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[Lighting Tips]Are Northern European Style Floor Lamps Preferable?

12-02 02:12

To know whether a lamp is good and suitable for you to choose, you need to consider all the details. Are northern European style floor lamps preferable? Many people will ask this question when buying, because they worry that a wrong choice will affect later use.【MORE+】

[Exhibition]The 26th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair Will Be Launched in Spring 2021

12-02 11:12

Every March, thousands of exhibitors will get together in Guzhen Town, the original source of lightings in China, and visitors in lighting industry from all over the world are attracted here as well. As the first sourcing fair of lighting products launched in spring, the 26th China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair (hereinafter referred to as GILF) will be held in Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China from March 18 to 21, 2021.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Details of Installing LED Floor Lamps

12-02 10:12

After you buy a suitable LED floor lamp, you still need to learn the details of how to install it correctly when you use it. If you install it in a wrong way, it will affect later use and make you suffer a loss. The following details of installation can help you have a better understanding and choose the right floor lamp.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Tips for Choosing a Brand of LED Metal Floor Lamp

12-01 02:12

Different floor lamps provide different visual enjoyment. LED metal floor lamp is one type, which is well received now in the market. But when choosing, you certainly want to learn about which brand is suitable for you and how to choose. 【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Value of LED Eye Protection Floor Lamps

12-01 10:12

In home décor, many people will choose a magnificent floor lamp that suits them. And they will ask whether LED eye protection floor lamps are good and what their value is. Only after you have a clear understanding of relevant details can you know whether a floor lamp meets your standards and whether it is worth buying.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]The Chinese-style Fan Lamp is Energy-saving and Environment-friendly

11-30 02:11

The classic Chinese-style fan lamp best symbolize the Chinese traditional cultures, which is why so many families choose it. Besides, its utility is also very important. Here are the details. 【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Is the Modern Chinese-style Floor Lamp Good? Only Customers Know.

11-30 10:11

There are many different types of lamps, including the floor lamp. But some consumers don’t know how to choose. Tips below will help you deal with this problem.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]How to Choose a Manufacturer of the Modern Chinese-style Floor Lamp

11-29 02:11

The manufacturer you choose highly determine whether the modern Chinese-style floor lamp meets your needs, or how is the aesthetic effect. So, some tips below help you save a lot of trouble. 【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]How to Choose an Anion Fan Lamp?

11-29 10:11

Generally speaking, the anion fan lamp to some extent benefits our health by improve our magnetic field. But how to choose a suitable one? The details below will tell you. 【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]The Reasons Why the Sale of the Crystal Fan Lamp Is Increasing

11-28 02:11

The lighting industry is also very competitive. If a light is not a strong competitor, it is impossible to be chose by many users, which is also true for crystal fan lamps. Then, why is its sale increasing? What should be considered for buying one? 【MORE+】





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