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Miracle Netech | Create a Leading Domestic Enterprise Service Complex

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With the advent of the LED era, the traditional marketing channel strategy can no longer meet the needs of market development. Both enterprises and distributors are groping for channel strategies that can better meet the market demand. From the previous single business channel to the current three-dimensional diversified channel mode, the actual situation of the market shows that the instability and contemporary style of the lighting market are requiring enterprises to keep up with the pace of market and adapt to the diversity of market. 


Miracle Netech


The lighting industry of Guzhen has now formed a clear division of sales channels: dealer channels, engineering channels, foreign trade channels, e-commerce channels, and so on. Among them, there is no doubt that the e-commerce channels occupy a very important position in the lighting industry, especially Taobao and Tmall.


Guzhen Lighting Newspaper visited the pioneer of this industry — Zhongshan Miracle Netech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as  Miracle Netech), and discussed the industry experience with Yan Chengjun, the general manager of the company’s Tmall Service Center in Zhongshan.


Miracle Netech


Create a Leading Domestic Enterprise Service Complex


According to Mr. Yan, as of November 2018, under the guidance of Guzhen town government and Guangdong E-Commerce Association of Tmall team, Miracle Netech has held 10 Tmall business fairs (including intelligent lamps and small household appliances), and 10 activities for intellectual property rights and intelligent technology docking. It has successfully transformed more than 500 off-line high-quality businesses into online ones of Tmall. With a short operation of 3 months, the total number of participating merchants exceeded 5000, and the average sales are expected to be more than 10 billion yuan, bringing a new opportunity for lighting manufacturers and sellers.


Miracle Netech


Mr. Yan said frankly that Miracle Netech will participate in the 23rd China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (Spring) with new development model, perfect products and service.


Miracle Netech


Mr. Yan said that there are four main reasons for participating in the fair:

➤ Let the vast number of traditional brand merchants better understand the strategies and joining process of Tmall, and introduce more excellent enterprises to the Tmall platform.

➤ Give more Tmall’s preferential policies to the merchants;

➤ In the smart home sector, the Tmall Zhongshan Service Center will set up a smart home experience hall;

➤ Put more Taobao policies into the enterprises.


Future Planning: Six Core Business Sectors Develop Together


Miracle Netech, jointly invested by Zhongshan Huayu Group and Zhongshan Huajian Holdings, was established on February 12, 2018 and has grown into an excellent team of more than 100 people. The current membership system project covers Tmall Zhongshan Service Center,  Zhongshan Training Base of Taobao University, Huayu Landmark Hotel, Future Test Services, Leshui Accounting Office, Huapeng Hongyuan Intellectual Property Office, etc.


Miracle Netech


In 2019, Miracle Netech will  do a better job in protecting the intellectual property rights of e-commerce, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of patent holders, strengthen the publicity and popularization of intellectual property rights, enhance the awareness of intellectual property rights of businesses, and work to help more businesses. Next, we will set up an independent section to conduct promotion of smart lighting, and fully expand the market share of intelligent lighting.


With sufficient resources, Miracle Netech provides services and rights protection for the majority of manufacturers, and effectively serves the lighting industry, helping the traditional brands to better meet the new era of smart homes. In the era of artificial intelligence, it helps the majority of lighting manufacturers to seize the first opportunity, assists traditional merchants to increase sales channels, continues to promote the intelligent upgrade of traditional lighting products, and strives to take the lead and win the future in the new ecological life of smart homes.


Miracle Netech