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[Industry]Bomma unveils Blimp crystal lighting by Big-Game at Milan design week

01-19 01:01

Czech design brand Bomma has released a collection of hand-blown crystal lighting designed by Swiss studio Big-Game.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Features of the American-style Floor Lamp

01-19 10:01

There are many types of lamps on the market. If you choose the American-style floor lamp, you need to know its characteristics, price, and main advantages. In fact, this lamp can only be used as partial lighting so you should take space into consideration while installing one. This kind of lamp will be a perfect choice in small space to achieve better decorative effect. However, if you want to light a big whole place then the lamp with high brightness and power will do.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Sales of the Living Room Fan Lamp Draw People’s Attention

01-19 09:01

The actual sales of living room fan lights have received widespread attention considering people eager to know its development. On this basis, the more information people have, the more likely people will be able to make a profit from it.【MORE+】

[Industry]Layer designs pendant lamps based on silkworm cocoons for Muuto

01-18 01:01

Benjamin Hubert's design studio Layer has created a series of cocoon-like pendant lights for Danish furniture brand Muuto, inspired by the silkworm's act of "self-wrapping".【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]How to Choose the Wooden Fan Lamp Among so Many Kinds

01-18 10:01

The wooden furniture is very unique and has a very strong retro style. Therefore, according to users’ actual preferences, the wooden fan lamp appears more and more frequently in our daily life. People want to know how to buy a suitable fan lamp with fine quality.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Wide Use of the Wooden Floor Lamp in House Decoration

01-18 09:01

Many people will choose the floor lamp to match the decoration style and achieve a harmonious atmosphere. The wooden floor lamp does not actually have too many limitations of places in installation or placement. First of all, the ceiling of the floor lamp must be super gorgeous enough to be attractive and cannot be too high to make it easier to mend or disassemble. For the price of the lamp is determined by the wood it uses so the price will increase significantly when being made of pear wood or higher quality wood【MORE+】

[Industry]Kathrine Barbro Bendixen uses cow intestines to create sculptural lights

01-17 01:01

Discarded cow intestines are given a new life in the intricate lighting installations of Danish designer Kathrine Barbro Bendixen.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]Channels to Purchase the Retro Fan Lamp

01-17 10:01

The retro fan light has a certain effect on people's normal life, and its fine style helps people develop aesthetic needs and enhance the overall decoration style. Based on people's actual needs, some proper purchasing channels and methods help achieve people's expected results.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]The Advantages of the LED Fan Lamp in Use

01-17 09:01

The LED fan lamp is derived from the actual needs of people and improved in some details. This kind of lamp, possessing a very good impact on our actual life, has a lot of advantages in proper use.【MORE+】

[Industry]Lee Broom creates kaleidoscopic light installation in London showroom

01-16 01:01

The light and mirror installation at British designer Lee Broom's London showroom for London Design Festival appears to transport visitors into the interior of a kaleidoscope【MORE+】





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