33 October 22-26,2019    Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre Guzhen.China
The 24th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair
Autumn Edition
22-26 October, 2019
SQM Exhibition Area
Trade Buyers
Fair + Sub-venues Mode
22-26 October 2019
Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre
East of Dongxing Road
Guzhen Town,528421 Zhongshan, China
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China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair is based in China Lighting Capital- Guzhen Town, where thousands of lighting manufacturers lies and is dubbed as the source of lightings. Statistic in 2019 showed that the sales volume of Guzhen lightings account for 70% of China’s total lighting sales volume.

Original source of lighting industry

Integration of export and domestic sales

Getting products at wholesales price

Driving distance to lighting factories

Comprehensive range of products

Hosted Buyer Program

Business Matching,Sourcing Tour and Networking Party

Exclusive Rewards:Hotel stays and Airport pick-up

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During the Autumn Edition, we will offer you with attentive hotel booking service, airport pick-up and drop-off transportation from airports and free shuttle buses to local restaurants, promising you a hassle-free sourcing trip.
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The manufacturing exhibition will cover the the upstream and downstream of lighting industry chain and take full advantage of industrial manufacturing resources.
Hall D & Hall E, Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre
Business Matching
Business Matching is a customised suite of integrated matching services dedicated to helping global customers identify and screen potential Lighting business partners.GILF arranges personalised one-on-one meetings for exhibitors and buyers.
VIP Sourcing Tour
VIP Sourcing Tour is the tailor-made purchasing tour especially targeted for overseas buyers.GILF organizers will screen and select eligible stores with international trade competence from Huayi Plaza.
Networking party
The visitors who attend Hosted Buyer Program are eligible to enjoy a networking party in the form of cocktail party, mingling with exhibitors and industry guru to obtain more business opportunities and insights.
Comprehensive Product Range
The products found in GILF cover the whole supply chain. From upstream products such as raw materials, machinery & equipment, lighting accessories & components to final products.
Factory Visits Opportunity
Identifying reliable suppliers and ensuring product quality are some of two major challenges for any buyers. With close proximity to the manufacturing base, overseas visitors of GILF enjoy the privilege of visiting local factories to see the production process and minimize the hassle of quality assurance.
China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair: Gathering Global Lighting Sourcing Opportunities, and Indicating the Industry New Trend
China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair: Gathering Global Lighting Sourcing Opportunities, and Indicating the Industry New Trend
As time goes by, the 24th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) (hereinafter referred to as the GILF) will be held at Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhongshan, China on October 22-26, 2019. Adhering to the innovation-driven strategy, the fair will attract the participation of more than 2,000 high-quality enterprises, and advocate original design to strategically shape the "Guzhen Lighting" regional brand, thus opening a professional, market-oriented, branded, and international golden autumn ceremony.   The GILF has being forging ahead steadfastly from 1999 to 2019. On the 24th GILF, the organizing committee will strive to upgrade the scale, content and service of the fair, pay more attention to the new vision, new ideas and effective business relationship in the industry. A series of conferences, forums and trade matching activities will be held to really provide business opportunities for buyers and sellers.     Salute to the Great Cultural Achievements in the Past 20 Years In the past 20 years, the GILF has made great efforts and also made great achievements in the rapidly developing lighting industry. Since its debut, the GILF has experienced several stages from the initial one edition every two years and one edition a year to the existing two editions a year, and has become a grand sourcing ceremony in the lighting industry and a "gliding name card" of Guzhen. Setting Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center as the main venue and joining hands with 7 sub-venues to achieve 1,500,000 m² exhibition area, the GILF gathers over 2,000 high-quality enterprises, presenting 30,000+ selected quality products, 200,000 professional quality buyers, online trade platform sourcing all year round, and accurate analysis of big data... After years of accumulation, the GILF has achieved leapfrog development and is committed to becoming a benchmark of the lighting industry and one of the largest professional lighting fairs in the Asia-Pacific region, showing the "Chinese Power" in the global lighting industry.     Integration: Activate the New Driving Force of the Industry The channel construction under the new economic normal has reached a critical moment of transformation. With the rapid development of information technology and the emergence of the 5G market, all walks of life will usher in an unprecedented era of change. The future development of various fields will be transformed from "simple superposition" to "deep integration". Standing on the historical node of the 20th anniversary, the GILF adheres to innovative development with higher level of internationalization, professionalization and industrialization, and actively promotes the integration of original design and intelligence, and art and technology. In addition, it further deepens the linkage mode between exhibition and lighting megastores and integration of exhibition and Internet, presenting the exhibits covering the whole lighting industry chain, thus providing suppliers, buyers and distributors with a one-stop lighting trade platform featuring direct purchase, convenient trade and ultra-high cost performance.   Higher Internationalization Level Each GILF has attracted the participation of professional buyers from more than 100 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and Russia, etc. The GILF will invite a batch of international purchasing groups with strong purpose and willingness to cooperate to find business opportunities, and customize "Hosted buyer Program" to effectively solve the problem of "difficulty in purchasing and incomprehensive products". According to the respective needs of buyers and sellers, the fair conducts one-to-one precision trade matching for hundreds of carefully selected overseas buyers and exhibitors, and specially sets up independent VIP space for them at the exhibition site, aiming to shorten the communication cost, thereby improving procurement efficiency and avoiding "missing buyers".     Intelligent Lighting Will Continue to Take the Lead With the continuous advancement of smart city, intelligent lighting, AI system and Internet of Things, this fair aims at the industrial demand and expands the exhibition area of "intelligent lighting" at the Hall A, so as to guide more enterprises to keep up with the intelligent era and accelerate innovation, thus providing the driving force for making new breakthroughs in the lighting industry. The main venue - Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center has implemented explicit layout of the 5 exhibition halls and 10 exhibition areas, which greatly saves the docking cost of vendors. In addition to optimizing and upgrading interior Decorative Lighting, Lighting Display Area, Residential Lighting, Commercial Lighting, and Outdoor Lighting Areas, it also adds Special Lamp Area for targeted and functional engineering lamps in Hall A,B &C. The Guzhen Lighting Manufacturing Supply and Services Expo (Hall D&E) covers machines, materials, accessories & parts testing devices and services, opening the production automation, diversification and personalized customization trend.   Focusing More on the Linkage Mode Between Exhibition and Lighting Megastores The main venue Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center gathers over 800 lighting enterprises, directing the development trend of the industry, and covering the whole industry chain, including intelligent residential lighting, cross-border lighting integration, intelligent production and other industry focus; Nordic, French, modern, new Chinese style and other design style lighting; and various engineering lighting, commercial or outdoor lighting and other practical lighting products, thus igniting diversified business opportunities. It also joins hands with seven lighting megastores: Lihe Lighting Expo Center, Huayi Plaza, Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center, Lighting Era Center, Besun Lighting Plaza, Huayu Plaza, and China International Streetlight City, forming the "1+7" linkage mode between exhibition and lighting megastores and covering an exhibition area of more than 1,500,000 square meters, which promotes industrial investment and attracts enterprises, thus extending the exhibition service chain, promoting value chain and building brand chain.   More Popular International Exchange The GILF provides intimate services for overseas buyers participating in the fair, including free shuttle bus from the airport to the venue, professional translators, VIP Lounge, luggage deposit, and free Wi-Fi services, as well as free accommodation for high-quality buyers. In addition, the GILF invests heavily in global online and offline promotion in combination with professional media and mass media through multiple channels. Moreover, it also looks for cooperation opportunities, explores channels and search for overseas buyer and seller resources via Thailand LED Expo, InterLight Moscow, and International LED Expo Korea. The GILF can attract domestic and overseas enterprises and buyers by promoting the charm of the GILF and Guzhen, thus building the concept of "global sourcing". The GILF cooperates with multiple famous media such as PR-Newswire, UK's Mondo Arc, Spain's Lightecture, America's Enlightenment and LEDs Magazine to conduct all-round and multi-angle overseas promotion, and also works with Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn to promote the GILF in multiple professional lighting regions in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Oceania.     Innovation-driven Development The GILF focuses on current hot spots, pain spots and difficulties, providing brand-new methods and paths for the future development of the lighting industry. The GILF will hold more than 20 high-end events and exciting forums, gathering lighting practitioners, industry experts and professional groups to communicate closely, thus helping the participants to further understand the lighting industry, capture market information, and become close to the market pulse. In addition, experts and professional groups in the industry will gather together to discuss the mysteries of the frontier and market models of lighting technology through online and offline live broadcast.   The Integration of Exhibition and Internet Enhances the Quality of the GILF. The fair provides exhibitors with 365 days of uninterrupted and efficient promotion by leveraging the B2B trading platform "DENGGLE.COM", matching the purchasing needs of domestic and overseas buyers more accurately. The website gathers more than 2,800 lighting enterprises at home and abroad, providing over 30,000 kinds of selected high-quality products. Buyers can easily find counterpart exhibitors via the exhibitor inquiry system of DENGGLE.COM, so as to increase business opportunities, further improve the integration of the exhibition and the Internet, and achieve synchronized online and offline purchase.   Summary: Guzhen Town, originated from an unknown town with a small number of lighting factories, has made great efforts to develop into a world-famous China Lighting Capital, which is prosperous and has a number of megastores and keeps ahead of the times. After 20 years' development, the GILF has continued to provide business opportunities for the lighting industry, and the lighting practitioners are making efforts with great breadth of mind to realize their dreams and go global!   We witness the achievements of the GILF in the past 20 years! Looking into October, the 24th GILF will go to a higher level in terms of the scale, exhibitor quantity and quality, professional audience, exhibition service, and market promotion. Exhibitors and buyers will come back with fruitful results! Welcome to Guzhen and the 24th GILF!   Source:denggle.com   
ZHENGJI: Creative Intelligence, Enjoying You Life
ZHENGJI: Creative Intelligence, Enjoying You Life
 “The development of enterprises in the future is driven by innovation. Innovation is to provide customers with the better products and better customer experience.” Fang Qin, general manager of the Module and Drive Division, Jiangmen ZHENGJI Co., Ltd., said in an interview.     Founded in Shenzhen in 2010, ZHENGJI is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in design, development, production, sales, and LED intelligent lighting solutions (cloud services and intelligent terminal applications) in the field of LED control technology.   Jiangmen ZHENGJI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZHENGJI), founded in 2015, insists on the design and development of new intelligent products, mainly including Wi-Fi module, bluetooth module, intelligent light strip controller, intelligent RGB bulb, intelligent RGB Christmas light, intelligent candle lamp, intelligent RGB down lamp, intelligent switch, intelligent socket, and intelligent panel. Among them, the sales volume of intelligent light strip controllers and intelligent bulbs has been taking the lead in the industry.     In order to improve the overall development level of ZHENGJI, ZHENGJI joined in Jiangmen TusStar in 2016. At present, ZHENGJI has a design and R&D center, a cross-border e-commerce operation center, an intelligent lighting product manufacturing workshop, and an intelligent drive power manufacturing workshop in Jiangmen, an office and outlet in Shenzhen, a patch processing workshop in Jieyang, and an outlet in Chang’an Electronic City and Universal LED Lighting Accessories City respectively at Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City. ZHENGJI has also set up an office in Malaysia for product display and business exchange.   A Shining Star with Multiple International Awards In order to better protect intellectual property rights, ZHENGJI has established Jiangmen Guqiting Industrial Design Co., Ltd. According to introduction, ZHENGJI has won five German Red Dot Design Award for three consecutive years. Meanwhile, it has won more than 150 domestic and international awards such as US’s Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA ), the German IF Design Award, the China Red Star Design Award, and the Governor Cup Industrial Design Award of Guangdong.     ZHENGJI adheres to scientific and technological innovation and has more than 50 patent inventions. During the visit to the lighting finished product aging workshop, Fang Qin, general manager of the Module and Drive Division, introduced the special aging procedures with independent patent to reporters. It is reported that this technology does not need to be controlled by voice, and the program can automatically realize lighting up, time, color change, and color temperature control.     In addition, ZHENGJI also pays attention to the texture design experience. It is known that a small table lamp of ZHENGJI has won the Governor Cup Industrial Design Award of Guangdong. It is very popular with young consumers due to its unique shape with aesthetic elements such as UFO, mushroom, and slim waist, and exquisite craftsmanship.   Intelligent Products with Good Market Fang Qin said: “We must implement R&D according to the characteristics of young people who like personalized and customized services, and achieve functional diversification of products.” ZHENGJI has established its own intelligent cloud platform and server in 2015, and has successfully launched 5G intelligent Wi-Fi chip in May 2019.”     In addition to intelligent lighting products, ZHENGJI can also supply Wi-Fi modules, bluetooth networking modules, mobile APP development, voice product development, cloud server development and many other services. In order to realize the popularization of intelligent lighting, ZHENGJI has established the Intelligent Driving Power Division with the main business of the full range of certified Wi-Fi and 5-100W bluetooth networking driving power. These products are applicable to RGB light strips, bulbs, down lamps, spot lights, LED panel lights, panel lights, and ceiling lamps.   The company has passed the MFI certification system, the Home Depot Supplier Certification, and the Philips Third-party Development Certification. The company’s products have passed the certifications such as UL, MFI, FCC, CE, ROHS, RED, BQB, TUV, and KC. The company has world-famous customers such as Philips, Tsinghua Tongfang, HeT, and Home Depot (the United States' largest building materials supermarket chain).   Fang Qin said that, under the national innovation policy and with the support of Jiangmen Municipal Government and Jiangmen TusStar, ZHENGJI will give full play to its own advantages of technologies and industrial chains to achieve greater development. ZHENGJI has maintained continuous growth for many years and is expected to achieve a turnover of more than RMB 100 million this year.   With the IoT new technology, ZHENGJI will realize the interconnection of home devices through an intelligent platform, thus bringing more convenience to our life and saving energy. Looking into the future, ZHENGJI will enable people to enjoy a better life through the global smart home and AI interactive platform.   Source:denggle.com  
How Can Domestic LED Driving Power Enterprises Achieve Parallel Development at Home and Abroad?
How Can Domestic LED Driving Power Enterprises Achieve Parallel Development at Home and Abroad?
China's LED industry has made remarkable achievements in recent years. As a guarantee for the development of LED industry chain, LED driving power is facing fierce competition. Zhongshan Hongxinsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongxinsheng”), which has 8 years of history, has embarked on a unique road as follows.   Refinement: Building an Innovative R&D Team According to statistics, there are more than 1,000 driving power enterprises in China, forming a fiercely competitive market.       Founded in 2011, Hongxinsheng has become a brand enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service after 8 years of steady development, relying on its core competitiveness - innovation. The professional R&D and innovation team can be regarded as the “engine” of Hongxinsheng.   Xie Kexin, the general manager of Hongxinsheng, is an electronic engineer with a natural persistence and perception in technological innovation and R&D.       Over the years, he has led Hongxinsheng to clearly position product R&D direction, accurately identify the technical direction, precisely match customer needs, and optimize the R&D process, thus continuing to form high-level technical achievements and forming scale effect.   Automation: Adhering to Strict Quality Control The driving power industry has been experiencing elimination and integration, causing many small- and medium-sized driving power enterprises to be eliminated from the market.       In order to realize sustainable development, LED driving power enterprises must adapt to changes in the current market and carry out “integration” and “reshuffle” in a correct way.   According to the analysis of Mr. Xie, a lot of large-scale manufacturing enterprises are emerging in the LED industry, keeping product prices at a stable level. In such case, an enterprise needs to attach great importance to product quality and scale, so as to achieve a high cost performance.       Adhering to the principle of “the lowest price at the same price and the highest quality at the same price”, Hongxinsheng has basically realized the production of high-quality products through automated production lines, advanced technologies and strict management, and has established a good reputation in the market.   Professional Division of Labor: Forming a “Small Ecosystem” in the Power Supply Field Hongxinsheng has plastic injection department, die-casting department, electronics R&D department, forming a “small ecosystem” in the power supply field, which is more beneficial for transformation into the electronics industry.     At present, Hongxinsheng has four major driving power production bases in Guzhen Town, Henglan Town in Zhongshan City and Yangjiang City. Each production base has its own ecological characteristics, and complements each other.   The goal of Hongxinsheng in the second half of 2019 is to upgrade the product quality, seize the market share, build high-quality brands in the surrounding areas of Guzhen Town, extend the focus of the positioning to the electronic field, and implement the strategic plan for transformation and upgrading.   Globalization: Parallel Development at Home and Abroad Globalization is the development trend of Hongxinsheng. In order to expand market share and develop international trade through the China Lighting Capital — Guzhen Town, Hongxinsheng's power supply products have been certified by CE, CCC, EMC, BIS and other international standards.   Hongxinsheng has also accelerated the exploration of overseas market. With the establishment of the production base in Egypt, Hongxinsheng's overseas sales network has begun to take shape, forming a promising overseas sales situation. At present, Hongxinsheng's export sales accounts for 40%, and domestic sales accounts for 60%. It is expected that the export sales will account for a greater amount in the next year.   Following the strategic layout of the Belt and Road Initiatives, Hongxinsheng will actively seize the historic opportunity to grab the global market share, thus gaining more development space for product marketing and brand image in the future.      
The Strategy of Focusing on Small-to-mid Customers Enables Shenzhen LvMing to Build its Unique Brand Equity
The Strategy of Focusing on Small-to-mid Customers Enables Shenzhen LvMing to Build its Unique Brand Equity
As an important link of the LED industry chain, LED packaging has a huge market potential. Shenzhen LvMing Photoelectric Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the production and sales of small-power LED light sources for 15 years. Thanks to the extensive experience in the LED industry, Shenzhen LvMing has blazed a new trail and turned on a fast track.     Outstanding production capacity and automation equipment Production capacity and quality ensure the core competitiveness. Stable market performance relies on the development and implementation of a correct development strategy. Shenzhen LvMing has developed and continued implementing the strategy of introducing cutting-edge product equipment and technologies and expanding the production capacity in a bid to consolidate its advantages in technologies, production efficiency and economy of scale.         Shenzhen LvMing has made continuous and heavy investment to expand its production capacity. In June this year, the company put the Guzhen branch expansion project into production. The new plant of more than 5,000 square meters and 100 latest automatic production lines will help the company take and deliver emergent and large orders. The automatic equipment and processes developed by the company independently will ensure the outstanding production efficiency and quality, fueling the company to make a greater success.   Seeking the best cost-effectiveness In the LED packaging process, the chip expansion, preparation of glue, and crystal placement, may damage chips and affect all the optical and electrical characteristics of LED sources; the process of applying glue and epoxy curing may create bubbles and thermal stress, which may affect on the output lighting effect.     In order to ensure that the product quality meets the design standards, Shenzhen LvMing pays great attention to the investment on product testing equipment in addition to production equipment, such as the integrating sphere lumen tester, thermal impact tester and other reliability testing devices.   All products are tested strictly in order to ensure the quality and cost-effectiveness for customers.   Grasping small-to-mid-order customers Guzhen, renowned as the capital of lighting products, is home to China's largest cluster of lighting products and more than 10,000 lighting and decorative products, of which 90% are small-to-mid-sized companies. Shenzhen LvMing puts the main focus on small-to-mid-sized companies in China. About 60% of its Shenzhen LvMing's customers are based in Guzhen, ensuring the solid liquidity for the company. Underpinned by the state-of-the-art equipment and automation equipment, Shenzhen LvMing has elevated the production efficiency substantially to meet the delivery requirement, consolidate its reputation among customers, and improve its operating performance.     At the same time as existing orders are produced, Shenzhen LvMing keeps a corresponding safety stock of regular products, guarantees the inventory turnover rate to deliver all the orders on time. To better serve small and medium customers, Shenzhen LvMing is capable of delivering temporary and emergent orders.   In order to provide high quality and professional services for Chinese and overseas customers, Shenzhen LvMing has made continuous investment to expand the production capacity in the past two years, including introducing automation equipment, improving process efficiency, reducing costs, thus delivering cost-effective products to partners in a timely manner. China Light Industry Products Quality Guarantee Centre praises Shenzhen LvMing as a honest supplier (brand) of quality products and lists it as a well-known Chinese brand to be promoted.   Shenzhen LvMing will step up its R&D effects on sub-sectors and expand innovative applications of LED sources to build and consolidate unique competitiveness. The effects made on ensuring quality and expanding production capacity will help Shenzhen LvMing continue developing stably and rapidly.   Source:denggle.com  
Innovation and Intelligent Manufacturing: Hongju Automation' Road to an Industry Leader
Innovation and Intelligent Manufacturing: Hongju Automation' Road to an Industry Leader
If the Internet has changed people's consumption patterns, then intelligent manufacturing will completely change the manufacturing model and reconstruct the entire value chain, thus realizing information linkage in the manufacturing process. Hongju Automation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Hongju Automation") takes the lead in this regard. It has integrated automation and informatization, realizing information linkage between people and equipment, people and products, equipment and equipment, and equipment and products.       Seizing the opportunity of Industry 4.0   The industrial park of Hongju Automation gives off an air of innovation, technology and the Internet from the perspective of layout and details. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating the R&D, production, sales and service of intelligent equipment, and specializing in the R&D and production of Internet + intelligent SMT surface mounting equipment. As early as 2016, Hongju Automation has been awarded as the High-tech Enterprise and has become the Zhongshan Industry 4.0 Intelligent Demonstration Base. In the field of Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, the deep integration of informatization and production has become one of the core competitiveness of an excellent intelligent manufacturing enterprise. "This year, Hongju Automation has cooperated with the Planning and Research Institute of China Telecom to jointly develop its own intelligent cloud service platform to deeply integrate informatization and production, thus realizing automation, digitization and intelligence of the production management process. This can realize remote control and management of the production process and interconnection between devices, thus improving production efficiency and optimizing equipment life cycle." Liang Wencan, general manager of Hongju Automation, said.       Independent R&D with five advantages     In the past four years, Hongju Automation has thoroughly studied customer demands and adhered to independent R&D. It has the following five advantages which have enabled it to continue to provide customers with the most suitable intelligent equipment.     1.High speed and multiple functions The development of chip mounters is becoming increasingly intelligent and refined with the increasing customer demands. The multi-functional chip mounters produced by Hongju Automation have multiple advantages such as high speed, high precision, good flexibility, and good stability. It also has a variety of functional modules and can meet various mixed chip mounting process requirements in terms of chip and plug-in encapsulation, thus saving costs. In addition, it can realize automatic glue dispensing at a maximum speed of 50,000 times/h, lens mounting at a blu-ray speed of 10,000 times/h, and M capacitance mounting at a speed of 6,000 pcs/h.   2.Autonomous programming with higher efficiency The automatic coordinate generation system of Hongju chip mounter can be independently programmed with higher efficiency compared with artificial systems. For example, it takes 3-4 hours to artificially edit a program with 200 irregular coordinates, but it takes only 3-4 minutes through autonomous programming.   3.Data analysis-driven process Hongju chip mounters can transform "process-generated data" into "data-driven process". Intelligent equipment drives production and optimizes efficiency through data analysis of the production process. At present, only equipment of Hongju Automation and Siemens in Germany has such function.   4.Easy operation and remote control The intelligent software developed by Hongju Automation simplifies the operating system and makes operation easier. In addition, it can be operated by a mobile phone to view the data generated in the production process, achieving real-time monitoring and management.   5.Lower cost and higher efficiency As a local enterprise, Hongju Automation has more advantages in after-sales service, with higher timeliness and lower cost of after-sales service.       A bright future in the 5G era   5G wireless connection technology can be used to realize the re-engineering and integration of product data flow, production information flow and manufacturing process flow. On July 17, 2019, Hongju Automation and the Planning and Research Institute of China Telecom reached a cooperation agreement to formally access 5G modules. As the latest-generation mobile communication technology, 5G technology meets the demands of traditional manufacturing enterprises for wireless network in the transformation to intelligent manufacturing, and can meet the needs of equipment interconnection and remote interactive applications in industrial environments. 5G will bring broad application scenarios and business opportunities to thousands of industries. Compared with 4G, 5G can meet the needs of many intelligent and automated communications, improve industrial production efficiency, and reduce energy consumption and transportation costs.   "In the era of 5G, Hongju Automation's intelligent equipment can realize network sharing, precise positioning and resource sharing, and connect, organize and coordinate all the widely-distributed machines and equipment to reduce downtime and optimize equipment life cycle. We are confident about a bright future!" Liang is confident about the future.   Source:denggle.com  
Sub Venues
Lihe Lighting Expo Center
Number of shops: 517
Space: 550,000sqm
Address: No.101Tong Xing Road, Guzhen Town
China Lighting Plaza
Number of shops: 336
Space: 420,000sqm
Address: South No.1, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center
Number of shops: 500
Space: 360,000sqm
Address: Zhong Xing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Besun Lighting Plaza
Number of shops: 100
Space: 100,000sqm
Address: No.1, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Lighting Era Center
Number of shops: 170
Space: 79,000sqm
Address: No.12, Dong Xing Zhong Road, Guzhen Town
Huayu Plaza
Number of shops: 23
Space: 50,000sqm
Address: No,26, Xin Xing Road, Guzhen Town
China International Streetlight City
Number of shops: 108
Space: 200,000sqm
Address: No.96, Xinxing Road, Guzhen Town
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APre-registration allows trade visitors to register for free admission passes in advance. With pre-registration, you can enter without waiting for long queue at registration counters. You can successfully pre-register through the website after submitting relevant information and receiving a "pre-registration confirmation" e-mail from the organizers.
QIs there any service I could enjoy?
AAfter pre-registration, you could 1.Quick access to the venue 2.Access to VIP Lounge with WiFi, drinks and snacks 3.Free lunch will be offered during the fair 4.Shuttles between airport and fairground, main venue and sub-venues 5.Issue of visa invitation letter 6.Translator services 7.Hotel booking at discounted rate
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Modern Style Golden Simple Chandelier
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Modern, Simple, Decorative LED Indoor Wall Lamp (Neutral Light)
Modern, Simple, Decorative LED Indoor Wall Lamp (Neutral Light)
Zhongshan Shitu Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Restaurant creative Nordic postmodern chandelier thousand paper crane bird art hotel villa chandelier
Restaurant creative Nordic postmodern chandelier thousand paper crane bird art hotel villa chandelier
Shenzhen Tubular Lighting Co., ltd.
Double-deck Golden Brass and Crystal Chandelier
Double-deck Golden Brass and Crystal Chandelier
Zhongshan Bingchuang Lighting Co., Ltd.
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Chandelier ZY012
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