65 October 22-26,2019    Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre Guzhen.China
The 24th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair
Autumn Edition
22-26 October, 2019
SQM Exhibition Area
Trade Buyers
Fair + Sub-venues Mode
22-26 October 2019
Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre
East of Dongxing Road
Guzhen Town,528421 Zhongshan, China
Why Visit
China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair is based in China Lighting Capital- Guzhen Town, where thousands of lighting manufacturers lies and is dubbed as the source of lightings. Statistic in 2019 showed that the sales volume of Guzhen lightings account for 70% of China’s total lighting sales volume.

Original source of lighting industry

Integration of export and domestic sales

Getting products at wholesales price

Driving distance to lighting factories

Comprehensive range of products

Hosted Buyer Program

Business Matching,Sourcing Tour and Networking Party

Exclusive Rewards:Hotel stays and Airport pick-up

Hotels & Travel Service
During the Autumn Edition, we will offer you with attentive hotel booking service, airport pick-up and drop-off transportation from airports and free shuttle buses to local restaurants, promising you a hassle-free sourcing trip.
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The manufacturing exhibition will cover the the upstream and downstream of lighting industry chain and take full advantage of industrial manufacturing resources.
Hall D & Hall E, Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre
Business Matching
Business Matching is a customised suite of integrated matching services dedicated to helping global customers identify and screen potential Lighting business partners.GILF arranges personalised one-on-one meetings for exhibitors and buyers.
VIP Sourcing Tour
VIP Sourcing Tour is the tailor-made purchasing tour especially targeted for overseas buyers.GILF organizers will screen and select eligible stores with international trade competence from Huayi Plaza.
Networking party
The visitors who attend Hosted Buyer Program are eligible to enjoy a networking party in the form of cocktail party, mingling with exhibitors and industry guru to obtain more business opportunities and insights.
Comprehensive Product Range
The products found in GILF cover the whole supply chain. From upstream products such as raw materials, machinery & equipment, lighting accessories & components to final products.
Factory Visits Opportunity
Identifying reliable suppliers and ensuring product quality are some of two major challenges for any buyers. With close proximity to the manufacturing base, overseas visitors of GILF enjoy the privilege of visiting local factories to see the production process and minimize the hassle of quality assurance.
Innovation and Intelligent Manufacturing: Hongju Automation' Road to an Industry Leader
Innovation and Intelligent Manufacturing: Hongju Automation' Road to an Industry Leader
If the Internet has changed people's consumption patterns, then intelligent manufacturing will completely change the manufacturing model and reconstruct the entire value chain, thus realizing information linkage in the manufacturing process. Hongju Automation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Hongju Automation") takes the lead in this regard. It has integrated automation and informatization, realizing information linkage between people and equipment, people and products, equipment and equipment, and equipment and products.       Seizing the opportunity of Industry 4.0   The industrial park of Hongju Automation gives off an air of innovation, technology and the Internet from the perspective of layout and details. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating the R&D, production, sales and service of intelligent equipment, and specializing in the R&D and production of Internet + intelligent SMT surface mounting equipment. As early as 2016, Hongju Automation has been awarded as the High-tech Enterprise and has become the Zhongshan Industry 4.0 Intelligent Demonstration Base. In the field of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, the deep integration of informatization and production has become one of the core competitiveness of an excellent intelligent manufacturing enterprise. "This year, Hongju Automation has cooperated with the Planning and Research Institute of China Telecom to jointly develop its own intelligent cloud service platform to deeply integrate informatization and production, thus realizing automation, digitization and intelligence of the production management process. This can realize remote control and management of the production process and interconnection between devices, thus improving production efficiency and optimizing equipment life cycle." Liang Wencan, general manager of Hongju Automation, said.       Independent R&D with five advantages     In the past four years, Hongju Automation has thoroughly studied customer demands and adhered to independent R&D. It has the following five advantages which have enabled it to continue to provide customers with the most suitable intelligent equipment.     1.High speed and multiple functions The development of chip mounters is becoming increasingly intelligent and refined with the increasing customer demands. The multi-functional chip mounters produced by Hongju Automation have multiple advantages such as high speed, high precision, good flexibility, and good stability. It also has a variety of functional modules and can meet various mixed chip mounting process requirements in terms of chip and plug-in encapsulation, thus saving costs. In addition, it can realize automatic glue dispensing at a maximum speed of 50,000 times/h, lens mounting at a blu-ray speed of 10,000 times/h, and M capacitance mounting at a speed of 6,000 pcs/h.   2.Autonomous programming with higher efficiency The automatic coordinate generation system of Hongju chip mounter can be independently programmed with higher efficiency compared with artificial systems. For example, it takes 3-4 hours to artificially edit a program with 200 irregular coordinates, but it takes only 3-4 minutes through autonomous programming.   3.Data analysis-driven process Hongju chip mounters can transform "process-generated data" into "data-driven process". Intelligent equipment drives production and optimizes efficiency through data analysis of the production process. At present, only equipment of Hongju Automation and Siemens in Germany has such function.   4.Easy operation and remote control The intelligent software developed by Hongju Automation simplifies the operating system and makes operation easier. In addition, it can be operated by a mobile phone to view the data generated in the production process, achieving real-time monitoring and management.   5.Lower cost and higher efficiency As a local enterprise, Hongju Automation has more advantages in after-sales service, with higher timeliness and lower cost of after-sales service.       A bright future in the 5G era   5G wireless connection technology can be used to realize the re-engineering and integration of product data flow, production information flow and manufacturing process flow. On July 17, 2019, Hongju Automation and the Planning and Research Institute of China Telecom reached a cooperation agreement to formally access 5G modules. As the latest-generation mobile communication technology, 5G technology meets the demands of traditional manufacturing enterprises for wireless network in the transformation to intelligent manufacturing, and can meet the needs of equipment interconnection and remote interactive applications in industrial environments. 5G will bring broad application scenarios and business opportunities to thousands of industries. Compared with 4G, 5G can meet the needs of many intelligent and automated communications, improve industrial production efficiency, and reduce energy consumption and transportation costs.   "In the era of 5G, Hongju Automation's intelligent equipment can realize network sharing, precise positioning and resource sharing, and connect, organize and coordinate all the widely-distributed machines and equipment to reduce downtime and optimize equipment life cycle. We are confident about a bright future!" Liang is confident about the future.   Source:denggle.com  
Belight Lighting: Blooming Charm of Differentiated Lighting
Belight Lighting: Blooming Charm of Differentiated Lighting
Lamp, lighting, and lighting art are all about lights. However, lamp focuses on the lighting function, lighting focuses on lighting decoration, and lighting art emphasizes on the lighting aesthetics. In Belight Lighting's opinion, "There is no obvious difference between the three except the different emphasis. We should appreciate the beauty of the differences in things and fully perceive the different charms of lighting in function, decoration and culture." For this reason and in order to create a more differentiated lighting market, Belight Lighting, based on the differentiated custom commercial lighting, has introduced EGLO (an Austrian fashion home decoration lamp brand) in recent years, and has established created DUBE, an original designer brand emphasizing humanistic care.     Belight Lighting has achieved a strategic cooperation with the world-famous lighting brand EGLO on the basis of equal dialogue and mutual appreciation, and because of the trend of the economic globalization. China has a huge market. Compared with foreign countries, the Chinese market is very active and is still short of more cost-effective products. "We fulfill customer requirements." This pledge indicates that EGLO enters the Chinese market for the purpose of to bring a better-quality residential lighting life, representing the typical European lifestyle.   The brand DUBE, as its slogan saying "Live a unique life with a blank space", pays more attention to the care for human inner heart and people's inspiration for life. At present, the fast-paced life and tight schedules make people have no time to get along with themselves, especially to calm down to feel their inner heart. Therefore, DUBE hopes to use uniquely-designed lamps to illuminate a space with nostalgia and warmth for the busy masses.       EGLO: Welcome the era of "no main lamp" and advocate a European simple lifestyle EGLO, headquartered in Austria, has large production bases in Hungary, India and China, 17 large warehouses around the world, and market distribution outlets in more than 68 regions. At present, EGLO develops nearly 1,000 new product updates every year, with a daily production output of up to 80,000 pieces.   At present, Belight Lighting has taken the following measures to launch EGLO lighting products on the market. In terms of brand promotion, Belight Lighting works together with EGLO to prepare media materials, broadcast we-media, and launch advertisement in China; in terms of marketing, Belight Lighting may simultaneously display and sell EGLO products to consumers and distribution agents through both online and offline operations.     In terms of online channels, Belight Lighting cooperates with many third-party platforms such as Jingdong Mall, Applet of WeChat, etc.; the emphasis is on offline outlets, and the online delivery is actually to strengthen the offline brand power! EGLO has a total of more than 3,000 types of products. Belight Lighting has given preference to a series of lamps suitable for the Chinese market. Meanwhile, it has created the scene experience sales mode through the integration of space design, home and soft decoration products, making consumers feel a "see-and-get" worry-free consumption model.   This all stems from a pursuit, or a little fearless courage. Belight Lighting strongly advocates introducing the popular European "no main lamp" residential lighting mode to China, showing the European-style minimalist lifestyle to the young new human beings.       DUBE: Live a unique life with a blank space Ten years ago, the domestic market and lighting companies did not pay much attention to the use of commercial space lighting, while Belight Lighting had a forward thinking at that time to be engaged in the customized and differentiated lighting art segmentation, with the mission of improving space lighting.     Today, DUBE is endowed with a new sense of mission. It has released eight series of lamps focusing on material quality, optics and design aesthetics. Each lighting series has its unique charm and meaning, and continues the lighting characteristics of Belight Lighting, with a unique interpretation of the space. Live a unique life with a blank space. This is not only a slogan, but also a design concept. Blank is a technique used in the Oriental literature and art, and also means leaving a wonderful light.     DUBE is not only making lamps, but also inherit the concept of oriental aesthetics taking lamps as an entry point based on the contemporary market. DUBE places custom-made furniture, tea set, porcelain and other utensils its exhibition hall, independently makes a number of lighting devices, and creates a rock garden for landscaping. Combining technology with humanity, and lighting with home, DUBE makes great efforts to shape its own brand temperament, with the hope of inspiring more people with its unique temperament and quiet life attitude.   Source:denggle.com  
Focusing on Nordic Style + New Retail, the “Green Furniture” Builds a Designer Sharing Platform
Focusing on Nordic Style + New Retail, the “Green Furniture” Builds a Designer Sharing Platform
In the era of Internet+ new retail, mobile social platforms may become the mainstream of business models, and the traditional lighting industry is also constantly emerging with new models and actively seeking changes. The "Green Furniture", a Nordic-style lighting App, may become a new "strong performer".   Precise positioning: focusing on Nordic-style lighting With the sharp rise of consumers of the post-80s, post-90s, and post-00s, personality, creativity, simplicity, and colorfulness have become the keywords, enabling the Nordic minimalism style to become the mainstream decoration style. According to An Insight into Chinese Consumer Behavior in Home Furnishings Industry in 2018, the Nordic style gained popularity of nearly 40% of consumers, ranking first among various design styles such as the new Chinese style, American countryside style, light French style, and Italian luxury style. This data fully proves that the "Nordic style promoting the minimalism" will continue to take the lead in home fashion industry.   Green Furniture is an Internet+ platform that focuses on Nordic-style lighting products, and covers more than 1,000 lighting items. The general manager Mr. Shen Chuanwen has accumulated many years of resource advantages in the industry in terms of manufacturing, e-commerce services, and products. The layout in the pan-home field aims to create a mobile social new retail platform focusing on Nordic-style lighting, and help more lighting and pan-home practitioners.   Mr. Shen said, "Green Furniture focuses on Nordic-style lighting and only manufactures Nordic-style lighting products, with the hope of providing more professional and finer product segments."     Innovative modes: specializing in designer channels "We have strong original design resources and product supply chain integration capabilities, and specialize in providing services for excellent designers, as well as provide high-quality products and services for channel distributors, decoration companies, and lighting practitioners." Mr. Shen said that the company has a very clear positioning for product style and service targets.     With a precise positioning, the trend followers will grow faster and more stably in the era of the Internet + new retail. Therefore, Green Furniture will also be built into a new retail platform and lighting sharing platform for the member community.   "We are creating a brand-new business model to allow people with dreams to start their own business through their own efforts, and to achieve economic sharing and help other people earn money." Mr. Shen also analyzed that Green Furniture adopts a unique business model by integrating the advantages of the following three business models: First, it integrates the features of e-commerce: service guarantee, time guarantee, and after-sales guarantee; second, it integrates with social e-commerce models and tools to achieve rapid fission; third, it adopts a membership system to help members achieve transformation to new retail.   Eight advantages, achieving success in the future Every excellent innovative platform has its core competitiveness. Green Furniture also has eight advantages as follows: 1. A precise Nordic-style designer sharing platform; 2. A new retail platform integrating multiple business models; 3. Daily new arrivals, with an inventory of at least 1,000 items; 4. Unified warehouse quality inspection, delivery, documentary, customer service, and after-sales service; 5. Eight years of experience in serving 300,000 customers; 6. Built-in customer tracking and sharing functions; 7. Standardized product training and long-term output of marketing programs; 8. Ultra-low threshold for open business accounts     In the future, Green Furniture will take these eight advantages to improve the operating efficiency of the platform in combination with its own platform and inventory, so as to help more manufacturers and designers to realize seamless connection and become proficient in the mobile social new retail.   Source:denggle.com    
The 24th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (GILF) is Poised to Attract Global Attention with Five Highlights
The 24th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (GILF) is Poised to Attract Global Attention with Five Highlights
The 24th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn) (hereinafter referred to as “GILF”) will be held on 22-26, October, 2019 at the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. This extraordinary lighting fair serving 6 billion people worldwide pursues “new pattern, new experience, inclusive culture, big stage” and will focus on the latest development trends and frontier market information to bring a fresh lighting exhibition experience to exhibitors, distributors and visitors.     1.Expand into the Global Market Being home to 38,000 lighting and accessories enterprises, including 7,739 lighting sellers, Guzhen Town has transformed its lighting industry from manufacturing to innovation. Every year, GILF attracts buyers from more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, the U.S. Southeast Asia and other regions. This year, GILF aims to promote the global presence of Guzhen Town and boost foreign trade.   2.Eight Trade Venues to Launch the Autumn Procurement Carnival GILF, covering over 1.5 million square meters, held at the main venue of the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center and seven sub-venues and will attract more than 2000 exhibitors.     3.Share and Exchange Ideas and Opportunities Besides foreign trade and internal and external sales integration, the Fair to be held will explore deeply into the up and down stream industries and manufacturing resources, gather Machine & Processing, Testing Devices, Tools, Accessories & Parts, Material, Services so as to promote the development of Industry 4.0.     4.Original Design Guides Transition of Global Lighting Industry GILF is dedicated to creating a comprehensive and high-end international exhibition platform leading the industry trend. Highlight Smart Lighting & Solutions With the promotion of AI smart systems, Internet of Things, 5G and other technologies, the Highlight Smart Lighting & Solutions Zone and Outdoor Lighting Zone will seek a development breakthrough for the sectors. Lightings for Specific Purposes Satisfy Special Sourcing Needs Horticultural lighting, fresh food lighting, stadium lighting, stage lighting and emergency lighting will be exhibited in the Special Lamp Zone to meet buyers' demands for professional lighting products. Window Display Ideas Are Applied At Huayi Plaza, GILF’s sub-venue, there are showrooms for different types of decorative lighting. These showrooms apply window display ideas to demonstrate lighting in a more vivid way. Outdoor Lighting Zone Meets New Demands for Off-grid Lighting and Landscape Lighting China International Streetlight City will focus on outdoor lighting, such as LED street lights, landscape lights and garden lights, the latest off-grid solar lights, outdoor wind-power lights and outdoor mobile solar power systems to meet various market demands and grasp potential opportunities. Interior Decorative Lighting and General Brand Hall New Nordic and minimalist styles, new Chinese and casual luxury modern, multiple light source and user-friendly lighting products have become increasingly popular. Lihe Lighting Expo Center, Huayi Plaza and Huayu Plaza will exhibit thousands of lighting products to bring visitors a brand and vision carnival.     5.Online Transaction Platform The online sourcing-all-year-round B2B website- Denggle.com, royal global buyers and accurate data analysis are the key advantages of GILF. Denggle.com gathers more than 2,800 lighting companies around the world and provides more than 30,000 high-quality products. The online exhibitor searching system enables buyers to view exhibitor information and find exhibitors by increasing business opportunities.   Summary: GILF will stay true to our mission and look into the future, continue its exploration, lead the lighting industry, integrate resources, and establish partnerships. We look forward to your participation in this Autumn Festival!   Source: denggle.com  
23rd Guzhen Lighting Fair Review
23rd Guzhen Lighting Fair Review
23rd Guzhen Lighting Fair Review.    
Sub Venues
Lihe Lighting Expo Center
Number of shops: 517
Space: 550,000sqm
Address: No.101Tong Xing Road, Guzhen Town
China Lighting Plaza
Number of shops: 336
Space: 420,000sqm
Address: South No.1, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center
Number of shops: 500
Space: 360,000sqm
Address: Zhong Xing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Besun Lighting Plaza
Number of shops: 100
Space: 100,000sqm
Address: No.1, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Lighting Era Center
Number of shops: 170
Space: 79,000sqm
Address: No.12, Dong Xing Zhong Road, Guzhen Town
Huayu Plaza
Number of shops: 23
Space: 50,000sqm
Address: No,26, Xin Xing Road, Guzhen Town
China International Streetlight City
Number of shops: 108
Space: 200,000sqm
Address: No.96, Xinxing Road, Guzhen Town
QWhat is pre-registration? Why and how do I pre-register?
APre-registration allows trade visitors to register for free admission passes in advance. With pre-registration, you can enter without waiting for long queue at registration counters. You can successfully pre-register through the website after submitting relevant information and receiving a "pre-registration confirmation" e-mail from the organizers.
QIs there any service I could enjoy?
AAfter pre-registration, you could 1.Quick access to the venue 2.Access to VIP Lounge with WiFi, drinks and snacks 3.Free lunch will be offered during the fair 4.Shuttles between airport and fairground, main venue and sub-venues 5.Issue of visa invitation letter 6.Translator services 7.Hotel booking at discounted rate
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Restaurant creative Nordic postmodern chandelier thousand paper crane bird art hotel villa chandelier
Restaurant creative Nordic postmodern chandelier thousand paper crane bird art hotel villa chandelier
Shenzhen Tubular Lighting Co., ltd.
Double-deck Golden Brass and Crystal Chandelier
Double-deck Golden Brass and Crystal Chandelier
Zhongshan Bingchuang Lighting Co., Ltd.
Chandelier ZY011
Chandelier ZY011
Zhongshan Guzhen Yizui Lighting Market Department
Chandelier ZY012
Chandelier ZY012
Zhongshan Guzhen Yizui Lighting Market Department
Copper, Crystal Chandelier 8215
Copper, Crystal Chandelier 8215
Zhongshan Feilang Lighting Co., Ltd.
Crystal Chrome Bathroom wall lamps Mirror Lighting 3W 6W 9W 12W
Crystal Chrome Bathroom wall lamps Mirror Lighting 3W 6W 9W 12W
Zhongshan Henglan Bolang Lighting Factory
YakouNordic metal industry, wind ramp, ox horn, creative villa exhibition hall, post-modern aircraft Chandelier
YakouNordic metal industry, wind ramp, ox horn, creative villa exhibition hall, post-modern aircraft Chandelier
Zhongshan Artdecolite Lighting Co., Ltd.
Qilang 0098 (Swan light) modern interior glass chandelier
Qilang 0098 (Swan light) modern interior glass chandelier
Zhongshan Kinglong Lighting Co.,Ltd
Chandelier,wood grain,24W,Warm light,simple
Chandelier,wood grain,24W,Warm light,simple
Janmei Lighting
Starry Night modern interior KD9081 series Chandelier
Starry Night modern interior KD9081 series Chandelier
Zhongshan City Starry Night Lighting
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