The 22nd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair
Autumn Edition
22-26 October 2018
SQM Exhibition Area
Trade Buyers
Fair + Sub-venues Mode
22-26 October 2018
Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre
East of Dongxing Road
Guzhen Town,528421 Zhongshan, China
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China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair is based in China Lighting Capital- Guzhen Town, where thousands of lighting manufacturers lies and is dubbed as the source of lightings. With the help of local government and UBM, the fair has been successfully held for 21 editions.

Original source of lighting industry

Integration of export and domestic sales

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During the autumn edition, we will offer you with attentive hotel booking service, airport pick-up and drop-off transportation from airports and free shuttle buses to local restaurants, promising you a hassle-free sourcing trip.
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The manufacturing exhibition will cover the the upstream and downstream of lighting industry chain and take full advantage of industrial manufacturing resources.
Hall D & Hall E, Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre
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Business Matching is a customised suite of integrated matching services dedicated to helping global customers identify and screen potential Lighting business partners.GILF arranges personalised one-on-one meetings for exhibitors and buyers.
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VIP Sourcing Tour is the tailor-made purchasing tour especially targeted for overseas buyers.GILF organizers will screen and select eligible stores with international trade competence from Huayi Plaza.
Original Source of Lighting Industry
Guzhen, China’s Lighting Capital, has outstanding economic and industrial structure, with the lighting industry accounting for 95% of Guzhen town’s economic aggregate. Guzhen now has a total of 26,000 business enterprises engaging in lighting and lighting accessory industry.
Comprehensive Product Range
The products found in GILF cover the whole supply chain. From upstream products such as raw materials, machinery & equipment, lighting accessories & components to final products.
Factory Visits Opportunity
Identifying reliable suppliers and ensuring product quality are some of two major challenges for any buyers. With close proximity to the manufacturing base, overseas visitors of GILF enjoy the privilege of visiting local factories to see the production process and minimize the hassle of quality assurance.
Accurate Matching, Procurement Upgrade! China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn) will Open the “Host Buyer Program”
Accurate Matching, Procurement Upgrade! China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn) will Open the “Host Buyer Program”
The 22nd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn) will be held concurrently with 2018 Guzhen Manufacturing Exhibition (Autumn) in Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 22-26. The fair will focuse on both overseas and domestic markets, and create a brand-new “global buyer procurement line” with accurate matching and quality service.   The Former 21 Successes Make GILF Enjoy a Worldwide Reputation. It is reported that China (Guzhen) Internation Lighting Fair (GILF) attracts more than 300,000 global lighting professional buyers and visitors from 120+ countries and regions every year. In 1999, for the first time, the Guzhen town government led the large-scale and diversified development of the lighting industry in Guzhen in the form of exhibition. After many years of development, the fair has become a procurement feast for the lighting industry and a well-known business card of Guzhen.     Great changes have taken place in the past six years compared with the 10th GILF. The exhibition area has been expanded from a main venue of 40,000 m2 to 1 main venue + 7 sub-venues, building up a total exhibition area of over 1,500,000 m2; the number of exhibitors has increased from 624 to over 2,000; and the number of visitors has increased from 60,000+ to 300,000+.   Upgrade! One-stop Convenient Purchasing Service! The 22nd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn) has a wide range of exhibits, including decorative lamps, furniture lighting, electrical and electronic products, commercial lighting, LED technology and lighting, outdoor lighting and other mid-stream products. While the Manufacturing Exhibition held in the same period will provide the machinery, raw materials, accessories, 3D printing, services, etc., covering every aspect of the whole industry chain.     For overseas buyers, the fair will provide attentive services, such as free shuttle, professional translation, rest area for overseas buyers, luggage storage, free Wi-Fi, and so on. And for quality overseas buyers, we will also provide free accommodation and other services.   The service for domestic buyers is also upgraded. Apart from free shuttle, luggage storage, mobile phone charging and free drinking water, they can get small gifts and save ¥100 for the ticket by pre-registration. Meanwhile, the fair will use “Internet + Exhibition” mode. Through the professional B2B platform — DENGGLE.COM, purchasers can easily find counterpart exhibitors in the system, increasing business opportunities.     Innovation! “Global Buyer Program” with Accurate Matching! It is hard for buyers to find suitable products among 2000 exhibitors? Buyers have insufficient energy to visit 8 venues? ... To solve the above problems, the fair create a “global buyer program”. To cater the respective needs of buyers and sellers, the fair carefully selects 100 overseas buyers and exhibitors to conduct one-to-one accurate trade matching. It specially sets up VIP independent space for exhibitors and buyers to lower communication cost and improve procurement efficiency. The “global buyer program” will make purchase at both the main venue and the 7 sub-venues with a large number of exhibits and stores. A cocktail dinner will be held during the event. Enrolled exhibitors and hundreds of outstanding overseas buyers will gather together to exchange deeply.     The 22nd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn) will provide better and more affordable lighting products. No matter you are buyers who want to buy cost-effective lighting products, audience who want to see the lighting products, or designers who want to get extraordinary inspiration, you are welcome to the fair. There will be more surprises for you!   Source:denggle.com  
Voice of Exhibitors | Dark Energy Power Supply Co., Ltd.: to Create a National Brand with Core Technology
Voice of Exhibitors | Dark Energy Power Supply Co., Ltd.: to Create a National Brand with Core Technology
In recent years, the development of LED chip technology has rapidly promoted the transformation of the lighting industry. In order to understand the important characteristics of the power industry for the current LED industry, Guzhen Lighting Expo Co., Ltd. visited the leader of the power industry - Shenzhen Dark Energy Power Supply Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dark Energy”). Its deputy general manager Peng Shaoming mentioned that, “Dark Energy has stood fast and stayed focused for many years, helping the national brands to transform and upgrade, promoting China’s manufacturing to become intelligent, driving high-quality healthy light, striving a balance point with human vision. To let people enjoy the comfortable light is the goal that Dark Energy has been pursuing.     Strive for Development and Innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence Mr. Peng said that Dark Energy will take part in the 22nd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn) in October, which has been its 4th time of participation. The booth of Dark Energy is at A-J02, covering 66 m2. It will show up with a new development model and perfect products as well as services. Dark Energy will display LED street light driver series, heart spectrum intelligent lighting control series, EMC light source outdoor street light module, LED street light power lightning protection series, AI drive and other products, interpreting the extraordinary charm of professional LED power solution providers.     Among them, AI drive won dozens of patents. The single chip can be switched freely, with memory function and the design features of multiple color mode, precise reset control, digital clock synchronization, internal compensation within the ring, switching light without flashback, 5-10 years of service life, single 3-20W smooth application, precise open circuit protection setting, automatic detection of wall switch, internal high pressure and high temperature resistance, etc.   The good players seek the potential, the early players gain the momentum. Looking back on the past few years in the lighting industry, it is an explosive revolution in LED product innovation. How to maintain stability and sustainable development in this fierce competition? Dark Energy always insists that quality is the key to enterprise development. Mr. Peng said, “from the beginning of R&D, the products have been tested in all kinds of harsh environments. Under the same environmental quality, Dark Energy has always been competitive in terms of price due to intelligent manufacturing. In addition, the company has various types of technicians, so it is well received by the market in the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. At present, the number of LED driving power is increasing by more than 30% per year, so as to achieve quality, quantity, and fast delivery, and to improve customer satisfaction with quality service!”   “Product” + “Service”: Enhance Brand Image To research and develop for mid-to-high end LED driving power, Dark Energy has established its the business philosophy of “innovation, teamwork spirit, win-win development, service precedence” since its foundation in 2013. After years of hard work, it has gained rich experience in intelligent control and implemented a large number of mature engineering cases. For example, in Guke Supply Chain created by Dark Energy Power, long-term stable cooperation has been achieved with Hunan Aihua Group, Murata Electronics, Taiwan Lite on Group, Shanghai Bright Power Semiconductor. They are suppliers of world-class electronic components such as   electrolytic capacitors, ceramic chip capacitors, rectifier bridges, IC chips, etc.     With the advanced technology and the most suitable and complete solution, Dark Energy will undoubtedly give a fresh impetus to the LED lighting industry in China and the world. Mr. Peng said frankly, “actually, most of those who are engaged in lighting-related products want to do business in Guzhen town. Guzhen is the largest place in the world that uses chips made in China (including epitaxial chips and control chips) with billions of Yuan per month. Under the leadership of the government, I believe that Guzhen will become the core area connecting global smart home and intelligent transportation and will eventually become a city of ideas and technology. If we can successfully settle in Guzhen, we will definitely spare no effort to facilitate Guzhen’s Internet of Things and let Guzhen be full of vitality forever”.   “In fact, planning makes change, and change solves problems. Dark Energy not only creates its own products and services, but also hopes to communicate with industry colleagues and customers through China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair”. Mr. Peng recommended that GILF has the basis of the word’s lighting, thus its “hardware” is unparalleled, if its “software” matching can be strengthened, it will become better. Finally, he wished that GILF will be better with higher technology content, so as to realize smart life as soon as possible!   LINK: (Shenzhen) Dark Energy Power Supply is one of the largest manufacturers of small power supplies within 20W worldwide. At present, the annual power supply manufacturing capacity of Dark Energy has exceeded 1 billion, and it has all kinds of advanced equipment and instruments for product reliability testing. The products cover all kinds of intelligent driving, application integrated circuit, AI manufacturing, new energy electric vehicle intelligent driving, car charging pile system design, and control drive of smart home and mechanical automation production. Dark Energy has obtained more than ten patents and high-tech enterprise certifications, achieving self-developed intelligent manufacturing in the past few years and looking forward to the global market based on China.   Source:denggle.com  
China-US Trade War Begins: How Can the Lighting Brands Open up Multi-channel?
China-US Trade War Begins: How Can the Lighting Brands Open up Multi-channel?
On July 6, the United States began to impose a 25% tariff on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods, implying that China-US trade war was officially launched.   In fact, as early as March, the Trump administration has announced that “the $50 billion tariff is imposed on Chinese goods due to intellectual property infringement and investment restrictions are implemented”; in early April, based on the results of the “301 Survey”, the Office of the US Trade Representative imposed a 25% tariff on  $50 billion worth of China’s exports to the United States, including 1,333 items in aerospace, information and communications technology, robotics and machinery industries. However, the main products of the lighting industry are not covered in the list.   China-US Trade War Begins, Channel Diversification Becomes Brands Standard  The lighting products involved in this list are mainly industrial intermediate products, including chips and backlight products. Although these products account for low  proportion in China’s lighting industry exports to the United States market, still the U.S. is one of the biggest importers of Chinese lighting products.   According to the data from third-party organizations, Europe, North America, and Asia are still the three main markets for the export of lighting products in China. In February 2018, they accounted for 32%, 30%, and 24% respectively. In the China-US trade war, new materials are the main areas, which will definitely affect the development and export of innovative lighting in China.   At the same time, the impact on the whole industry is the sharp depreciation of the US dollar since 2017. The exchange rate loss of many enterprises is equivalent to the evaporation of annual profits. The U.S. Trump administration aims to enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and strengthen the export protection policy. The U.S. dollar will continue to be weak in the future.   The leaders of many lighting companies have said: “the most important thing in dealing with the China-US trade war is to strengthen our research and development capabilities, open up and diversify sales channels, and sell products to the world.”   According to the data from China Association of Lighting Industry, in the first quarter of 2018, the export of lighting products continued to rebound, with a year-on-year growth of 10.38%. Traditional lighting products continued to decline, with fluorescent lamps and HID products falling by a large margin; LED replacement light sources increased by a large margin, reaching 78.29%; another export growth driving force is fixed lamps and portable lamps, reflecting the gradual recovery of international market demand.   It can be seen that the demand for Chinese lighting products in the global market is increasing day by day. And Zhongshan City has also become the first export quality and safety demonstration area in Guangdong Province. The industrial cluster advantage of Guzhen town (original source of lighting) will be further enhanced.   Many enterprise leaders who have many years’ experience in exporting also make suggestions: it is necessary to adopt some active methods to buffer and mitigate risks. For example, foreign exchange adjustment can be used to offset the risk of exchange rate fluctuations, and forward contracts can be used to reduce the price fluctuation of import and export goods. Other methods include hedging with futures options, locking the cost of related raw materials, etc.     China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair Will Help Enterprises Open up the World Market with Huge Investiment in Global Publicity and Promotion   To enhance research and development strength is certainly a necessary condition for alleviating the adverse impact of China-US trade war. It is also a top priority to utilize the platform with global marketing promotion and sales capabilities to develop multiple channels.   Since 1999, China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair, which relies on the 100 billion industrial resources of China’s lighting capital–Guzhen town, has been helping Chinese lighting companies to deepen the international market and recommend more brands to buyers around the world. The 21st GILF received a total of 100,000 overseas businessmen from 6 continents and 120+ countries and regions. More than 90% of overseas buyers expressed satisfaction with the quality and scale of the exhibition.   In recent years, the GILF has invested much money in global publicity and promotion. It develops multi-channel publicity by combining online and offline promotion. The publicity is mainly organized by professional media and supplemented by mass media. And it searches for cooperation and overseas buyers with global lighting exhibitions such as Thailand International LED Lighting Exhibition and Vietnam International Lighting Exhibition.   The GILF also cooperates with PR-Newswire, Mondo Arc of the United Kingdom, Lightecture of Spain, Enlightenment of the United States, LEDs Magazine and other well-known media to carry out all-round multi-angle overseas promotion. And through Google Adwords, Facebook, and LinkedIn, the promotion covers many lighting professional areas in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.       It is learned that the 22nd GILF (Autumn) will focus on overseas sales, leading China’s lighting enterprises to international market and providing a broader   business and trade cooperation platform for professional audiences around the world. At the same time, the fair also considers domestic sales. A communication platform is provided to masters of the lighting industry, professional buyers and designers.   The GILF has always offered considerate services for overseas buyers who have come to China for exhibition. They can take free shuttle bus to the exhibition hall after getting off the plane. Professional translation, lounge for overseas buyers, luggage storage, free Wi-Fi are available in the exhibition. And for high-quality overseas buyers, we will hold a global buyer procurement exhibition to match buyers and sellers professionally and will also provide other services such as free accommodation.   In the meanwhile, the fair will adopt the Internet + exhibition mode. Buyers can easily find counterpart exhibitors in the professional B2B platform–the exhibitor inquiry system of DENGGLE.COM, thereby increasing business opportunities.   In the short term, the possible continued escalation of China-US trade war will have an impact on the lighting brands’ entrance to the North American market. However, in the long run, if they can enhance their own strength, and at the same time utilize a strong exhibition platform to develop international multi-channels, they can achieve their global strategic layout.   Source: denggle.com  
Brand and Technological Innovation Strength of the 22nd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn)
Brand and Technological Innovation Strength of the 22nd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn)
The 22nd GILF (Autumn) will be held in Guzhen on October 22-26, 2018. With the linkage mode between Exhibition & Megastores, the main venue Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre will join hands with seven sub-venues (Lihe Lighting Expo Centre, Huayi Plaza, Star Alliance Lighting Center, Lighting Era Center, Besun Lighting Plaza, Huayu Plaza, China International Streetlight City) to build up an exhibition area of 1,500,000+ m2 in total and gather 2,000+ high-quality exhibitors.     Brand Strength, a Collection of 2000+ Brands Guzhen has attracted many first-line listed brands to settle down: NVC Global Lighting Innovation Design Center, Pak Flagship Experience Center, Shenzhen MTC Lighting Co., Ltd. Headquarters Base, Jingdong Lighting Supermarket Headquarters Base, etc.   Take Jingdong Lighting Supermarket as an example, it takes 64 m2 booth at the main venue of GILF to fully display the Jingdong Group’s lighting industry and create a new retail lighting chain brand with all-channel integration strategy. Relying on the big data of Jingdong, the supermarket creates different types of stores for different regional markets, and creates featured stores with “selected quality products”.   The 22nd GILF (Autumn) will be held in Guzhen on October 22-26, 2018. With the linkage mode between Exhibition & Megastores, the main venue Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre will join hands with seven sub-venues (Lihe Lighting Expo Centre, Huayi Plaza, Star Alliance Lighting Center, Lighting Era Center, Besun Lighting Plaza, Huayu Plaza, China International Streetlight City) to build up an exhibition area of 1,500,000+ m2 in total and gather 2,000+ high-quality exhibitors. The main venue will perform systematical partition of exhibits with 9 themes: decorative lighting, household lighting, electrical and electronic products, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, Machinery & Equipment, lighting accessory, commercial circulation services, etc.     This year, GILF especially sets up a comprehensive brands hall to gather leading enterprises, bringing the most shocking brand and visual feast. With the integration of of “authority, professionalism and popularity”, this hall creates a one-stop environment (exhibition, trade, lanterns watching and lights purchasing) for exhibitors and visitors.   Innovation Strength, the Latest Application Leads the Industry It is learned that most of the enterprises participating in the 22nd GILF (Autumn) will show their hit products and the latest technology. In the following, five “new applications” are listed.   New Material Application There are relatively many new materials applied in LED light source. For example, OML is used in LED tube to ensure high melting point and slow down yellow discolouration. New techologies like this will be unveiled at the fair.   New System Application Many brand enterprises not only announced the dealer’s nanny-style business incubation plan, but also helped dealers to track one-stop service (from preparation to implementation, sales to after-sales service) through the Internet system. The goods logistics are also covered in the system. LubanDaojia (a national household after-sales service platform), whose service scope has covered 600 cities across the country, will participate in the exhibition again.   New Energy Application With the improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous development of social scientific research, solar lighting has been widely used in various regions.     Lukbo Lighting Industry will continue to promote its hit product— lithium iron phosphate power battery. And some brand companies will launch products such as solar light strips to meet market demand.   New Intelligence Application There are also companies engaged in research and development of smart home applications based on the Internet of Things. They integrate the home’s intelligent lighting system into a smart home control center.   New Process Application Many home lighting brands have optimized and innovated the production process, such as using modern laser cutting technology to assist manufacturing. While some brands of candle lamps have two highlights in terms of process: the improvement of the heat dissipation process and the anti-fog treatment to the glass.   So, let’s meet in the golden autumn of October!   Ssource:denggle.com    
Voice of Exhibitors | Green Brilliant Lighting Industry: New Engergy, Positive Energy
Voice of Exhibitors | Green Brilliant Lighting Industry: New Engergy, Positive Energy
In the golden autumn of October, we will again hold a professional, market-oriented, branded, and internationalized lighting purchase feast— China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (GILF). Zhongshan Lukbo Lighting Industry Co., Ltd. will also participate in the exhibition (Booth No. C-A02), competing with many other lighting enterprises on the same platform and jointly dedicating a lighting brand feast in the field of technology and innovation.     600 Million Energy Storage Bill Caused a Sensation in the Lighting Industry In recent years, Lukbo Lighting Industry develops in a low-key and restrained manner, seeks improvement in stability, and has made good achievements. On the eve of GILF in March of this year, it signed a 600 million energy storage bill with Shenzhen OptimumNano Energy, the leading Chinese power battery company under Shaanxi J&R Optimum Energy. For a time, it caused a sensation in the lighting industry.   Shaanxi J&R Optimum Energy said in its announcement that “Lukbo Lighting Industry, as a professional manufacturer of lighting equipment, has sales of 1.8 billion yuan in 2017 and a credit rating of AAA. It has good social reputation, strong financial strength, good operating conditions, and strong performance capabilities. ”     Zhu Riqing, chairman of Lukbo Lighting Industry, said that the cascade utilization of lithium iron phosphate power battery is most suitable for solar lighting applications, and that Lukbo Lighting Industry is exactly an industrial enterprise that integrates the cascade utilization of power batteries and the development and production of solar lighting.   Inputting Positive Energy for Solar Lamps Solar lamps are the ideal lighting fixtures at present. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous development of social scientific research, solar lighting has been widely used in various regions. This not only alleviates the tension of electrical energy, but also effectively reduces the pollution brought by petroleum energy, bringing good social and economic benefits.     Lithium iron phosphate power battery is a new type of power battery. Due to its excellent performance, it has received much attention. There have been some factories in China that produce lithium iron phosphate cathode materials and lithium iron phosphate power batteries with various capacities. Due to the short production time and small scale, the situation of demand exceeds supply. However, this situation is expected to change in 2 to 3 years, lithium iron phosphate power battery will be cheaper, and its application will be more common.   The opening of the energy storage market heralds the strengthening of related policy support. With the improvement of technology and policy guidance, it is expected to further open up the application space for energy storage.   Leading the Technology Frontier to Achieve Better Results In 2018, Lukbo Lighting Industry will continue to take market as the guidance, strengthen product research and development, further enhance product quality control, and lay a foundation for the success of the brand. In the future, the company will provide customers with meticulous service, innovative technologies, and  energy-saving as well as environment-friendly quality products, leading the lighting technology frontier and creating more brilliant achievements.     This exhibition is the re-combination of Lukbo Lighting Industry and GILF. For Lukbo Lighting Industry, his is a great opportunity to fully display itself and enhance the brand. It is also an excellent platform for gathering, communicating and learning.   Lukbo Lighting Industry will wait for you at the 22nd GILF this autumn, look forward to your arrival!   denggle.com  
Sub Venues
China Lighting Plaza
Number of shops: 336
Space: 420,000sqm
Address: South No.1, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center
Number of shops: 356
Space: 360,000sqm
Address: Zhong Xing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Besun Lighting Plaza
Number of shops: 73
Space: 100,000sqm
Address: South No.1, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Lihe Lighting Expo Center
Number of shops: 285
Space: 550,000sqm
Address: No.101Tong Xing Road, Guzhen Town
Lighting Era Center
Number of shops: 106
Space: 79,000sqm
Address: No.12, Dong Xing Zhong Road, Guzhen Town
Huayu Plaza
Number of shops: 23
Space: 50,000sqm
Address: No,26, Xin Xing Road, Guzhen Town
China International Streetlight City
Number of shops: 72
Space: 200,000sqm
Address: No.96, Xinxing Road, Guzhen Town
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