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[Lighting Tips]What is the skill of purchasing all-copper double-head wall lamps?

06-26 02:06

Many people choose the double-walled wall lamp when choosing wall lamp for bedrooms, because it makes the room more beautiful and creates a very warm feeling. Of course, when choosing an all-copper double-head wall lamp, people may ask the tricks of choosing all-copper double-head wall lamp.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]What Are the Product Features of Glass LED Lights?

06-26 01:06

When looking to buy a lamp, we will find that both physical and online stores offer a wide variety of lighting fixtures in different styles and using different materials. These different types of lights differ in their appearance design and service characteristics. Therefore, we sometimes feel confused about how to make the right choice. What are the product features of glass LED lights? Let’s take a look at the introduction below and you will know the answer.【MORE+】

[Industry]GILE 2019: Visitor Numbers Grow and a Packed Event Program Proves a Hit

06-26 11:06

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) once again welcomed the world’s lighting industry to South China’s bustling metropolis. Concurrently held with Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology, the shows received 172,856 visitors from 133 countries and regions during the four-day trade fairs. Held from 9 ‒ 12 June at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, a total of 2,626 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions showcased the latest lighting and LED products, technology and solutions over 195,000 sqm of exhibition space.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]So Many Nordic Vintage Floor Lamps, How Do We Make a Good Choice?

06-25 02:06

The Nordic vintage floor lamp boasts a distinctive design and a strong Nordic vintage style, which is favored by many people. Additionally, this style of floor lamp looks exquisite and beautiful, so it sells generally quite well on the market. However, sensible consumers must know that there are many Nordic vintage floor lamps as well as different brands and purchase channels on the market. How do we make a good choice?【MORE+】

[Industry]Focal Point to Introduce New LED Lighting Products at LEDucation 2019

06-25 01:06

Focal Point announced that it will exhibit new LED luminaires with its latest innovations at LEDucation 2019, held on March 12 and 13 in New York City, USA. The Chicago-based architectural lighting manufacturer will present products including the popular Skydome® Edge and new members of the expanding Seem® 1 family.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]What considerations are needed for office lighting?

06-25 01:06

When buying lamps, it is necessary to take account of all factors, and the same is true for the purchase of office lighting. What shall we look for when purchasing office lighting? Blow is an introduction to the points for attention when choosing office lighting.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]It is necessary to install a European-style balcony ceiling lamp

06-24 02:06

As the balcony is important for the overall home decoration, many people take great pains with the decoration of the balcony, hoping that a suitable lamp gives a good lighting effect. But in the face of many choices, how to learn about the characteristics of the lamps we need and the needs are questions many people will ask. European-style balcony ceiling lamp Why it will become a choice for many people and what makes it essential are topics of concern. So we need to know more about the use of European-style balcony ceiling lamps.【MORE+】

[Industry]ISELED Alliance Membership Doubles to Speed up Digital LED Automotive Application

06-24 01:06

The ISELED Alliance, founded at electronica 2016, with the aim to build an ecosystem with the focus on innovative digital LED technology, announced the expansion of its members.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]What Should People Pay Attention to When Installing a LED Bathroom Light?

06-24 01:06

LED bathroom lights are installed in places like bathrooms and toilets, so the use environment for this kind of lighting fixture is a bit special and selective. However, when it comes to the installation of LED bathroom lights, many people do not know what they should pay attention to. Let's take a look.【MORE+】

[Lighting Tips]The Price of LED Stage Lights Has a High Reference Value

06-23 02:06

When looking to buy a stage light, you should not only consider its quality, but also need to know the total price of the product. This is because you can only determine if you really want to buy and find out what you need to know about purchase after you understand the overall information about the product. All in all, when you are looking to buy a LED stage light, it is necessary to understand the price of the product.【MORE+】





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