The Top 7 Keywords of China's Furniture Industry in the First Half of 2018

08-07 10:05

Summary In the first half of 2018, China's home furnishing industry has arounded seven keywords: environmental protection, whole-house decoration, overseas acquisition, price increase, new retail, and accessible luxury.

Mid-century Scandinavian furniture, 1930s Chinese tea set—Ito Kish has design stories

08-17 11:37

Interesting finds in his pop-up store at Rockwell

Convergencias exhibition to explore Cuban design

08-17 10:25

Explored several works by Cuban designers gonzalo córdoba and luis ramírez.

China Startups Struggle to Escape the Shadows of Alibaba and Tencent

08-17 10:05

In their IPO filings, rising companies are warning investors that the tech giants’ deals can feel like a trap.

Italian Luxury Furniture Brand Rimadesio Entered the Chinese Market

08-17 08:47

On August 2, the Italian luxury furniture brand Rimadesio completed its first decoration and renovation located in the exhibition hall (the first exhibition hall of Rimadesio in the Chinese market) of Shanghai Chong Hing Finance Center from its opening three years ago to welcome the Chinese consumers with the brand-new brand image.

Sky-bridge in china by Aedas loops an ecosystem of four towers

08-16 15:25

In zhuhai, china the architecture firm Aedas has designed a sky bridge as part of a multi-tower mixed-use development project for the hengqin CRCC plaza. the bridge acts as a connector between four different buildings, taking the shape of a loop to offer space for offices, retail and leisure facilities as well as outdoor terraces.

Multiple China’s Home Enterprises Released the Semi-annual Report, Growth Momentum Was Fierce

08-16 12:26

From the semi-annual data, the listing home companies presented a overall rising trend on year-on-year basis, and the growth range on year-on-year basis of the operation revenues of 3 enterprises exceeded 30%

China's Aviation Industry Involved in Smart Home, Becoming Home Security Guards

08-16 10:30

Avionics completed 100% of the crowdfunding goal, and the crowdfunding amount exceeded 100% in just two days.

People’s Government of Ganzhou Nankang Builds Up Furniture Industry in China with SAP Ariba

08-16 09:49

Companies within largest furniture industrial park in China to use digital network and cloud-based apps to drive simple, efficient process for managing procurement from end to end

High fashion brand Bottega Veneta's classical Baroque home

08-16 08:13

Since the transition from fashion boutiques to home furnishings in 2006, Bottega Veneta Home Collection has now covered home projects such as furniture, lighting, and tableware, extending the finest top-level craftsmanship.

American home e-commerce Wayfair X Magic Leap launches MR furniture shopping experience

08-15 15:35

Through the browser Helio, Wayfair's MR experience breaks the boundaries of traditional e-commerce.

FreshHema Fully Settles in Beijing Easyhome Experience Mall

08-15 13:36

At present, Freshhema has opened 64 stores nationwide, and Easyhome has 247 stores nationwide. This cooperation has created a new cross-border business model of “home store + fresh supermarket”.

How does American Markor dominate the Chinese furniture market in 20 years?

08-15 11:06

With expanding store network, its first store in China opened in 2002 and at present it operates 88 stores in China and about 75% of the products are shipped from our North American manufacturing, Mostly from the US

Bottega Veneta: 2018 Fall/Winter Collection in Shanghai, Included Home Collection

08-15 09:56

On June 7, Bottega Veneta hosted the 2018 Fall/Winter Collection in Shanghai. The invited media and the celebrities from all walks of life gathered together to experience the brand immersion journey. It also includes a home collection and a personalized service designed to pay tribute to the brand's motto “When Your Own Initials Are Enough”.

Five Latest Development Trends of New Retail of Home in China in the Digital Age

08-15 09:16

With the large scale, new retail of home in China has grown rapidly. In 2016, brand owners and service providers of new retail of home in China had the market scale close to RMB 5 trillion, with the annual growth up to 8%, which was far ahead of that in the European and American market.

Snarkitecture supersizes bouncy balls to become an interactive playground in hong kong

08-14 15:27

‘bounce’ is an interactive installation set in the commercial district of harbour city that allows visitors and passersby to roll, lift and toss hundreds of supersized white balls, each spanning one meter in diameter.

German Internet Furniture Company Westwing will Launch IPO in Second Half of 2018 with a Target Valuation of 450M €

08-14 10:34

Founded in 2011, Westwing is an Internet furniture company based in Munich, Germany. Currently, it has operations in the furniture market in 11 countries in Europe.

MUJI Wants to Set Up a Commodity Development Base in Shanghai

08-14 09:55

In addition to improving logistics and continuing to sink to third-tier cities, Muji's “world flagship store” and hotel plans in first- and second-tier cities are continuing.

Review: Where Did the Chinese Buy Furniture in the Past 20 Years?

08-14 08:35

With the upgrade of consumption, Chinese people are increasingly demanding the quality of furniture, and experience stores have become the new mainstream of buying furniture.

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2018, A Japanese Art Event Salutes Man and Nature.

08-13 14:02

The exhibition lasts until September 17.

Ikea First Store in India Has Brought Hyderabad in a Halt

08-13 10:01

Indian people also have a great enthusiasm towards Ikea...