'


JD Household mainly solves the whole-process demands of home furnishing and home decoration from design and consultation to matching and product purchase. Content talents and designers will firstly select the good products of home furnishing and match them, and then create 'sample house' on the platform. Users may select and compare a large number of matching plans. After confirming it, they may directly buy the complete set of home decoration commodities on the page of "Sample House". In addition, users may use


The business of JD Household is led by the business division of family life of JD Group. It plans to be formally online on January 7. Besides meeting the scenarized allocation, JD Household will also set up an online professional design platform and provide one-to-one design services.


The pain point under the traditional shopping mode of home furnishing is that although consumers may contact the real objects of home furnishing, yet they cannot directly perceive the actual allocation effects. In most cases, they select it 'according to their feelings'. Consumers with the demands of decoration design need to repeatedly communicate in the store, which costs much time and energy. However, for the sinking market, the first challenge for home decoration is that it is hard to find the proper designer.


These pain points jointly promote the rise of the internet home decoration industry. Internet tycoons like JD, Alibaba and Tencent have stepped into it. Alibaba not only has the business of Taobao 'Jiyoujia' business, but also holds the shares of Easyhome and over 20% shares of Jiangduoduo. Tencent and Red Star Macalline become strategic partners and carry out cooperation in the digitalization and new ecology fields of the home furnishing industry.


To Move 'Sample House' Online, JD Is Going to Conduct Home Decoration with 'JD Household'


In the new business of JD Household, JD proposes a new assumption: Turn the shelf-oriented sales of traditional single products into the scenarized shopping guide. Designers and talents select the matching list of good commodities of home furnishing, and provide the direct selections of matching plans of home furnishing; Consumers with the demands of decoration design may appoint designers on the platform, and finish demand communication, plan revision and the final design delivery online, thus effectively reducing the communication cost and purchase cost of decoration design. The online one-to-one consultation service that breaks the regional restrictions may also cover more consumers of the sinking market.


On the whole, the brand-new business mode of D2B2C of JD Household not only moves the offline 'IKEA' online, solves the problems of the traditional decoration mode, such as design and implementation separation, and product separation of different categories, but also forms the closed loop ecology of home furnishing e-commerce from design to supply chain.


The report issued by iiMedia Research in October 2019 shows that in 2018, the size of the Chinese internet home decoration market reached RMB 344.19 billion. It is predicted to reach RMB 386.17 billion in 2019, and over RMB 400 billion in 2020.


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