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HomePage > News > China: Home furniture retail continues to repair in April
China: Home furniture retail continues to repair in April
Source:     May 21, 2020 15:57

In April, the sales area of residential commercial housing nationwide fell by 10.81 million square meters (-1.5%), which was significantly narrowed by 12.4pct compared with March alone, and the monthly sales of commercial housing nationwide improved significantly. In April alone, the transaction area of commercial housing in 30 large and medium-sized cities nationwide was 12.4146 million cubic meters (+ 32.74%). The transaction area from January to April was 34.98 million square meters (-32.3%).
In April, the national furniture retail sales amounted to 11.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.4%, and the decline was significantly narrowed by 17.3pct compared with March, which was significantly repaired in a single month. The cumulative retail sales in 2019 were 197 billion yuan, a cumulative increase of 5.1% year-on-year.

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