70 22-26 October 2020    Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre Guzhen.China
The 25th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair
New Date
22-26 October 2020
SQM Exhibition Area
Trade Buyers
Fair + Sub-venues Mode
October 22-26,2020
Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre
East of Dongxing Road
Guzhen Town,528421 Zhongshan, China
Why Visit
China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair is based in China Lighting Capital- Guzhen Town, where thousands of lighting manufacturers lies and is dubbed as the source of lightings. Statistic in 2019 showed that the sales volume of Guzhen lightings account for 70% of China’s total lighting sales volume.

Original source of lighting industry

Integration of export and domestic sales

Getting products at wholesales price

Driving distance to lighting factories

Comprehensive range of products

Autumn Event

Special exhibition areas for Smart Lighting & Solutions

Newly set Special Lamp Area for site-specific products

Hotels & Travel Service
During the event, we will offer you with attentive hotel booking service, airport pick-up and drop-off transportation from airports and free shuttle buses to local restaurants, promising you a hassle-free sourcing trip.
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The manufacturing exhibition will cover the the upstream and downstream of lighting industry chain and take full advantage of industrial manufacturing resources.
Hall D & Hall E, Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre
Business Matching
Business Matching is a customised suite of integrated matching services dedicated to helping global customers identify and screen potential Lighting business partners.GILF arranges personalised one-on-one meetings for exhibitors and buyers.
VIP Sourcing Tour
VIP Sourcing Tour is the tailor-made purchasing tour especially targeted for overseas buyers.GILF organizers will screen and select eligible stores with international trade competence from Huayi Plaza.
Networking party
The visitors who attend Hosted Buyer Program are eligible to enjoy a networking party in the form of cocktail party, mingling with exhibitors and industry guru to obtain more business opportunities and insights.
Comprehensive Product Range
The products found in GILF cover the whole supply chain. From upstream products such as raw materials, machinery & equipment, lighting accessories & components to final products.
Factory Visits Opportunity
Identifying reliable suppliers and ensuring product quality are some of two major challenges for any buyers. With close proximity to the manufacturing base, overseas visitors of GILF enjoy the privilege of visiting local factories to see the production process and minimize the hassle of quality assurance.
Returning with High Praise, the 25th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair Will Create A New Intelligent + Design Ecosystem
Returning with High Praise, the 25th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair Will Create A New Intelligent + Design Ecosystem
Under the impact of the COVID-19, the lighting industry in the early time this year was slightly depressed. However, as one of the "shiny" industries, the lighting industry will not be overshadowed by the haze. Instead, China's lighting industry, relying on the profound accumulation in the early stage, is thriving in adversity. The 25th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "GILF") will be held at Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, from October 22 to 26, 2020. As a super large lighting exhibition after the epidemic, the GILF will build a one-stop lighting trade platform with full coverage of exhibits, direct procurement, convenient trade, and ultra-high cost performance. With an exhibition area of 1.5 million square meters, 2500 high-quality exhibitors, and 8 major venues, it will present a high-level and professional lighting feast.   8 major venues working together to build a much-anticipated fair To actively respond to the economic recovery after the epidemic, many merchants, manufacturers and institutions are ready to prepare for the new round of procurement needs in the golden autumn. The GILF will continue to join hands with seven lighting megastores: Lihe Lighting Expo Center, Huayi Plaza, Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center, Lighting Era Center, Besun Lighting Plaza, Huayu Plaza, and China International Streetlight City, forming a "treasured place" with an exhibition area of 1,500,000 square meters. As the main venue, Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center gathers more than 800 well-known lighting enterprises. Catering to the development trend of the industry, the GILF brings together comprehensive brands of engineering lighting strength, including decorative lighting, residential lighting, commercial lighting and outdoor lighting. It also sets up a Special Lighting Area to exhibit the specific functions and site-specific products such as plant lighting, educational lighting, automotive lighting, and off-grid lighting.   In addition, China Lighting Plaza sets up lighting exhibition halls covering the European and American lighting, modern lighting, crystal lighting and customized lighting products; China International Streetlight City builds the a large trading center of LED outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and off-grid lighting products. The eight venues gather hundreds of thousands of standardized or non-standard customized products in classical, modern, luxury, or minimalist style.   Focusing on innovation and grasping the new trends while fighting the epidemic The epidemic has posed challenges to the industrial development, but it has also cultivated many business opportunities for the new trends in the industry stimulated by new market demands, especially the "Intelligent Manufacturing" module led by smart cities, smart lighting, smart light poles, and smart home systems. With the guiding principle of catering to the new trends and new directions of the market in 2020, the GILF actively guides exhibitors to display new original designs, product solutions, and technology R&D to meet the new needs of the market and buyers. Under the model of cross-border integration, it is in line with the global lighting market to introduce smart lighting projects and deliver brand-new lighting designs to buyers with the new concept of health and low carbon. For example, the GILF sets up a Smart Lighting Area to display new products and new technologies in a centralized manner, with a view to promoting the development of smart homes in an all-round way, and providing one-stop intelligent system solutions for the lighting industry. Through cross-border integration and personalized customization, the GILF exhibits interior decorative lighting, intelligent lighting, engineering customization lighting and other lighting sectors, as well as updated single product, predicting the market demand with advanced design, process, and ultra-high cost performance. It also guides more enterprises to accelerate innovation in the smart era, and finds the driving force for new breakthroughs in the lighting industry, thus attracting the attention of the industry.   With the growing popularity of intelligent manufacturing around the world, the GILF aims to build a regional brand of "Guzhen Lighting" based on the innovation-driven industrial development strategy, thus creating a professional, market-oriented, branded and international lighting purchase feast. The Guzhen Lighting Manufacturing, Supply & Services Expo 2020 concurrently held in the main venue covers the upstream machinery, accessories and components, raw materials, and design, as well as downstream circulation, commerce & trade, services and other links of the industrial chain. It will also integrate the Internet of Things, 5G, AI and other technologies to promote the development of Industry 4.0 and achieve the transformation from manufacturing to intelligent, thus injecting new vitality into production.   In addition, the GILF will also invite the Zhongshan Lighting Intellectual Property Center to work in the spot, so as to strengthen supervision, provide services such as consultation and complaint handling, and protect intellectual property rights in an all-round way, thus providing participants with an honest, healthy and orderly industry trading platform.   Electronic management for visiting the fair without worries To effectively prevent and control the epidemic, the organizers of the GILF will refine the joint prevention and joint control mechanism and responsibilities, implement personnel information filing, strengthen disinfection of the venues and booths, open up emergency channels for medical services, and develop a tightly woven and sturdy safety net to prevent and control the epidemic.   In addition, the GILF will continue to put more emphasis on audience service and experience to further enhance the business and tourism services of the fair. The fair will also simplify the admission procedures to improve user experience through paperless and intelligent services such as online pre-registration, online payment on site and E-catalogue. In addition to the on-site services such as intellectual property rights protection, medical treatment, alarm, express delivery, luggage storage, exhibitor retrieval, mobile phone charging, drinking water, translation, and leisure catering, the fair also provides the free shuttle bus service between the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Zhongshan Port, Guzhen Town, and the main venue & sub venues, greatly facilitating visitors' travel and exhibition.   At present, the pre-registration system for the GILF has been fully opened on the official website www.denggle.com and the official WeChat and other channels. Visitors can log in to www.denggle.com or follow the WeChat Official Account of "Guzhen International Lighting Fair" to request for free 100¥ entrance tickets, together to enjoy a 5-day (October 22-26, 2020) carnival feast.   Source:denggle.com  
The 25th Guzhen Lighting Fair rescheduled to Oct. 22-26, 2020
The 25th Guzhen Lighting Fair rescheduled to Oct. 22-26, 2020
The 25th Guzhen Lighting Fairwill be held on Oct.22-26,2020 at Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Guzhen Town, Guangdong, China! Lighting procurement festivalat the Lighting Capital of China-Guzhen As the situation of COVID-19 turns better in China and the industry recovers, lighting business is getting back on track. China's lighting capital-Guzhen, attracted a small upsurge in product purchases in the first half of this year. It is foreseeable that the accumulated industry energy will boost the launch of new products and make a big splash in this October.As a key wind vane of the lighting industry, Guzhen Lighting Fair is based on "China Lighting Capital"— Guzhen Town,the center of the lighting industry cluster with an annual output value of over RMB100 billion.Relying on the original lighting source, Guzhen serves as a bridge providingprecise matching between hundreds of brands within the industry chain and tens of thousands of global buyers. 1 Main Venue + 7 Sub-venues to build the great GILF Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, as the main venue, joins hands with the 7 sub-venues (lighting megastores) to build the great GILF: Lihe Center, Huayi Plaza, Star Alliance, Lighting Era, Besun Plaza, Huayu Plaza and Streetlight City.The GILF is the biggest trade show in the lighting industry, 8 venues of over1,500,000 sqm, presenting 3,000+ high-quality exhibitors. The exhibition will be a one-stop lighting trading platform with full coverage of different exhibit categories, for direct procurement and convenient trade.   Online + offline: Twin engines empowering the industry The Guzhen Lighting Fair has never backed down even during the COVID-19 epidemic: As early as March 18-20, The Guzhen Lighting Online Exhibition attracted55,000 professionals, who came for online procurements.The new form of exhibition not only put the exhibition into the palm of the visitor's hand, but also vitalized the market.Draw from the experience of 24 physical events and the virtual one, the 25th Guzhen Lighting Fair will integrate online platform and offline fair, to achieve zero-impedance docking of supply and demand.Denggle.com as the fair's B2B platform, allows users to make free inquiries, purchase announcements, make appointments with exhibitors, register for exhibition visits, get the e-catalogue, access the online procurement platform and other matching services.Nearly 20 high-level forums and new product launches will be held one after another during the fair, providing platforms for the lighting professionals to share information and ideas on the latest industry topics and solutions to the challenges.    Lead the trends to build an industry-wide chain As the main venue, the Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center will bring together 800 well-known lighting enterprises, tap directly into industry trends,and gather together comprehensive brands with strong engineering lightingcapabilities, including decorative lighting, residential lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting and other sectors.Special Lamp Zone exhibits lighting with specific functions, such as plant lighting, education lighting, car lights and off-grid lighting,displayed in real-world scenarios.Additionally, panel lights, fan lights, flood lights and solar streetlights can also be found.Huayi Plaza is dedicated to European and American, modern, crystal, and customized lighting, among others. Streetlight City has created a trading center with the world's largest collection of outdoor LED lighting, landscape lights and other types of outdoor lighting. The 8 venues bring together hundreds of thousands of products, ranging from classic to modern, luxurious to minimalist, and standard to non-standard and custom.   Cross-border integration:advocating a new healthy low-carbon concept Following the upgrading of the LED industry and the rapid development of intelligent cities and smart lighting, the exhibition has adapted to the new trends and designed a special Smart Lighting & Solution Zone.New products and technologies will be intensively unveiled to comprehensively promote the development of smart homes and provide one-stop smart system solutions for the industry.Using methods including cross-border integration and personalized customization, they will appear one after another in sectors including interior decoration lights, intelligent lighting and engineering customization. Individual products are with forward-thinking designs and craftsmanship, and highly cost-effective, in line with the future demands of the market.    Source:denggle.com
Lighting e Fair 2020 opens with "cloud gathering" of lighting manufacturers
Lighting e Fair 2020 opens with "cloud gathering" of lighting manufacturers
At the ensuing "Lighting e Fair Entry Ceremony for Above-scale Enterprises in Guzhen", the head of operations at denggle.com, introduced the function of the website; guests experienced online exhibition and other services.   Internet + exhibition: Innovative cloud exhibition energizes spring feast Denggle.com is an online-offline integrated B2B website built by Guzhen Lighting Fair based on the source of lighting-Guzhen. Here exhibitors and purchasers gather online by mobile phone or computer and participate in the fair in forms such as website surfing, live streaming and forum without going out. The platform can meet business needs such as investment promotion, product selection and technical exchange. The convenience and efficiency of the online fair will offer exhibitors and visitors a different interactive experience. So far over 3,000+ top lighting manufacturers have moved into denggle.com. These enterprises include Huayi, Kinglong, Comely, Summer, Dongyundaguan, Raynice, DL, Paul Tisha, Chuang Li Te, zuoxiang, JustFor, Bossile, easylink, Jibo LED, SSMM and Tangqing, covering eight industrial sectors: interior decorative lamps, home lighting, commercial lighting, LED lighting and technology, outdoor lighting, special lamps, equipment and processing technology, and materials.  Multifunctional systems promote business cooperation Through big data screening on denggle.com, Lighting e Fair 2020 recommends products to users and configure inquiry systems. If a buyer likes a product, it can make an inquiry on the product page and communicate with the manufacturer without any difficulty. Besides, to further facilitate buyer-manufacturer cooperation, Lighting e Fair 2020 has launched a new inquiry system- EZBuy that assigns specialists to search the most appropriate manufacturers from around the world to match with buyers and free them from the worry for product selection. Besides, through precise matchmaking, it helps suppliers reduce cost, improve efficiency and solve the difficulty in finding buyers. New business model:live streaming, zero obstacle to online exchange Apart from online negotiations between suppliers and buyers on Lighting Insights, visitors or exhibitors can participate in live streaming purchase, meetings and forums presented by the hosts. From March 18 to 20, through software like Tik Tok and WeChat applet, visitors can follow anchors' steps into stores in Star Alliance and Huayi Plaza (sub-venues) to get a glimpse of new best-sellers picked by the hosts, and experience the tremendous strength of brands. Online forum-Denggle Online, in association with the Committee of Semiconductor Lighting Technology and Application, China Illuminating Engineering Society and the Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association, invited Dr. Shao Jiaping from Osram, Dr. Huang Feng from Signify, Seoul Semiconductor Vice President Wu Sen and other industrial experts to look into the future of global lighting amid the epidemic. Besides, Lighting Insights invited Prof. Lyu Jiadong from the Electric Light Source Center of Southeast University to give a lecture entitled "Key Production Technology and Equipment of Large-power UV Germicidal Lamps". He will discuss the hot issue concerning the boom of UV germicidal lamps amid the epidemic with industry insiders, to provoke new thought on the lighting industry and capture new industrial opportunities. Lighting e Fair 2020 will also interact with 1688.com by exposing new trends and characteristic new products of 120 selected exhibitors, to expand the scale of the online fair. Guzhen has upheld innovation spirit. Lighting e Fair 2020 will deliver a professional exhibition online in an innovative way.It is believed that the combined promotion and display of the "information scene" will help brands come back soon after the epidemic and play a positive role in promoting industrial transformation.   Source:denggle.com  
Lighting E Fair 2020 Live Event
Lighting E Fair 2020 Live Event
Live Event Live Stream Platform: Tik Tok, Xiao’etong Ⅰ. The Opening of the Guzhen Lighting Fair Online Exhibition 10:00-10:30 Mar. 18   Ⅱ. Find Quality Lighting in Sub Venue: Star Alliance 14:00-16:30 Mar. 18 Organizer: Guzhen Lighting Fair, Star Alliance   At present, the domestic and foreign brands stationed at Star Alliance have been far more than 400, covering all types of decorative lighting, home lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting, LED and switch. On this live streaming, we are leading you to the key brand- Qingyi, Diamond Life, MEGA, Goldsure, Kaiyan. Star Alliance is a global top lighting brand center which is noticeably located in the center of world’s lighting capital, Guzhen Town in China, near the Twins Towers.   Ⅲ. Find Quality Lighting in Sub Venue: Huayi Plaza 10:00-12:30 Mar. 20 Organizer: Guzhen Lighting Fair, Huayi Plaza The Huayi Plaza sets up diversified full-style exhibition halls, including world-famous lighting hall, modern simple lighting hall, crystal lighting hall, high-end custom lighting hall, Chinese cultural lighting hall, and European and American luxury lighting hall.     Live Lecture Live Stream Platform:Xiao’etong Ⅳ. Lighting Insights Live Broadcast- The Technique and Equipment to Produce High-Power UV LED 14:00-15:00 Mar. 20 Organizer: Guzhen Lighting Fair, China Association of Lighting Industry   Source:denggle.com  
The Day We Meet Online at the Lighting Fair, March 18
The Day We Meet Online at the Lighting Fair, March 18
The lighting industry may see lower-than-expected sales growth in spring due to COVID-19.In order to alleviate trade problems, step up operations for lighting manufacturers and enhance cooperation between exhibitors and visitors, the “Lighting e Fair 2020” scheduled in March 18-20 on Denggle.com- the Fair’s B2B website, will be launched for the first time   Director of Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce, Li Xingqian, said on It has become the new trend for the lighting industry to find factories, customers and services online. Given the booming economy, the Fair has adopted a new exhibition model – the Guzhen Lighting Online Exhibition. Through online exhibitions and visits, matchmaking, live streaming procurement and online lectures, the Lighting Fair enables exhibitors and visitors to be closely connected, thus promoting brand and industry development even when COVID-19 epidemic has not passed.   Seamless Connection and Negotiation over the Channel at Online Exhibition  “Denggle.com” is a one-stop B2B lighting trade platform launched by the authorities in Guzhen, the “Lighting Capital of China,” connecting the exhibition and exhibits online, providing intelligence services for online inquiries, purchase demand, business matchmaking, industry news, pre-registration, electronic conference journaling, conference registration and conferences. This will create a novel and impressive Lighting Fair experience.   Online Exhibition Highlights More quality brands and enterprises. In response to the “Ten Policies to Help Enterprises Resume Operations” and under the guidance of the Guzhen Township People’s Government of Zhongshan, the following preferential policies have been issued. There are currently 3,000 quality manufacturers on Denggle.com, which cover the entire industry chain with their high-performance exhibits, such as indoor decorative lighting, residential lighting, commercial lighting, LED lighting and technology, outdoor lighting, special lighting, equipment, machines, testing tool and materials. Most of the exhibits are new features and indicate the industry trends of 2020.     New section for precise matchmaking With the new EZBuye- Denggle.com inquiry system, buyers need only provide information about the product required and a specialist will find the best match from global quality manufacturers. The qualification certificates and professional matchmaking aim to provide assurance to buyers and save time for product selection. With precise matchmaking, enterprises can also lower their costs to find satisfied buyers.   Mini-program for business negotiations. Connecting with the website, this Wechat mini-program provides services such as Fair overview, exhibitor search, brand promotion, potential customer acquisition, business matchmaking and online negotiations. The exhibition service, exhibitor and exhibition information are interconnected to achieve a convenient and ambitious Fair.   New business model – live streaming. In addition to online negotiation, visitors or exhibitors can also take part in online purchases and lectures held by the organizers. On March 18-20, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the merchants on “Denggle.com,” along with the anchors who present hot, top quality products, as well as the most powerful brands.   Online lectures – Lighting Insights Live Broadcast. During the event, industry experts will brainstorm online to discuss future market trends, technology, data and corporate development, with a focus on hot issues to boost the industry, upgrade it and ensure enterprise growth.   The Lighting Fair will always bear in mind its Spring Date on March 18 each year. We hope to see you on the first Guzhen Lighitng Fair Online Exhibition on Denggle.com Mar.18-20. *Please note the 25th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair has been postponed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The reschedule date will be announced officially in due course.   Source: denggle.com  
Sub Venues
Lihe Lighting Expo Center
Number of shops: 517
Space: 550,000sqm
Address: No.101Tong Xing Road, Guzhen Town
Huayi Plaza
Number of shops: 336
Space: 420,000sqm
Address: South No.1, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center
Number of shops: 500
Space: 360,000sqm
Address: Zhong Xing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Besun Lighting Plaza
Number of shops: 100
Space: 100,000sqm
Address: No.1, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town
Lighting Era Center
Number of shops: 170
Space: 79,000sqm
Address: No.12, Dong Xing Zhong Road, Guzhen Town
Huayu Plaza
Number of shops: 23
Space: 50,000sqm
Address: No,26, Xin Xing Road, Guzhen Town
China International Streetlight City
Number of shops: 108
Space: 200,000sqm
Address: No.96, Xinxing Road, Guzhen Town
QWhat is pre-registration? Why and how do I pre-register?
APre-registration allows trade visitors to register for free admission passes in advance. With pre-registration, you can enter without waiting for long queue at registration counters. You can successfully pre-register through the website after submitting relevant information and receiving a "pre-registration confirmation" e-mail from the organizers.
QIs there any service I could enjoy?
AAfter pre-registration, you could 1.Quick access to the venue 2.Access to VIP Lounge with WiFi, drinks and snacks 3.Free lunch will be offered during the fair 4.Shuttles between airport and fairground, main venue and sub-venues 5.Issue of visa invitation letter 6.Translator services 7.Hotel booking at discounted rate
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Black gold round single head chandelier
Black gold round single head chandelier
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Solar sedan wall lamp
Solar sedan wall lamp
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Elegant 22 copper crystal fabric S copper double lamp lamp
Elegant 22 copper crystal fabric S copper double lamp lamp
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Modern creative wall lamp with minimalist personality
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