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[Lighting Tips]Everything to know about Smart Lighting Networks

09-14 10:09

It is a very crucial process of designing the smart lighting networks where all the luminaire, controls and sensors can freely connect and communicate with one another.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]How to Repair Malfunctioning LED Ceiling Lamp?

09-13 02:09

Everyone wants to choose a ceiling light with long service life, no malfunction, and no impact on their own use. However, sometimes it may malfunction and have some adverse effect due to improper operation. In such case, we need to repair malfunctioning LED ceiling lamp, so as to ensure that they can continue to use LED ceiling lamp.【MORE+】

[Industry]The largest NB-IoT smart street light project in China was successfully delivered in Suzhou

09-13 10:09

Recently, the NB-IoT intelligent single lamp control construction project was completed in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, and the district-level lighting information platform was built to realize online real-time control and convenient management. 【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Notices for Selection of European-style Decoration Lamp

09-12 02:09

European style lamp pays attention to color and sculpture. It can give people an old-fashioned visual effect, and at the same time, it can also give people a classical feeling. So how should you choose European style decoration lamps? What are the matters needing attention in choosing?【MORE+】

[Industry]Smart Lighting: Innovation and Connectivity for Optimisation of Resources

09-12 10:09

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality increasingly present in our daily lives. It is estimated that by 2050 66% of the population will have access to different digital platforms from urban centres.The advances in this technology along with LED advantages in terms of energy saving and quality of light, has led to the development of digital lighting, with a clear target: To improve the human experience by smart lighting systems. 【MORE+】

[Industry]UV-C LED Technology Plays Increasing Role in Key Aerospace Projects

09-12 09:09

UV-C LED technology provider, AquiSense Technologies, announced that it has participated in ten aerospace projects to support UV-C LED application in the space.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]What Are Recommendable Channels for Purchasing New LED Street Lamp?

09-11 02:09

Due to the convenience brought by new LED street lamps to people, they want to know information about such lamps. As people's demand for street lamps increases, people begin to think more about how to purchase street lamps with high quality through reliable channels. Therefore, they hope to have a detailed understanding of relevant information. 【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]What Are the Precautions for Using Classroom Grille Lamps?

09-11 10:09

Classroom grille lamps have been recognized by people due to its importance to students. Therefore, people become more concerned about the precautions for use, which is of great importance and help to students' study and life.【MORE+】

[Industry]Apple’s Patent Illustrates Micro LED Integration on Foldable Panel

09-11 09:09

Patently Apple reported an Apple’s patent published in Europe titled “Display with Embedded Pixel Driver Chips” describing the method of fabricating Micro LED display panels with a display integration scheme that embed an array of LEDs on substrates with the front side up.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Which Light is Better for the Living Room?

09-10 02:09

The living room is an important place in the family. Whether we watch TV or receive guests, we will all be in the living room. Therefore, its light and its collocation are very important. So what kind of light is better for the living room? What are the types and characteristics of lamps and lanterns? To solve these problems, let's have a detailed understanding of the living room lights.【MORE+】





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