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[Lighting Tips]Embedded Grid Lamp Is More Suitable for Modern Decoration Style

02-20 10:02

Now people decorate the house, for the decoration style requirements are more and more stringent, everyone will according to their own wishes to decorate the new house. Want to decorate their house more fashionable, more exquisite, lamps and lanterns is a necessary element of decoration, there are various types of lamps and lanterns on the market, I believe you are not already picky eyes? Embedded grid lamp has become the favorite style of lamps and lanterns for many users. It is especially suitable for modern decoration style. What are the characteristics of embedded grid lamp?【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]What Are The Advantages of Emergency Lights?

02-20 09:02

The market of lamps and lanterns is developing at a relatively fast speed. Different types of lamps and lanterns appear in the market, which also makes consumers pick their eyes. Do you know about emergency grille lights? This is a very common lighting device has been used, this emergency grille lamp, they can play a very good role in environmental protection and energy saving, and in the case of sudden power failure can give everyone a light space. Now let Xiaobian elaborate on the advantages of emergency grille lights in what areas?【MORE+】

[Industry]In The 2019 Lighting Industry, There Will Be These 10 Major Trends. Do you Agree?

02-20 09:02

A few days ago, the foreign media Lux expert team thought about and sorted out the development of the lighting industry, and put forward what they think of the top ten lighting trends in 2019. What will happen to the lighting industry in 2019? The megatrends in recent years will continue, and digital disruption will challenge some business models and create opportunities for others, especially those that can make digital experiences a seamless and positive customer experience. The following are the top 10 trends in the industry in 2019.【MORE+】

[Industry]The US-China Dispute Makes 2019 a Challenging Year for Worldwide LED Manufacturers

02-20 09:02

2019 has just begun but this year seems to be a tough one for global LED manufacturers with continuous global market uncertainty caused by the US-China dispute.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]What Are The Classifications of Multi-functional Hand-operated Emergency Lights?

02-19 10:02

Multifunctional hand-operated emergency lamp is also one of the styles of emergency lamp, but this kind of lamp can not only be used in public places, but also more in line with the use of family environment. Multifunctional hand-operated emergency lights are more convenient and simple to use. Their shape is very delicate and compact. They are also very easy to carry. They can be placed in what kind of environment if necessary. Let's follow Xiaobian to find out what different kinds of multi-functional hand-operated emergency lights are.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]How to Maintain The LED Remote Control Emergency Lamp?

02-19 09:02

You should all know that emergency lights are usually used in public places like supermarkets and hotels. Especially in the case of sudden power failure, LED remote control emergency lights can play their role, play a good lighting role, help people evacuate and evacuate. After using for a period of time, the lamp will be absorbed by dust, but how to clean and maintain the LED remote control emergency lamp? Now follow Xiaobian to learn some tips and methods of maintenance.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Size of the Wall Lamp Base

02-19 09:02

Wall lamp is a common decorative lamp at home. Wall lamps installed at different places can give different lighting effects. Therefore, when choosing the wall lamps, we should not treat them as the same, but to determine the size of the wall lamp base according to the installation position. Below is a list of common locations to install wall lamp, including bedroom, hallway, living room and study.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Nordic Modern Simple Table Lamp Becomes People’s Favorite

02-19 09:02

A new style of lamp, the Nordic modern simple table lamp, has emerged in the market. Though it is a newcomer in the market, it has been well received and recognized by young consumers. The Nordic modern simple table lamp highlights the refinement and elegance of Nordic style, which can create a different atmosphere no matter at home or in the office. Next, the author will introduce this delicate and unique lamp in detail.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]What Do You Need To Know About 3d Creative Wall Lamps

02-18 02:02

3d creative wall lamps can not only bring you better lighting effect, but also play the role of decoration elements in the overall decoration. With the installation of 3d creative wall lamps, your overall home decoration can look more delicate and elegant. Among many different brands, do you know how to choose a 3d creative wall lamp brand with good quality and affordable price? Follow small make up to understand in detail today, what in the end need to pay attention to the purchase of items right?【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Attentions for the Selection of LED Module Streetlight

02-18 01:02

Such high-power LED module streetlight can be seen everywhere, especially on the roadsides. When the night falls, the lights will be turned on to illuminate the way to home. The quality of different brands varies, so how can we choose the brand LED module streetlight?【MORE+】





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